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Q&A: Paul Delport

Springbok Sevens star Paul Delport joined us for a Q&A session on Wednesday.

Paul is currently in Dubai where the team is busy preparing for this weekend's tournament and had kindly agreed to answer a couple of your questions.

Below is what he had to say.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Paul asked:
Hi Paul

How are you enjoying Sevens? Any chance that you return to 15 man rugby?
Paul answered:
Sevens has been a phenomenal experience. I am very happy at the moment and dont see a shift to fifteens in the forseeable future. Looking
Wes asked:
Do you think supplements are necessary for an athlete or can one get away with a good diet?
Paul answered:
Thats a very good question. As a rugby player I have used supplements in the past. There are positives and negatives, most important is your diet. supplements are exactly that. Something to supplement a good diet, not to replace anything.
Evan Kotze asked:
Howsit Paul!

the boys played well last weekend and gratz to you guys for taking it to Aus, It looked like the team clicked in the game against Aus and the physicality was amazing to see! I think I counted about 15 turnovers in the 2nd half where we just smashed the ruck and gained possession. For Dubai do you recon New Zealand are going to pose any real threat to us being that they are in our pool matches? Lastly good luck to you and the boys!
Paul answered:
Thanks for the positive feedback! New Zealand are a quality side, their record speaks for itself. Our pool game against them will be huge, they played fantastic sevens last week as did we. They always pose a threat physically and they have great strike runners not to mention Cama who runs the show. Its a game you dont want to miss
Nick asked:
Howzit Paulie,

Hope you doing well man - when you returning to the 15 man game - the stormers need you buddy!!

Must keep in touch when you back in CT!!!
Paul answered:
Nic! How you buddy? Not in the near future, im really enjoying sevens and dont see myself playing anywhere else. Catch up when we back in town! Keep well
Bryan Silke asked:
Hi Paul

Congrats on your 7s success. Without using the excuse/reason of a lack of opportunities, where do you tihkn your game is weak at 15s that you were not able to make the breakthrough from junior to senior success at that level? thanks
Paul answered:
Hi Bryan. There a few contributing factors. My defense was an issue when i was younger, I also didnt play well when i was afforded those precious few opportunities. In retrospect my attitude could have been different. I was frustrated and it affected my performance. I love the sevens because its a family and for me thats important. At 15s I always felt expendable.
Tony Roux asked:
Do you still have any ambitions for the 15 man a side game? I f so, when will you go back to the 15 a side game and potentially with which province?
Paul answered:
HI Tony. I am very happy at the sevens and dont see myself moving. It is however important to have 15s on my CV going into the future, especially if Id like to play overseas. So looking forward its something to consider. Im not too bothered about where.
Mike asked:
Howzit Borat! You''re 27 this year. With all the excitement and planning for the 2013 Sevens RWC in Moscow and ultimately the 2016 Rio Olympics, do you see yourself still being in the mix come 2013 and 2016? Seriously now... I mean, Fiji fielded a game-changer last weekend who is almost as old as Pau Treu!
Paul answered:
Mike! How are you legend? Haha I would love to be around for 2016! I love playing sevens but the way the game is going the older guys are going to struggle to keep up.Those Fijian boys are something else! Paul Treu and 7s have done so much for me even if im not around to play in 2016 Id love to still be involved in some capacity. Keep well.
Paul Petersen asked:
Hi Mr Delport

You are quite quick...ever consider playing wing?
Paul answered:
Hi Paul, ya I certainly have when I was riding the bench for all those years in the 15s game. I prefer to be more involved, at scrumhalf and flyhalf you get to run the play and execute the game plan. Im a bit old for wing now, im getting slower and all the young blood coming through is getting faster
Kaballas asked:
Whilst I do enjoy the 7''s series, would it not also work to have a few in/outbound tours during the season etc? Imagine you guys playing a curtain raiser against the NZ sevens team next year at soccer city before the Tri Nations match? ...and the same for every test match there after?
Paul answered:
Hi Kaballas. We would love to but due to the nature of our game and the format it is really difficult to pull off tours like that. Our season is long and intensive so the boys do need an off season, plus there is very little money in 7s compared to 15s
Armand asked:
Hey Paul,

How is the playing conditions over there? Will it favour any team, and if so, who and why?

Good luck for the weekend rock their socks off!!!!!!
Paul answered:
Hi Armand. The playing conditions in Dubai are good this time of year. Its not too hot or humid, as per usual the teams you make the least mistakes will do well. From a crowd perspective England always have huge support in Dubai so that can be an advantage for them.

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