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Q&A with Willie le Roux

You have seen him dodge opponents, leaving them flabbergasted by his trickery, question is can he successfully negotiate your questions?

Springbok and Toyota Cheetahs fullback Willie Le Roux availed himself to answering your rugby related questions on Wednesday from 1 to 2pm .

You could ask him about anything, whether it be his current form, his Springbok ambitions, whether he will ever go back to the Cape to play his rugby, you can ask him anything.

Below is what he had to say.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Gary asked:
Hi Willie,
We have seen what you can do at fullback, but given all the injuries to the Bok flyhalves at the moment what do you think about filling that role? You seem to operate there quite a bit in broken play in any case. Also, without being nice to you mates, what in your opinion would be the best backline for the boks going forward?
Willie answered:
Specifically in broken play, I like slotting in at 10 therefore we can utilize space. Starting at 10 gives you a lot less space and more responsibilities regarding kicking, etc.
swieg nel asked:
Dit lyk of die. Cheetahs die dienste van robert ebersohn baie mis. Is ek korrek
Willie answered:
Ja, Robert is 'n great rugby speler, maar ons het ook baie goeie spelers huidiglik in die groep.
Rudolf asked:
U remind me of Andre Joubert,who do u model ur game on,n who is ur all time fav fullback in SA
Willie answered:
My role model was Carlos Spencer – I liked the way he played and I like the way Brent Russel used to play.
edward asked:
Was rugby you dream career since you were a kid or you had different vision?And what inspired you to become rugby player?
Willie answered:
Yes, I always wanted to become a rugby player. It was always a dream. Don't ever stop believing!
barend asked:
Wat is jou beste posisie wing or fullback and what do u think about Quade Coooper sidestep?
Willie answered:
Heelagter - meer spasie en vryheid. Quade Cooper is 'n spesiale speler met 'n spesiale side step.
jenvic asked:
Hoe voel dit om weer met ou maat van Boland, Cornal Hendricks te speel?As WP/STORMERS jou n kontrak sal aanbied so oor n paar jaar sal jy dit vat?
Willie answered:
Dit is lekker om weer saam met ouens te speel saam met wie jy begin het soos Cornal en Elgar.
John asked:
Howzit Willie

Firstly huge fan. Absolutely love watching you on the rugby field.

I often see you come in at first receiver on attack, particularly on turnover ball, is this something the coaches encourage or just your natural game? It often seems to work a treat!

What areas of your game are you trying to improve the most?

Thanks for everything you do in the green and gold, would absolutely love to see you in the black and white down in durbs aswell!
Willie answered:
It’s a natural game – just get my hands on the ball. I’m trying to improve on my kicking, high ball catching and defense. Still lots to work on.
mickey asked:
Willie you are a real playmaker, that can draw in player, break the advantage line and a good tecnical kicker, have you ever considerd playing flyhalf, I believe it would be a huge impact on the cheetas attacking style?
Willie answered:
I still prefer fullback as there is much more space to be creative.
Steven asked:
If you could play for any team in Europe what would that team be?
Willie answered:
I played for the Barbarians last year and it was awesome!
jodi asked:
Do u think the Cheetahs wil make the playoffs?
Willie answered:
It will be tough from hereon in, but we are still very positive and focused.
Wilhelm asked:
Hello Willie,

Can you tell me what a mid-season week for you looks like? How many days do you have trainings, how long is a ''''work day'''' and what kind of trainings do you have?
Willie answered:
In a normal week we’ll have two training sessions per day, from a Monday to a Wednesday which includes gym sessions. Thursdays we normally rest and we’ll have our captains run on a Friday.
David Shanahan asked:
Willie,  do you think that smaller more skillful players can prevail in the future of rugby or will union players develop into "Bash Merchants" like in league? 
PS: Keep up the good work!
Willie answered:
Size is definitely not everything – you need a combination of speed, skills and size. There is definitely space for smaller skillful players in rugby union.
Jacques asked:
Hey Willie, obvious question but what seems to be the problem with the Cheetahs` defensive systems? Last year was such an improvement on previous years but this year that aspect has regressed once again. Who is currently responsible for defence and are they considering getting a specialist in to address this issue? Thanks
Willie answered:
It’s not so much the defensive system. It’s the fact that we turn the ball over to easy this season. We are working hard on rectifying that.
Marisa asked:
Hi Willie. Buiten die Cheetahs vir watter ander span in SA sal jy speel? Wie het jy as kind ondersteun? Jy is ''n great speler, en hoop ons sal jou nog baie lank in ''n boktrui sien speel!!
Willie answered:
Ek kom van die Kaap af, so ek het as kind defnitief die Stormers ondersteun.
Louis asked:
How do you motivate yourself in the lead up to a Super Rugby game? I understand that no motivation is needed when you play in the green and gold, but how do you manage to carry the same intensity and will to play into a commercialized tournament week after week? Thanks Willie, I love watching you play, even though I''m a Sharks fan!
Willie answered:
I’m a fairly relaxed guy and like listening to music before a game. All games are equally important and therefore I prepare the same for all the games.
lihle asked:
Many people would answer this for you in a heartbeat. But from a personal perspective, do you feel that you have ''arrived'' at international level, or do you feel there is still room for improvement and that the best is yet to come of Willie Le Roux?
Willie answered:
There is always room for improvement. You should believe that’ you have arrived.’
Jacques asked:
As jy enige posisie kan kies in die bok span om jou eie te maak vir die volgende 5 jaar, wat sal dit wees?
Willie answered:
Defnitief heelagter!
nigel asked:
will u ever go back to the westen cape to play rugby
Willie answered:
I don’t know where my rugby journey will take me in the next 10 years.
Katleho asked:
Willie, I always get told that I am too small and need a big body to make it. How do you do it? What does it really take to make it?
Willie answered:
I was told the same but I always kept believing in myself and never stopped playing.
jade asked:
Do u think the Cheatah francise needs a new coach? Also is a coach rewarded for losses and not wins. Do u see urself in the world cup squad next year?
Willie answered:
I'd love to be at the World Cup next year!
Tyron asked:
hey le Roux,who''s your toughest team you face at international level?AuS,NZ,? And keep up the good work u rock ,u fantastic bro!!!
Willie answered:
All Test Matches are tough and there’s no easy game – but there’s nothing like facing the haka.
stephen daniel asked:
When setting off on a counter attack run, do you have plan of what you want to do or do go on instinct?
Willie answered:
No, definitely instinct – I play what I see in front of me.
JP asked:
Hi Willie

Ek wil net se jys n awesome rugby speler ek dink di jongmanne nog op skool kan baie by jou leer net om jou te sien speel..!!

Die vrae wat ek het is heelwat verskillend van mekaar , mar hier gaat hy !!
Is daar n tegniek wat jy gebruik om ghaps te sien of maak en om dit te oefen??

En dan

Is daar n program waarby jy betrokke is di jong klomp te coach??

Bly awesome!!

Willie answered:
Vertrou jou instink - as jy 'n gap sien - vat dit. Moenie terug hou nie.
Ryan de Beer asked:
Andries Strauss once told me that he had a better side-step than you. Confirm/Deny?
Willie answered:
What do you think? You decide.
Mike Craig asked:
Morning Willie
Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. My question to you is, there has been a lot of talk of the new superugby format. As a player what format would ideally suit you and your fellow players, in terms of amount of teams, conference system, home and away fixtures?
Regards Mike
Willie answered:
We as players don’t decide over the format. Traveling aboard is tough, though it is great fun seeing the world.
Chris asked:
Willie, congrats on an outstanding 2013. 

I just have one question, come the 14th of June in Durban, you made the cut, and Meyer gave you the choice of position. 14 or 15 against the Dragons? 

Keep crossing the white wash.  Cheers
Willie answered:
For the Boks I'll play any position.
Gavin van Zyl asked:
What is the best changing room you have ever used and why.
Willie answered:
The change room at Markotter stadium, Paul Roos.
Siyamthanda asked:
The tries you scored and created against Wales last year were quite amazing, but what ranks as the best ry you''ve scored and created?
Willie answered:
I loved the try JP Petersen scored against Scotland where I chipped ahead for him.
Yusraa Samodien asked:
Firstly, I have to say you are my absolute favourite rugby player of all time. What''s the craziest fan interaction you had?
Willie answered:
I love the fans.I was once asked to a matric farewell by a fan.
Saul asked:
Hi, I am a Personal Trainer. And I would like to know, since you are a smaller player, what do you focus on in the gym? Do you try to gain more muscle, or do you focus on your strengths (speed and agility)? I am a big fan! Good luck for the season ahead
Willie answered:
Focus on speed and agility while trying to build some muscle.
Gary Laight asked:
You''ve scored some amazing tries to date. What''s been your most memorable so far?
Willie answered:
My first try for the Springboks is one I’ll never forget and the try for the Cheetahs against the Waratahs in 2012 – a chip and chase try.
Matthew Buckle asked:
Hi Willie. I have two questions. Firstly from a personal point of view do you prefer to play on the wing or at fullback. Secondly, have you got any offers to play overseas and if so how tempted are you?
Willie answered:
If you go onto the field you always have to give 110%. Win or loose. You always have to stay positive.
Dez asked:
Hi Willie, firstly love watching you, player with the X-factor. Your Springbok team mate Willem Alberts is such a wrecking ball. Off the field I heard he is a gentle giant. How true is this?
Willie answered:
It’s true – he is a gentle giant.
George Storey asked:
As a Cheetah supporter, I would like to say that i am a proud one.  Looking from the outside, Struass looks like a special player, motiviator and captian, How would you discribe his captancy and presence in the Side?
Willie answered:
Adriaan is a great leader on and off the field. He is a great friend.

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