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Q&A: Juandre Kruger

Vodacom Bulls lock Juandre Kruger joined us online on Tuesday to answer your questions.

Kruger is currently in Australia where the Bulls are preparing to take on the Highlanders this coming weekend.

Below are Juandre's answers.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Stoffel van Graan asked:
Does John Macfarland spend the same amount of time on defence with the Bulls or does the Springbok job take some of his time he used to spend with the Bulls?
Juandre answered:
john has not missed one session of defense, and defense has been a focus in training this week
Gazza asked:
Hi Juandre

Great to have the opportunity to get to speak to one of the Bulls players. I think this is a wonderful platform.

I''m such a massive Bulls fan and I''m really impressed with the Bulls so far this season. I must admit I never though we''ll do this well.

Just a few questions.

1) With the Stegmann injury, is Arno Botha due to start at openside with CJ and Spies? I really hope he does. I think he''s a real talent.

2) I see you still in Aus, when do you guys plan on flying out to Dunedin? It''s pretty cold (to freezing) in the South Island and I was wondering if it wouldnt be better to go there early (Saturday/Sunday preferably and give all the huys sufficient time to acclimatise, etc....

Good luck with the rest of the tour and the season. Hope you get the Bok call-up in June. You deserve it.

Juandre answered:
Team is on the web- Dewald is starting and we fly tomorrow
Ryan asked:
Juandre - hoe naby was jy daaraan om by Northampton the bly en vir die Pommies uittedraf?
Juandre answered:
ek kon net na die wereld beker 2011 kwalifiseer, maar het besluit om eerder myself n kans te gee vir die bokke
Willie asked:
Hi Juandre,
I''m a huge fan. You''ve stepped into Vic''s shoes perfectly.
Has the appointment of Bulls coaches to the Springboks had an impact on preparations? The defence in particular seems to have suffered a bit.
Juandre answered:
thank you, not at all. we will be better this week in all aspects
Kyle asked:
Hi Juandre, hope all is well in Australia?

My question is whether or not the Bulls defence will be good enough to keep the Highlanders and Chiefs attack at bay?

We have conceded the too much, if not the most, tries this season. My question might not be answered right away and we might have to even wait until we meet those opponents but what has happened to the Bulls tough defence?

Hoping you would consider my message and reply.


P.S. Congrats to you and the team on taking top of the log once again! I''m behind you all the way!!!
Juandre answered:
all good thx, our defense will be good this weekend and looking forward to the game
pieter malan asked:
How do you get a opportunity to have trails at the bulls for the under 21 team?
Juandre answered:
contact the blue bulls offices, no trials anymore. come through club system or head hunted
clifford asked:
Are you guys ready to return and kick some stommers backsides after touring?
Juandre answered:
home derbies always exciting, focus is on the highlanders only this week
Dieter Wienand asked:
Hi Juandre

Great seeing you playing such an important role in the Bulls successes.

What type of response did you guys get from the opposition playing in your new away jerseys ?
Juandre answered:
i think the media on the pink jerseys have settled now, i believe that the sponsors must get what they want, as they invest a lot
Thapelo Selebano asked:
Juandre,thanks for your time,hope u enjoy overseas'' tour. We all know what quality side the Bulls are,my question is which games you consider to be the toughest one''s in the SAn conference.
Juandre answered:
every derby is tough, and each team asks different questions
Michael (Stroh) Ludeke asked:
Jis Juandre

Hoop alles gaan goed. Hoe groot rol speel Victor in jou rugby?? Is daar enige kans dat jy pretoria sal ruil vir die Kaap?? Sterkte vir Saterdag - jy speel goeie rugby mater!!
Juandre answered:
victor speel n groot rol as lynstaan spesialis en waardeer sy insette baie. ek kom jys van die kaap af en het pretoria vir die kaap veruil.
Chris Mouton asked:
Jis choma! Ek het nie eintlik ''n vraag nie, ek wil net sê well done! Hoe voel dit om super liga te speel? Is flippen trots op jou, bud! Big Fire Willows!! Sien jou in die Bokke!
Juandre answered:
gister aand gepraat van jou groot vure wat jy maak. dankie, groete da
jandre asked:
Is the awesome determination we saw the last few minutes of the warathas game, a start of new hunger for the team to win the super 15?
Juandre answered:
we had a great week of training and a lot of hunger in the squad for our new challenge
Ryan Lowden-Stoole asked:
What influence has Pierre Spies made on the team since becoming captain?
Juandre answered:
role model for people and players. great leader and the team and coaching stands behind him
Daantjie asked:
Hi daar! Het jy voorheen enige ander posisies gespeel behalwe slot? Baie geluk julle speel baie goeie rugby die jaar!
Juandre answered:
alles behalwe stut, hakker en 9
Andre malan asked:
Do you watch any of the super rugby games live, or do you just check results?
Juandre answered:
watch every game and analyse
oswin asked:
Hi lock.u must b the fastest of the forwards?
Juandre answered:
i try to give pierre a go
philip vd Bergh asked:
Ur probably the most bankable and consistent of all locks in the competition, you don''t play a bad game, u don''t drop balls or miss tackles ur great in the line out!out of the springbok contenders at lock not one offers an option at flank, don''t you feel it will be to the bulls advantage as well as the Springboks advantage to give you a run at 7 because your a 7 that''s contending for a starting spot in the Springbok team at 5! A 5 that can play 7 is very useful but a 7 that can dominate 5 is huge! Ur the perfect guy to start a test then move over to flank in the second half when we bring on a young etzebeth while still having u as an extra lineout option and have u making lineout calls as the Bulls lineout is the most consistent when ur running it and even when u were playing 4 u even played a disruptive role to the opposition sides. At 7 u also offer a role as a ball carrier, ur hands are slick ur vision is great, u could just offer us the biggest ace card Rugby has seen. A 7 that runs the lineout! What are your thoughts?
Juandre answered:
thanks for the support. you sound like a clever coach......haha
Sam Stelzner asked:
Who would you most like to play alongside in this year''s Springbok side?
Juandre answered:
a lot of great players in SA
Dorfling Terblanche asked:
How does it feel, along with Francois Hougaard, to be the only Paul Roos boytjies between such a large group op Affies old boys? PRG beating Affies at Wildeklawer must have been quite enjoyable haha.
Juandre answered:
Great to still have that school pride, and hougie is world class
Craig Matthew asked:
Juandre, great season thus far. I think everyone is surprised at just how well the Bulls are coping with the loss of some big names to retirement, or moving to other clubs abroad. My question is what was the strategy behind instilling that confidence in the current training group that the Bulls can march on and succeed this season with the loss of at least 5 of the worlds best players?

Once again well done on your success and you certainly have plenty of supporters even here in Australia cheering for you guys! Lets see you hit those Highlanders hard this weekend!
Juandre answered:
thanks. great structures and professionalism played a big role.
Herman asked:
Hi Juandre

I have been a big fan of you when you played in England. How does the Heineken Cup compares to Super Rugby?

Also, do you feel you developed as a player at the Saints? I hope you become a Bok!
Juandre answered:
i had a great time at the saints. enjoyed nthe mud and the grid.......haha, super rugby and heineken cup is similar
Anthony McLaughlin asked:
Hi Juandre, watter supplements gebruik jy vir jou fiksheid. En wees eerlik ek weet julle gebruik nie USN nie. Thanks buddy.
Juandre answered:
gebruik usn en eet reg is die belangrikste
Frank Rens asked:
Not a question - only words of encouragement!
Hou so aan - Jy staan Matfield se skoene meer as vol..... Gee die highlanders gas, speel hulle van die veld af!
Bulle Bo!!!
Juandre answered:
baie dankie
Johann Bezuidenhout asked:
Do you think that rugby matches should be played in an enclosed environment like the Highlanders'' stadium? Or do you think rugby is a game where the elements should be involved? Good work on tour so far. Keep it going!
Juandre answered:
i think all different factors needs to be tested
Jeremy asked:
Hi Juandre! I''m very concerned about the amount of dirty play the players are still trying to get away with. Recent players guilty of this would be Flip v.d merwe, another would be Elstad. They get caught and the match turns around! Question: Does coach Ludeke blast offenders or does he have a "it''s part of the game" attitude???!
Juandre answered:
we focus a lot on discipline
Melt Calitz asked:
Did you find that the jetlag was worse in your second game and can we expect a better 80 minute effort from the team this week?
Juandre answered:
every game is tough, at this level no excuses
louis asked:
hi juandre
kan jy net vir my se hoe het julle dit reg gekry om nog so wen rugby te speel na die uit tog van so baie senior spelers -ek nie gedink julle kan mekaar as n kombinasie so gou vind.
Dabkie dat julle ons bulle supporters nog so trots maak
Juandre answered:
goeie strukture en afrigters
donovan cloete asked:
how confident are you about the next two games the bulls have. im very sure we will win
Juandre answered:
good vibe in the team
awie asked:
this weekend game is massive for the bulls,i blieve we can beat the highlanders.im big bulls supporter.the team play good rugby at the moment.how is the mood in the camp after the waratahs win coz we seem to struggle always in 2nd week of tours.u playing really good rugby.so as the team.how are the team preparing for this weekemd match against the highlanders coz they are good dangerous team.
Juandre answered:
we had a great week and great vibe
Graham asked:
Why did you choose to move to the Bulls after school and varsity in the cape and a few caps for western province ?
Juandre answered:
best decision for me at the time
Derick Pieterse asked:
What did the Bulls change that improved their defence from the Rebels game compared to the Warathas game?
Juandre answered:
attitude and different game
Joshua Nkomo asked:
If you were a Soccer player which position will you prefer. Which PSL team will play for?
Juandre answered:
striker..........and only watch man U..............lol
Mark asked:
Goeie more Juandre, hoe lyk al die beserings in die span en is daar lig in die tonnel. Sterkte vir Saterdag. Gee hul gas. Jy speel goed!
Juandre answered:
goeie week sover en die span is uit. dewald is op 6
erich schreiber asked:
Wie op paul roos het die grootste invloed op jou loopbaan gehad?
Juandre answered:
jacque hanekom
Francois asked:
Since The Bulls have done well this year do you think the Bulls can win it in Dunedin this weekend which have been a tough tour destination for all teams who have previously toured there?
Juandre answered:
yes we can, prepared well and fly out tomorrow
Richard asked:
Hi Juandre

Does the team enjoy playing in pink?

And which country do you prefer Australia or New Zealand?
Juandre answered:
we will always be the blue bulls and on tour their is always a alternative jersey
markus asked:
Can you do me one thing please?

Tell Morne Steyn that i said congrats to his 100 caps for the BULLS for this weekend.
Juandre answered:
yes great achievement
Wayne asked:
Hi Juandre

Is there a differnce in the level of intensity and competiveness between the Currie Cup and the Premiership and Super Rugby and the Heineken Cup?
Juandre answered:
speed of the game
Misty Campbell asked:
In regards to Heyneke''s new Assistants , when will they offically be leaving the Bulls? Are you not worried as this will disrupt the team if they should leaving during the Super Rugby campaign?
Juandre answered:
press releases available. www.vodacombulls.co.za
Darryl asked:
Do you think that the springbok squad will be mostly filled with Blue Bulls?
Juandre answered:
no, i think the team will reflect the best talent in SA
Jeresimo"BULLS"Cecils asked:
I just want to ask Juandre how does it feel to be part of da Bulls team $ what r your future plans
Juandre answered:
Paul asked:
Hi Juandre

First of all well done on being top of the log (from a Stormers fan). What did you learn from your experience in England?

You are playing great rugby at the moment and I am sure you will make the Bok squad this year. What will it mean to you making the Bok squad?

Juandre answered:
its my biggest dream and goal, i gained a lot of experience in the uk
Henry asked:
Hi Juandré,I must start by saying I''m a huge fan. You must be the top lock in SA right now. What is your secret to your success this year?
Juandre answered:
hard work
Jan asked:
Hi Juandre
Does playing in pink have any psycological effect on the team or is it just business as usual?
Juandre answered:
not at all,
Jacques asked:
Hi Juandre. Watter voorspeler en agterspeler by die bulle is die sterkste in die gym? En hoeveel bench, squat en deadlift hulle? Groete
Juandre answered:
pierre en hougie
Danie Fourie asked:
Hi Hoolie.

Geniet die game die naweek.

My vraag: Hoekom is die plek so stil?
Juandre answered:
hey hoolie, ja die plek is stil.....haha
kyle asked:
What does a cipla ambassoder do?
Juandre answered:
represent a brand, network with their clients on golf days and enjoy the brand

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