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Q&A with 7s player Steven Hunt

Blitzbokke player Steve Hunt joined us for a Q&A session on Thursday afternoon.

A big thank you to Steven for his time and to all of you who participated in the Q&A. You can read Steven's answers to your questions below.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Johann Bezuidenhout asked:
Hi Steven. The loss of Kyle is obviously a big setback for the team. Who will captain the side in PE? Do you guys believe you could go all the way?
Steven answered:
I feel that sevens definitely improves a persons game, so the youngsters come in and out of our system so quickly, which makes it very difficult to keep a big pool of quality players. So yes there definitely isn't as much depth as we would like. A perfect is Paul Jordaan.

We would love to use some of those quality youngsters but its very difficult to get them into our system.

i was asked that the other day and didn't know how to answer because i haven't really thought about it because i am still contracted with sevens for another year.But i really appreciate the advice from your side.
Johan asked:
Hi Steven, all the best for this weekend! We are behind you all the way!

Does playing in SA give you an advantage or does it just place extra pressure on the team?
Steven answered:
Hi Johan

Thank you so much for the support, the really appreciate it.

I think coming to a place like PE where there was fantastic support last year, it really gives us the opportunity to feed off the crowd in terms of energy.
Bob asked:
Hi Steve.Make SA proud.Can you also tell me why the Springboks cannot bring some sevens play into their own play.And can you tell Heineke Meyer if he wants to win anything he cannot have a scrumhalf(r Pienaar)who kicks every ball away and sometimes cannot even do that successfully.Hope you guys can win.Dont let injuries cloud your play.Make the right decisions.Thanks bob
Steven answered:
Hi bob
Thank you for the support. Its very difficult for me to answer but what i do know is that some very good 15's players have been through the sevens setup like jean de villiers, gio aplon and so on.

Thank you for the encouragement. Enjoy the weekend filled with sevens.
Avuyile asked:
Hey Steven. I just want to know: What are your goals as a team re the current world series? You guys havent exactly looked too flush of late.

Sterkte vir PE. Maak ons trots!
Steven answered:
hi Avuyile

this weekend was a very big disappointment to us all and we well do everything in our power to improve it for this weekend in front of our home crowd.

Thank you for the suppport
Ben asked:
Why do you guys not play penalty tap kicks much quicker? Last week you took for ages to get moving!
Steven answered:
hi ben

it all depends who we playing against in terms of slowing the game down and speeding it up.
Johan Jacobsz asked:
Hi Steven

hope you are well ,why is it that you lost the game against Portigal ?

you all are playing so good and all of the sudden you loose again ,almost playing like the Blue Bulls ..

hope for the best the weekend in PE ..
Enjoy and bring the cup home
Steven answered:
Hi Johan

Im great thanks. The game of sevens has changed so much in the last 3 years and the gap between the teams has closed up tremendously. The smaller rugby nations are improving every tournament and there are no more 'easier' games in the pool stages.

thank you for the support this weekend.
solly balata asked:
sorry for the dobai leg. i know we will win the p.e leg.why dont paul have a pool of 20 players.then he will not have a problem when players get injurt.that was the problem in dobai, to little players with 7s skills.
Steven answered:
hi solly

i completely agree with you but it is very difficult to keep players in the sevens setup. Our talented youngsters get drafted back into 15's so quickly so its very difficult to have a pool of quality players.
John Michael Hsieh asked:
Yo Stevovos ! How you doing boet ? no questions, but just wanted to let you know you doing a great job and all with the rugga ! doing the Grey Boys proud !! must lemme know when you around JHB and we can catch a drink or something !
Steven answered:
No ways john. its so good to hear from you. thank you so much for the message. ill definitely give you a shout if im ever in the area.

Hope all is well your side.
Keep well brother.
luvo asked:
What do you think of the Blitzbooke performens so far?
Steven answered:
hi luvo

we definitely haven't been playing to our full potential. We got a good start in Australia but Dubai didn't work out as planned. Hopefully make you proud this weekend.
Meechmeister asked:
Hi Steven, what is your and the team''s favourite city/country to play in on the circuit? And is 7''s taking off in the USA, or do you think it''s going to take off there? By the way, Vegas looks like a superb place to play, is it?
Steven answered:

i think it is different for each player but my 2 best places to play at on the circuit is PE and London. The USA team is getting better every tournament they play so i definitely think it is going to take off in the US.
I love going to vegas, very interest city to visit.
riaan thomas asked:
Hi Steve 1st congrats on making the SA7s Qs hw does it feel when u knw u must deliver an failure is not an option ?
Steven answered:
hi riaan

failure is never an option in a competitive sport like sevens and we always go out there to do our best. But sometimes failure is the only way grow and learn from mistakes. its how you bounce back!
Alison De Villiers asked:
You''ve had to step in for the injured Cecil Afrika. With him set to return, what role will you play and is there anything you feel you need to improve to score more tries like you did last season?
Steven answered:
hi alison

my main role and position in 7's is center and that where i feel most comfortable and the best place to express myself as a player. Iv been fortunate enough to play with cecil for a number of tournaments and what an honour its been.

Thank you and enjoy the weekend of sevens
Marco asked:
Steven, you had one of your very best tournaments in PE last year. How big a performance factor is it to play for a home crowd?
Steven answered:
hi Marco

I think thats why they call it home crowd advantage because the feeling running out onto the field in front of your home crowd is definitely something ill remember forever. i think the players definitely feed off the crowds energy.
marco asked:
Steven, why do you think we lacked that attacking efficiency we had in Aus over the past weekend. Only Branco''s absence?
Steven answered:
hi marco

i just feel that we took the ball into contact a lot more than we did in the gold coast where we had a lot more flow. Branco is a incredible player and it is never easy losing a play maker like him.
Brenden asked:
Steve, one of the aspects last week was that we took the ball too much into contact, and didnt always use the space to our advantage. In the Gold Coast it was the opposite. Why was this the case in Dubai?
Steven answered:
hi brenden

there is no reason behind it but it was definitely the issue this weekend and why we made it so much more difficult for ourselves. It was a strength of ours in gold coast and something we must look at for this weekend.
SA Rugby Scout asked:
What role Does strength training play for you. Pre-season as well as during season
Steven answered:

Strength plays a big role in our build up to tournaments and during pre season. Sevens players are just generally more conditioned because of all the running
Dennis Solomons asked:
Hi Steven
How come that when Cecil and Branco not playing it seems as if we fall apart , there''s no excitement not even a kicker , is there nobody that can fill their shoes whilst out injured ? Goodluck
for this week-end.
Steven answered:
hi dennis

the team doesnt fall apart, we just play a completely different style of rugby which might not be attractive as if they were playing. Cecil is one of the best sevens players ever and plays a vital role in our team.

Thank you so much for the support
Jay asked:
What do you enjoy most about travelling the world?
Steven answered:
Hi jay

i think the best thing about traveling is coming into contact with different cultures and different ways people go about their daily life. We visit such cool and different places, see so many different things but we are still there to do a job and make sure we do the best we possibly can at that job.
Koos Fourie asked:
Hi Steven,
I have actually played against you for the pumas at the Middelburg sevens event, what an experience.

My question is the following, don''t you think we should try and get our bigger backline players to play forwards e.g. Sibu Sithole etc. We seem short on speed at times in the front and I think that is where Fiji and NZ and Samao edge us at times. I think the scouts need to attend nationals a bit more as well, played there this year at loftus and was hugely impressed with Rosco Specman.
Steven answered:
hi koos

Middleburg! i love that tournament, iv been there for the last 3 years.

I can understand what you are saying but players like franke horne and chris dry and exceptionally strong too which is very important with scrumming and the breakdown and also to get momentum. Players like sibu and rosco are great players and i think they would do well in sevens
J_MANN asked:
Hey Steve

How well do you think the team can perform in the home series this year?
Steven answered:
hi J Mann

i think the boys well do really well this weekend, we playing in front of our home crowd and we never want to disappoint our supporters. Sevens is very much a game on the day so if we ready we will take it.
ROGER asked:
Hey Steven,

Good luck this weekend, we know you guys will bounce back and the crowd will be behind the boys!

My question is, do you think that the training regimes these days are similair accross the board, what drills and planing goes into giving each side that edge? Alot of the times 7 rugby goes against the play, so how does one manage keeping set strucutres?
Steven answered:
Thanks so much roger, we really appreciate all your support.

i think it varies from team to team in terms of what the strengths of the players are and what the coaches are trying to implement. Are they looking for a structured team, a team that just keeps the ball alive. A very fit team or strong and physical team. We train to situations in certain positions on the field and how we would react to a player breaking the line so forth. Sevens has such a wide variety or is such an open game it is difficult to concentrate on too much structure.
Johan asked:
Hi Steve would just like to know whether it''s within your planning to return to 15 man code and if so for which South African team -good luck for this week end!!!
Steven answered:
Hi Johan

its a very difficult question to answer because i still have time at the sevens. Sevens is growing so much at the moment but ill just have to follow my gut when the time comes to making a decision.
I played for WP last season and really enjoyed it.

Thanks for all the support
Asher Jurgens asked:
Hi Steven

You have played at rugby stadiums all around the world. How do you rate our PE stadium?
Steven answered:
hi Asher

PE is definitely one of the best stadiums i have played at and the facilities are amazing. With sevens we fortunate to play at some incredible venues, like wellington, hong kong, twickenham, Edinburg, the sevens in Dubai but ill definitely put PE up there.
Gerard asked:
Hi Steven

The best for the weekend. I will be there supporting the team all the way.

Do you believe there is enough back up players due to all our injuries who can do the job?
Steven answered:
hi Gerard

Yes we definitely do. We had our emerging team in dubai with us and they won their section convincingly. Injuries is part of the game and we now just need to adjust accordingly.
Pierre asked:
Hi Steven.
What areas do you think you guys still need to improve on as a team? Is it difficult for a player to come from the 15 man code to 7''s, because I''m sure it must be a totally fifferent set-up and mindset? Last question, which team is the most difficult to play against at this moment?
Steven answered:
Hi Pierre

There isnt too much to work on because there was some great rugby this weekend we just need to execute our plan a little better this weekend and we'll be on top of our game. 7's and 15's are completely different and that is why we find it so difficult to maintain quality depth of players because it can take a while for players to adjust. For example cecil was in the sevens setup for a year before he got his first cap, which probably why he understands the game so well. The fijians and the all black have been the most consistent teams on the circuit so i could say one of them.
Derick Williams asked:
Steven is it a huge challenge to adopt between the 7''s and 15 man format in terms of your personal game. Surely the difference of 8 less defenders and bigger gaps on the field as the well the breakdown points and pace must have its influence. Is that a problem ...
Steven answered:
hi Derrick

Yes 15's and 7's are 2 completely different games but it definitely isnt a problem. You just become more solid on defense and the ability to see space becomes better over time.

Thanks for the support derrick

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