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War and peace....

We have all read mind-boggling stories about 'dumb criminals' and have thought that surely they can't be true. Some people do the stupidest things and if you happen to be a mindless criminal you will serve time in any self-respecting country without testing the constabulary capabilities. Your law-breaking foolishness is all it takes to wind up behind bars.

My favourite 'dumb criminal' story is the one where a pair of Michigan USA robbers entered a record shop nervously waving revolvers. The first one shouted, "Nobody move!" When his partner moved, the startled first bandit shot him!

Dumb sportsmen can be just as ... well stupid! All sports have been littered with individuals whose actions defy logic and cricket seems to have been a magnet for them over the years. Today though, my story depicts basketball.

The latest on the list of loonies is a point guard often seen loitering under the hoops for the LA Lakers. His name was Ron Artest. Get that spelling right because a simple shuffle of an ‘i’ for an ‘e’ in his last name would have turned him into an artist, which he is not. But swap the ‘ar’ at the start and replace them with ‘de’ and you would be closer.

He is in my opinion little more than a lumbering six foot seven inch giant galloping around a basketball court during a game designed for enormously big men.

This Ron chap, smart he is not. Ron's perfectly acceptable name has now been changed. About a year ago, this man mountain decided to change his name to something more consequential and influential. Such is his inflated ego; one would expect that Ron the Artist was the obvious choice. No, Ron went for something more startling. No, Ron went for something more ridiculous.

The Artest formerly known as Ron is now officially called … wait for it … Metta World Peace. It really is hard not to burst out laughing!

Not only has that nonsensical transition now taken place but World Peace turned nasty on Sunday as he viciously and mindlessly elbow chopped Oklahoma City's James Harden in a shocking display of a brain explosion. Did he not know that about a dozen cameras were zooming in on his every move when in control of the ball? Which is not often. Such was the stupidity of his actions that concussed Harden, Andre Nel and Andrew Symonds would have been proud of him.

For the Lakers it is now Metta’s World in Pieces.

He is normally a starter for the storied franchise, but he will now be warming the bench in his rather silly looking trademark three- piece suit come playoff time as he serves a lengthy suspension. How stupid.

As you can imagine, the vitriol towards dumb Metta is flowing from all quarters, fans and media alike.

Many have now declared war on World Peace.

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