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Q&A with Gavin Rich and Brenden Nel

Our senior rugby correspondents Gavin Rich and Brenden Nel joined us for a Q&A on Thursday.

They tried answering as many questions as possible and you can view them below. Thanks to everyone who took the time to send through questions.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
saul asked:
Hi Gavin, what do you think WP''s chances are? What do we have to do to win? And what do you think of. starting with De Allende
GAVIN RICH answered:
Hi Saul, they're not good. Sharks are a quality and settled outfit and I think they just have too much allround depth, which means their bench is pretty awesome too, plus they are playing at home. Plumtree has done everything right in terms of the timing of his integration of the Boks. On De Allende, I like the selection. I have been critical of Allister for not using the Currie Cup play-offs for what he said the league stages were for, which was to grow the depth for Super Rugby, but if this move pays off then he would certainly have added another name to the list of newcomers who can do the business next season. I also understand it from a strategy viewpoint - he has the build and size for the physical game WP want to play in what is probably going to be a wet weather match.
Stuart asked:
Hi Gavin/ Brendan. What do you make of Allister Coetzee''s call to put Damien de Allende in at 12 for such a crucial match as the CC Final?
GAVIN RICH answered:
While it does make sense to me, I think, to be fair, it is the move of a coach who is in charge of the underdog team. When you are up against a side like the Sharks on their home ground in a final you have to take the line that Kitch Christie did before the 1995 RWC final - you need to do something extraordinary to win it. In this case it is a gamble worth taking as Marcel Brache wasn't that flush against the Lions last week.
Brendan Ramsingh asked:
Being a sharks supporter aswell as a huge springbok fan i want to know what''s your take on Pat Lambie and his future in SA rugby most importantly the springboks
GAVIN RICH answered:
His future with the Boks will depend on whether Heyneke has started to see it the way most other people do. Before the Currie CUp play-offs I wrote a column saying Plumtree must play him at flyhalf if we are to see if he can play international rugby there. He's done that and Pat has exceeded expectations. In my view he should now be the Bok starting flyhalf. finish and klaar.
Talha asked:
Hey guys, obviously the Sharks are showing the way forward over the past few years, the bulls have always been dominant in their conservative kicking approach, however the laws of the game are evolving to accomodate the Sharks way which is like the All Blacks.
My question is do you think the boks ought to adopt experimental tactics during the end of year tour and see how that fairs for them, or rather attempt to consolidate their ''trusted'' kick and chase game with this young pack.
Brenden answered:
Talha, The Sharks use their kicking game just as much, as do the All Blacks. What the difference is, is when they kick and when they run. They have a good balance at the moment.
Anthony Clark asked:
Hi Gavin and Brendan.

Been enjoying the articles you have been putting up lately..

I have two questions.

1: Do you rate Lambie the best flyhalf in the country at the moment? and Do you see him being the Bok Flyhalf? Or Would you rather see Goosen or Janties as the way forward?

2: Would Depend a lot on your thoughts in question 1. Do you think Lambie could work hard at being the Bok FullBack if he is over looked at flyhalf?

I think he has great talent and would love to see him settle in the side.

Thanks again guys for taking the time to answer some questions the rugby public have
GAVIN RICH answered:
I think Heyneke should choose Lambie at flyhalf for this tour and see how he goes. Both Goosen and Jantjies should remain in the mix as there can be lot of injuries between now and 2015, and Goosen will certainly develop. But right now I think Lambie is the man and flyhalf should be where he plays for the Boks until such time events prove otherwise.
Reon asked:
Hi Gavin, with the end of year tour coming up.. How will your preffered starting backline look like taking in mind the current injuries? Thanks a lot, have a nice day!
GAVIN RICH answered:
Jaco Taute, JP Pietersen, Juan de Jongh, Jean de Villiers (captain), Bryan Habana, Patrick Lambie, Ruan Pienaar (or FduPreez if he is available).
vuyo bali asked:
why all the squard team is full of white but the few number of black,the development of rugby in rural areas is no longer there why,why the south african rugby team do not come to rural areas for look for player?
GAVIN RICH answered:
They have just promoted a franchise to Super Rugby on the basis that it will further black rugby and yet that province just played a promotion-relegation game with a team that never featured any black players so I have to say I am as confused as you are.
A.J. ware asked:
Hey guys I just wanted to know, do you think schalk Burger will make come back to the spring boks next year or is his place in springboks in danger with the likes of Kolisi Daniels and coetzee playing so well and do you think scchalk burgers new born son is destined to wear the spring bok no 6 jersey like his father and grand father
GAVIN RICH answered:
Hee hee, I haven't seen Schalk's son play yet, but I am going to the bookmaker's to ask for odds on him being not a Springbok, but a Protea. Schalk Jun nearly took up cricket instead of rugby, and I think sooner or later someone on the male side of that family is going to end up being a cricketer, or golfer. I am hearing he is now responding to injury so he will be back and Schalk being Schalk I see no reason he can't be back in the Bok mix.
Wesley Rousseau asked:
Hi Guys, This is probably a topic that is being talked about the most in SA rugby at the moment. What do you think Heyneke Meyers reason was for benching Patrick Lambie for most of the recent Test matches and why was Elton Jantjies given an opportunity at 10 before Lambie? He is probably the most talented and gifted rugby player in South Africa at the moment, will he get a chance at the End of year tour? and if not, why not? Surely he cannot be regarded as a better 15 than 10, Lambie playing at 15 is a waste of talent is it not?
Brenden answered:
I think it was a combination of Lambie playing fullback and his versatility on the bench. It was hardly Heyneke's fault Lambie played at 15 in Super Rugby but he has displayed enough to convince the coaches going forward, I believe.
Morne Carstens asked:
Do you think it might be a good time for Heyneke Meyer to considder including someone like Deon Fourie in the National line-up as utility forward?
GAVIN RICH answered:
If he's looking for that type of player there's only one man for the job - Schalk Brits.
Steven asked:
Hi guys, what do you think about HM''s attitude towards Pat Lambie, in my opinion, Lambie is the No 1 fly half and full back in the country at the moment, when Goosen is injured. HM seams to stick to Steyn and Kirchner, neither of are play makers in any sense, Lambie can read the game above all of them.
GAVIN RICH answered:
Before Lambie started playing flyhalf again I also thought we needed to see him playing there in the Currie CUp before we could back him. He's done that now and excelled so I back him, and maybe, hopefully, Heyneke will be the same. If he doesn't then we have to ask serious questions about his ability to recognise Pat's type of talent. The way I see it. Pat brings everything a modern flyhalf should and gives you the option to play several different types of game.
KENNY asked:
GAVIN RICH answered:
Yes, and you will see an answer of mine above where I say exactly the same thing through the backline I pick.
views asked:
hey brendon how do you think must win the S.A player of the year?. and from wich currie teams must they pick the end of year tour and must jantjies be the first choice or isit going to give lambie a chance of will it be hes number one morne steyn. like to here wht you have to say
Brenden answered:
Eben Etzebeth would be my choice, but surprised Jannie Du Plessis isn't there. As for the end of year tour, we need a young squad and I'd give one or two guys - like Morne - a rest. Pat would definitely feature in my flyhalf plans, but so would Elton.
Siphesihle asked:
Greetings Mr Rich and Mr Nel
I want to ask whether Lambie has done enough to start at flyhalf for the Boks on the tour and I would also like to know where Jantjies is headed for Super Rugby
GAVIN RICH answered:
Jantjies will play for the Stormers. Lambie has done enough.
Thembokuhle asked:
The current springbok coach does not favour black players.why did he play marcel ahead of siya kolisa and then tauter ahead of de jongh?He said that siya did not had experience same applies for taute and why drop lwazi mvovo and play a scrumhalf who is out of form at wing?much was said abt goosen but he did nt deliver.i thnk players should be selected by thier current form not by clour of thier skin.we are 18yrs in our democray we dont need some one like Meyer.
Brenden answered:
I don't quite agree with you. Marcel's stats were the best of any loose forward in the Super Rugby competition - better than Siya's so it was a straight choice. As for De Jongh, well, he loses out in size I guess. If you want to blame someone, ask why there are so few players of colour at Super Rugby level, or why none were in the Kings starting line-up last week.
JOE asked:
do you think Heineke Meyer eyes went open with the way Lambie is playing?Do you think WP have enough guns to win the final?
Brenden answered:
Joe, it is a tough one, because if he plays Lambie ahead of Elton (who was ahead in the pecking order), he will havepeople shouting that he doesnt give black players a chance. We're lucky to have two such talents and both of them should be given opportunities on the tour.
Ken asked:
Hello Gavin and Brendan....How seriously are the Boks taking the up coming test series in the UK and will they send their best squad..many thanks take care..up the BOKS
GAVIN RICH answered:
The Springboks approach every test and every tour like it's a deadly serious business...
Jonathan Smith asked:
Do you think WP will continue their attacking brand of rugby they have played with during the year,or keep things up front and control things with the boot forcing the Sharks to make unforced errors?
Brenden answered:
Jonathan, WP have been playing the same brand of rugby all year, and they play very much a game based on defence. They attack when the opportunities allow. They've probably been the most accurate and most conservative of all the teams this year.
Stewart Alcock asked:
What are the chances of the 2 of you putting up for comment your Springbok "match 23" for the next Springbok game - with reasons why?
GAVIN RICH answered:
Happy to do it for a 22 but not sure where the 23rd player will come from unless we are going to be permitted to make our choice of referee.
betrum asked:
Why doesn''t coach HM see Juan De Jongh as a first choice in/outside center?
GAVIN RICH answered:
Maybe you yourself have just answered that question by not being sure which poisiton he specialises in.
Luzuko Mankala asked:
As a ''layman'' rugby supporter who doesn''t understand the logistics pertaining to administration of rugby in S.A.I would like you guys to clarify the following 2issues;
1.What is the real reasoning behind the formation of this ''joke'' called E.P.Kings because we where led to believe it had to do with unearthing&developing black rugby talent in our region but look at the team that played the Cheetahs last week.Cheecky Watson&Co. are insulting our intelligence!Why do people always exploit the race card in rugby?
2.The fact is that this francise will embarass us in Super Rugby&would struggle in the Currie Cup Primier Division even if they where to gain promotion(by a miracle)so, is this relegation/promotion fiasco neccessary?
GAVIN RICH answered:
1. I support the Kings concept from a geographical viewpoint - there is just way too much land area taken up by the Kings for it to be ignored and left out of Super Rugby - but I do take your point about people insulting our intelligence.
2. The Kings were only going to survive if they had a guaranteed window to develop as a Super Rugby franchise. They don't have that, so it's a fiasco. Ultimately it's down to weak leadership, something that probably has been around since, and I would never have said this at the time, Doc Luyt moved to Ballito...
Marco asked:
Hey guys,was wondering what''s your opinion on where Lambie should play? And has he proven himself enough to be in the starting line up for the Boks?if so what position? Thanks guys!
Brenden answered:
Marco, I think he has, and should play where he feels most comfortable. Obviously conditions, venue and competition for the spot will determine whether he starts or not.
Peter Armstrong asked:
It was glaringly obvious during the Sharks/Bulls(also read Bok/NZ)game how easy the game plan of the Bulls/Boks was to counter. Comments pls. Also, Who would you guys pick for Bok Captain for UK tour?
GAVIN RICH answered:
I agree with you completely re Bulls game-plan. Have for a while. As for the captain, what's wrong with Jean?
Rindie Nel asked:
Hi Gavin
Any news on when the Jantjies deal with Stormers would be finalised? Also when will Kings announce their squad for 2013?
Many thanks
Brenden answered:
I think it basically is, probably a few final details needing to be sorted out and Jantjies agent was in Japan this week. But that said, don't think anything will stop it though.
Ron asked:
Surely HM must consider Lambie as a serious contender for the Bok number 10 slot. I cant believe HM was of the opinion that Lambie was only the third best fly-half and only the second best full back in the country. If Lambie performs well on Saturday and HM does not pick him for the end of year as first choice fly half, then I think SA Rugby will move backwards under HM as coach.
GAVIN RICH answered:
Tumelo asked:
Hi Guys''
Who has been the consistant 12&13 in the cc and what would be your run on sharks team for SR with Bismark,Kanko&Frans back and Franco in the mix?I would advise the kings to look @ recruiting Brian Mujati,Muller and a looseforward to help Watson
GAVIN RICH answered:
Good call re Mujati etc for Kings but can they afford them? Mujati plays the position that has become one of the most expensive when it comes to quality players moving around. I am not sure how many settled centre combinations there have been in the Currie Cup so that question is hard to answer. I like the look of Whitehead and Jordaan, but I wouldn't choose them for the Boks (maybe Jordaan sometime in the future).
Kobus asked:
I can assure you there is a lot of hype about the Currie Cup final (well maybe not in Gauteng), all be it that it will be the sixth time these two teams meet in 2012! The format of Super Rugby surely have to change so that this wonderful competition named the Currie Cup can claim its rightful place in topflight rugby don''t you agree?
Lastly your predictions for Saturday please, I just feel there will be so much hunger in the WP camp not only to get the monkey off their back but to also finally get something over the Sharks after the results in 2012...
GAVIN RICH answered:
I am in Durban and the hype doesn't appear to be anywhere near the level of 2010. Appararently the Sharks coaches had to be brought in to try drum up support for last week's semi on a radio program. The market doesn't lie, it tells you were the interest is, and I am told by marketing people that punters just aren't buying into Currie Cup any more. Something needs to be done to improve it and make it more marketable or the situation will just get worse. Suggesting CC should be put before Super Rugby is just not realistic when we talk numbers and what really matters, which is money. I think the Sharks will win, though I have seen quite a lot of vervet monkey activity since being in Durban and they do seem to be a bit restless. Maybe they've heard that WP are bringing their monkeys to town and are nervous that they might flood the Durban monkey market if after the final they no longer have backs to cling to and can't get a flight home to Cape Town. Prediction: Sharks by more than 7.
Kuhle asked:
Allister Coetzee is only coach that has backed Lambie at flyhalf, Meyer must give Lambie a chance ahead of Elton and leave Steyn for the upcoming tour.Guys what do you thnk of Damian de Allende playing in the midfield for Western Province against the Sharks?
GAVIN RICH answered:
De Allende is primarily a centre and I think seeing WP are rank underdogs anyway it was worth a gamble and will provide another young player with a great growth opportunity ahead of Super Rugby.
anton hood asked:
Why is it always that hm chooses players above performing players like as pat lambie. And cobus reinach. And what do u think about satersday final whether the best layout would be
GAVIN RICH answered:
Easy dude, Cobus Reinach hasn't been in the selection mix before. This is his first Currie Cup season. So being hard on Heyneke for not selecting him would be a bit harsh. And Lambie has only just started playing flyhalf again so let's give HM a bit of leeway there too...
Brenden answered:
SARU give all the unions money, but not specifically for Super Rugby. The Cheetahs get a share as do the other franchises. How they spend this money needs to be looked at. Cheetahs aren't quite the most innovative in terms of marketing etc.
Eugene asked:
Hi Gavin and Brenden, Will it not be wise of HM to leave Morne behind and let Pat Lambie and Elton go on tour to start them getting more game time and also let them get the feel for international rugby and build towards next years championsship competition?
GAVIN RICH answered:
Yes. It will also enable Morne to have a rest. And perhaps he will then come back next year and answer his critics. At the moment, in the words of an old Talking Heads song, he's "On a road to nowhere..."
Jennifer-Joy Solomons asked:
Are there not some kind of help given to teams before games, esp big games to assist with what may be called psychological problems? I have heard on soooooo many occasions that the coaches (Coetzee) says its a mind thing and emotional thing, can''t these guys get the proper HELP beforehand?????????
GAVIN RICH answered:
They do. WP/Stormers had psychologist working for them last year, Sharks had one as long ago as 1990 in the form of Ken Jennings, and Henning Gericke worked with the 2007 Springboks.
keagan8 asked:
hi brenden
just regarding the up coming november test, who do you think will be no10.
Brenden answered:
Keegan, I'd rotate the two - Lambie and Elton, but Elton would start the test against Ireland.
Lelo asked:
Hi Gavin, Brenden

I''d love for both of you to give your opinion on this (if possible) question. Louis Ludik has shown some exceptional form this season, arguably outplaying Zane by miles in the last game. Do you think he deserves a berth in the EOYT squad (perhaps even starting?) and with your knowledge of HM, do you think he''ll get it?
GAVIN RICH answered:
Hmmmm... I've backed Jaco Taute as the fullback in a previous question, but you do have a point about Ludik. He is now finally back to the brilliant form that he showed as a youngster at the Lions before a serious injury appeared to set him back. He should definitely tour IMO.
Stiaan Visagie asked:
WP is at n disadvantage, to put it lightly, when it comes to play at Kings Park. But as a province supporter I believe they can do it. What must they do to be able to win the sharks?
GAVIN RICH answered:
I think there only chance is to shut the game down with their defensive system and turn it into a low scoring error-festival where it's anyone's game in the last minutes and someone like Habana or Aplon can possibly produce a bit of magic. THe type of game I am talking about has happened this year - get your video machine and play the replay of the Stormers/Bulls Super Rugby game at Loftus. That's what the Stormers need to do. Just refuse to lose.
herold asked:
tell me someting.why must they always replace the good team and put in players that not do they best in the team.just an exsample.they wanne make changes for the weeks curriecup matches.but why?the guys that play they hard out for the whole seasion.they must be replace just for 1 game,but if it wasnt for them they wouldind be in the finals.so why is that so
GAVIN RICH answered:
i am one of the few people who would agree with you 100 percent in that view. If 90% of the Currie Cup is to be played under-strength then the whole Currie Cup should be played under-strength.
Johann asked:
Hi Gavin & Brenden.

With the currie cup these days only bein played by 6 teams. Shouldn''t rugby follow domestic cricket?

In cricket the top team goes through to the final whilst nr 2 and nr 3 play a semi-final.

It whould have been wrong had the bulls won the currie cup whilst being nr 4 on the log. I.e the bottom half of the log.
GAVIN RICH answered:
Or what about the old system of just having the top two teams advance to the final. That would be my way of doing it. If you recall, the most memorable Currie Cup final in the history of the whole universe, the 1990 clash between Natal and Northern Transvaal, was played between the two teams that topped the log with no semi-final...
Danian asked:
Hi sir do u think that pat is the best flyhalf at the moment and i know JDV is the captain but his not the best 13 in the coutry give the young guys a chance with this upcoming tour
GAVIN RICH answered:
The young guys we gave a chance to at the back didn't look very good against the All Blacks and we lacked experience so I would say that Jean's experience needs to be retained.
Ivan asked:
Do you have any news about where Elton Jantjies will be playing next season.
Brenden answered:
Ivan, I believe he will be at the Stormers and it should be announced soon.
Ken Bircher asked:
Interested to know how Sir Graham Henry gets knighted for coaching his star loose forward Richie soon to be knighted McCaw how to cheat on the rugby field when all the cyclists have been nailed for cheating in their sport. Curious how a pitch report also impacts on the outcome of a bet when so many other factors come into play on a cricket field including the refusal to walk or accept , now, the TV referral system... Was Lance Armstrong not doing what all sportsman are now paid to do? Push the boundaries - how often do you see a player holding someone else off the ball illegally surely the refs should stop warning and coaching but rather just nail the offenders. They will then realise that they need to play by the rules.
GAVIN RICH answered:
I agree. All sportsmen should be banned as cheats or potential cheats and the population should be encouraged to go to the beach or the movies on Saturday afternoons.
Troydon Wainwright asked:
I know that central planning is the way to go to get out of playing our Boks and Super Rugby stars into the ground. But shouldn’t we also be looking at including some Argentinean teams into Super Rugby. If we could get Argentinean teams involved then Super Rugby could have the same amount of fixtures spread over more teams, no dreaded double derby rounds. It would also open up Super Rugby to new markets. The promoters will be happy; the players will be happy; the Curry Cup will regain its sparkle. The only downside I can see is that the stadiums would have less fixtures to make money off, and that could be off set, locally at least, by a more meaningful and therefore better attended Curry Cup. Either way, something has to CHANGE and SOON, if we are to save our players, ensure the continued quality of Southern Hemisphere Rugby, and challenge the might of New Zealand. My questions is what do you think of the idea of including Argentinean teams into Super Rugby to lighten the load on our players?
Brenden answered:
Troydon, no argument here mate. Sanzar needs to look at the competition and the load for players.
Zane asked:
Hi guys just wanting to find out the legality of something I have noticed lately when a player gets tackled and the other team starts driving over the player on the ground, and the one support player there holds the tackled players jersey so that when he is driven backwards he pulls the player on the ground with him preventing them from actually driving over the ball. Is it allowed because if it is, it would work great for when we play the All Blacks they are great at driving over the ball.
Thanks Zane
Brenden answered:
You are allowed to clean a player within a metre of the ruck, but once past that, you need to let him go, so yes I would say it is illegal and up to the refs to police that.
Miguel asked:
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. My question is who do you guys brlieve should be the springbok 10 and 15 at the end of year tour and why
GAVIN RICH answered:
Lambie at flyhalf because he is the best flyhalf and Taute at fullback because he has awesome potential going forward. But Louis Ludik also deserves a look in at 15, and to be fair, Zane hasn't let his team down. Jantjies was the player who finished the recent test match that was played about 10 kilometres away from Soweto so he should also be on tour and it might not be a bad idea to give both Lambie and Jantjies a start during the November tour.
jani kriel asked:
Will the wet weather be the reason the game could be closer instead of where the dry weather can help for a bigger winning margin
Brenden answered:
Finals are normally closer due to the pressure, and whats at stake, and yes the rain won't help either.
Stroppie asked:
Hi Brenden

Thanks for taking time to answer our quesions. May i ask you your opinion on the selection of 20 year old De Allende in the starting line-up this weekend considering that it''s a final and BMT is required from an unexperienced youngster? Is it perhaps his size and weight that holds the key and reason for selection? And secondly, how do you see WP utilising their bench from a tactical point of view? Seeing that they have some key players like petersen and co. ?
Brenden answered:
Gavin is probably better to answer that as he is closer to the WP team. However, I guess the size and attacking options he offers is what got him the nod.
Josh asked:
Hi Guys,

I was just wondering what you guys thought of the Blitzbokke''s recent performances on the Gold Coast? We only lost one game and unfortunately finished 3rd where as New Zealand lost two and finished 2nd (we beat them!!) seems a bit harsh dont you think? Also what do you think of the new cap Reuben Johannes?

Brenden answered:
bit too early to tell on Ruben, but good start. As for the Gold Coast, a poor reffing performance and mistakes cost us against Fiji and the margin of error is small nowadays, but otherwise loads of positives from the tournament
Jeffrey asked:
Hi, I hope you are doing well.
I have 1 very big concern regarding the rules. WHY??? are the ref''s not as strict about the high tackles around the neck anymore. I really love the game
and its something i think needs to be worked on. You cut off all the opponents strength doing that, and if he decides to push through it he most likely will get a neck or spine injury. will there be a change in that regard? or does somebody need to get injured or even paralyzed before something happens?
GAVIN RICH answered:
I think they are very strict on that aspect of the game. If they became any stricter they would be guilty of over-compensating.
Malcolm Walker asked:
Please be honest do you think WP have a chance of winning the Currie Cup.
Brenden answered:
Yes, they do even though they are underdogs. Its about using your chances on the day.
Ben asked:
Are the Boks really as good as we make them out to be , they only managed to score tries when The Aussies were men down and got thrashed by an AB team that later drew with Aus
Brenden answered:
Ben, yes they are. Remember it was also their fourth game on the road and they have had a long season and stayed unbeaten. They are a quality side.
Bruce asked:
Hi Guys,

Pat Lambie has proven himself over and over again that he is a superb flyhalf, with an impressive tactical rugby mind. What I can''t understand is why HM doesn''t acknowledge this and play him at flyhalf for the boks. With Morne doubtful and Goosen injured, what are the chances of him playing flyhalf on the end of year tour to the UK?

Furthermore, there is a lot of hype about this weekend''s Currie Cup final, where it has been mentioned that WP are favourites. Are they really...?? Surely the Sharks should take it, with less injuries and home-ground advantage...

Many thanks for your time guys.

Brenden answered:
Pat's form was poor in the last part of Super Rugby and he played 15 as well, so with other candidates, can hardly blame Heyneke for that. Saying that, he should get an opportunity at 10 on the tour. As for the CC, Sharks are definitely favourites, having beaten WP twice in the competition and have home ground advantage
ian asked:
Hi Guys just a quick one not related to the final.What is your opinion on the Rolling maul.When I played admittedly years ago players in the maul had to be behind the ball.Nowdays it is a wall of 7 or 8 players protecting a ball carrier who the defenders cant get to and who get penalized if they collapse the maul.In my opinion it is in no way a fair contest and 80 percent of the time the attacking side gets a try or a penalty or even a penalty try.How does a defending side actually defend against this without getting nailed?
GAVIN RICH answered:
The thing is that some teams are good at it and others are not so it is clearly a skill and thus should be allowed.
joe asked:
Hi guys...thanx 4 sacrificing your time. I just want to know what you think captain fantastic Keegan Daniel has to do get a decent shake from the bok coach. The best and most consistent loose forward in the country was only given one match to impress while erm, certain bulls players are given so many chances at redemption...what must he do? He''s workrate is manic, he tackles like a demon and has skills that would shame most flyhalves...should he not be the bok 6 or 8...thanx agn guys
Brenden answered:
Keegan has had a great season, but has not impressed at Bok level. He may not have had the chances, but remember he is seen as a 6 at Bok level, meaning he has to compete with Flo, Marcel, Siya, Brussow etc.
Chris Brussow asked:
What are you thoughts about Ludik? I reckon he has been one of the best players for the Sharks all year. He''s very strong, phenomenal under the high ball, and lightning quick. He has done so much more than kick and chase for the Sharks this year and to me has been the real unsung hero. Considering all the options, do you think he has what it takes to play for the Boks?
GAVIN RICH answered:
You Ludik supporters have opened my eyes to something I just hadn't really thought about as the fulback debate has for so long been stuck on Lambie/Kirchner/Taute. But the more you guys talk and push the point, the more I start to think that maybe Ludik is the man. If you carry on like this I might suggest he captains the side....
Wayne Ramsay asked:
Good day.

I want to talk about centre pairing for the tests in November. The Sharks a few seasons ago had Barritt and Murray, I thought they were the next SA centres but then they got split up and since then have fallen away, except for barritt. Tim Whitehead and Paul Jordaan are youngsters that have clicked so well together and I''m worried they get split later on, so why not give them a chance together in the November test series to prove how chemistry and combinations really work.
GAVIN RICH answered:
I doubt they will even be the Sharks centres next year once Frans Steyn comes back and thrusts his chest forward at No12.
jack asked:
Hi guys. Quick question. Where should lambie be playing? 10 or 15. I think he should be competing at 15 as there is too much heat at no.10 right now(steyn,goosen,jantjies,grant). He has the quality to be our 10 for a long time but I feel lambie is at his most dangerous when he has more time and space to expoit. Shouldn''t he increase our depth at fullback and maybe knock kirshner out? I mean at 15 he already joins the line like a flyhalf anyway. Isn''t it for the greater good for him and south african rugby for him to be our 15?
GAVIN RICH answered:
DIsagree. There is actually more option at fullback - Ludik, Kirchner, Taute and, if needed, even Frans Steyn.
Wes asked:
Hi Gavin and Brenden

I read pretty much all of your articles and for the most part I really enjoy them.

My questions are these: What will be considered a successful EOYT? Also, if anyone, who do you think we''re most likely to slip up against?

GAVIN RICH answered:
I think they should aim to win every game. The All Blacks very seldom lose on an end of year tour, and it is time we started measuring ourselves against the Kiwis and no-one else. Difficult question related to who is the hardest as on last few tours you would have thought Scotland would be the team they would easily beat but they have scraped at Murrayfield once and lost there once. We have good momentum agianst England these days but they are improving so Twickenham will be the big match of the tour.
Brendan Streak asked:
Hi guys. Why do you believe there is such a reluctance within the national set-up to adapt our game plan? John Plumtree has spoken about how he has learnt from his mistakes year-on-year, yet Heyneke Meyer seems not only set on a game plan, but certain players who he belives can best execute an outdated game plan? I feel this will stunt the creativeness of players like Lambie, Daniel, Hougaard, Aplon o name a few
GAVIN RICH answered:
I understand and agree with your sentiment.
Yoni Bass asked:

Thanks for taking the time.

Everyone is loving Pat Lambie now. Three weeks ago everyone loved Johan Goosen. Clearly they are both excellent players, and should have an excellent future in SA Rugby. How can both play for the Boks?
One at 15, one at centre? Thoughts..
GAVIN RICH answered:
One is injured at the moment so it gives the other a chance to show what he can do as a flyhalf. If Goosen was fit to tour we would be having a different debate, but he isn't.

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