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Q&A with Bok 7s captain

Springbok Sevens captain Kyle Brown joined us for a Q&A session on Thursday, ahead of the Rugby World Cup Sevens this weekend in Moscow.

The Blitzbokke open their campaign against hosts Russia at 5:14pm SA time. All games are live on SuperSport.

Thanks to Kyle for his time and all of you who participated in the Q&A. You can read the captain's answers to your questions below.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
rayno wasserman asked:
Hi Kyle. Good luck for the world cup and do us proud!! is Stephan Hunt injured that he was not chosen? What do you guys do between games to recover? do just rest or hit the ice baths especially on the second day. Do you eat certain foods and drinks?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Rayno,
Steven has been struggling with his ankle for quite a while and was unavailable for selection. As far as recovery during the tournament goes, there are a number modalities - ice baths, compression garments, foam rollers, etc. Food is also really important but that would be up to the player and what they are comfortable eating on the day.
Imo asked:
Hi skipper.No question. Just want to say that we in SA are behind you boys all the way. Please play with passion and full commitment, I''m very emotional when it comes to supporting SA. All the Best Captain!
Kyle Brown answered:
Thanks very much for the support Imo, the team definitely appreciates it and I know they will play with full commitment this weekend.
Pieter de Klerk asked:

Do you think there''s place for a type of ''IPL'' in Sevens rugby. Something similar to what was held in George last year. Having 2 week tournaments in countries like USA, Japan, India (with all the international Sevens stars) to further develop the Sevens brand and create more commercial opportunities for players, administrators, broadcasters, business entities?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Pieter,
great question - I think for a long time this would have been the ideal situation but over the years we have seen the IRB World Series expand from keeping players busy for only 6 months to a season which is 10 months long. I certainly is possible to have these kind of "IPL" tournaments as long as players conditioning is well maintain so we don't see a dip in the quality of rugby.
solly balata asked:
hi kyle,
why is that you cant win the hole 7 series. you start good with winning one then you losing three or four. what will you say is your down fall.by the way hope you win the cup this time.
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Solly,
Thanks for the question - to win the whole series takes a certain level of consistency that we haven't attained yet. The team have shown some unbelievable form this year in the Tokyo, Las Vegas and Glasgow tournaments and we'll be looking to take the positives into this weekend.
Julian asked:
Hi Kyle,i dont have a question for you,you guys have answered all the questions that I ve had for you,all I can do is to say good luck,my fridge is stocked with cold beers for all your games and I even have a bottle of champagne in there as well for afterwards,Go Boys!!!!!!Good luck to all of you.
Kyle Brown answered:
Hey Julian,
Thanks for all the positive vibes and really glad you're all stocked up for what we are planning to make a great weekend - all the best and thanks again.
Craig Rutherfoord asked:
Taryn Styane( my work colleague) wants to know why you didnt pay for her to go and watch you in the sevens world cup this weekend???
Kyle Brown answered:
Hey Craig,
Thanks for the message - I think I'm very lucky to have incredibly supportive people around me, my girlfriend, family and close friends understand that we all have to make certain sacrifices on the path to preparing and achieving something special.
David asked:
Hi Kyle
Good luck to you guys - do us proud!
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Dave
Thank you for all the support and positive messages, I will pass it onto the team.
Jacques asked:
Hi Kyle, thanks for taking time to answer some quistions. Does one''s conditioning and training differ a lot than that of the 15 man game, fitness must be crucial.a Lot more cardio?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Jacques,
Interesting question - I do feel that the conditioning does differ somewhat, it might be better left to our trainer to answer but I'll have a go. We spend a lot of our time in short burst sprints, often from 5m to 75m, and the game is played at a very high intensity. Our training has to reflect that, so we try to keep our sessions to around 60 mins and reach those high intensity speed zones as often as possible.
Jonathan asked:
Hi Kyle

What are our chances in this tournament and how will the conditions affect the team?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Jonathan,
The conditions are quite surprising, arriving here on Sunday to find temperatures of around 34 degrees. Our training camp is based in Stellenbosch and we are often exposed to these temperatures there too. As far as our chances go, the team has shown some unbelievable form this season, it's up to us to pull it all together this weekend and give it our best.
Steed Richardson asked:
What''s the energy like within the Blitzbokke camp?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Steed,
In all honesty, after the 2 days of travelling the guys arrived pretty tired but after being well looked after by the training staff and a couple good flush out sessions the team seem in great shape and are very excited for the weekend.
Johan Olivier asked:
Hi Kyle, first of all GOOD LUCK! Are you guys exited? Who would you like to play in the Final?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Johan,
Thanks for the wishes - I think the guys are definitely keen to get the tournament underway, an awesome way to end a great season. We don't mind who we meet in the final - any team that makes it to the final obviously deserves to be there.
Gerhard Horn asked:
hi Kyle,
i know each game is important, and any one can win on any day these days, but my question is: who are the TWO teams that it is most difficult to win agains? i take it NZ is one?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Gerhard,
There are some of the class teams that always make it difficult to win - but at the end of the game it will be the team that was better able to enforce their plan on the opposition and who used there opportunities that will win.
Louis Meyer asked:
I have no question, I just wanna wish Kyle & the boys all the best for the World Cup. Come on Boys bring the Cup home!I know you can do it & I believe in you!
Kyle Brown answered:
Hey Louis,
Thank you for that wonderfully positive message! We always appreciate the support from back home.
stroppie asked:
What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Kyle Brown answered:
Hahah, interesting question - I had 3 eggs on toast and a bowl of Futurelife!
Wayne asked:
Hi Kyle

All the best for the weekend. Strange question; but why does Ireland not play 7''s rugby?

Kyle Brown answered:
Hey Wayne,
I don't know the answer to why they don't play but I've often wondered about it - I reckon they could field a really competitive team. Ireland did send a team to the 2009 7's World Cup in Dubai.
Thanks for the message!
Greg asked:
Despite how competitive all teams seem to have become in the 7''s series, what team do you feel the most nervous playing against? Furthermore, is there a specific opposition player that you think "Oh hell" when he gets his hands on the ball? Lastly good luck and I will be watching you guys play with pride. - Greg
Kyle Brown answered:
Hi Greg,
Thank you for the question - We do a lot of analysis on the teams we play against. What tends to happen with the teams we are familiar with, teams like NZ, Eng, Samoa, Fiji, is that you find trends in their gameplan and then it's all about which team can implement their plan best. The nerves come when playing against the unknown and you are aren't sure of what to expect. I would to be too keen facing up against someone like Cecil Afrika or the pace of Seabelo Senatla.
Thanks again for the question and hope you enjoy the weekend.

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