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Ecclestone suggests pay for points

Bernie Ecclestone's latest idea for making F1 more competitive is to pay the drivers in accordance with their results rather than a salary.

Ecclestone's ideas are not always too popular and this one probably won't go down too well with the drivers. Teams can't be made to pay-per-points but Bernie thinks it would give the drivers extra motivation.

"Drivers should be capable of motivating themselves but that doesn't always happen," he said. "Perhaps we should be talking about drivers being paid by their results. It's impossible to force the teams to do it, but we should think about paying them when they get points and not just hand out big salaries."

Ecclestone has also been critical of the drivers for not putting more effort into acknowledging the crowds on the drivers' parade, suggesting they should face a fine if their waving is not up to standard.

"Look at the people who sat in the Hockenheim grandstand in 35 degree heat," he remarked. "All they had to look at from F1 on the Sunday morning before the race was the drivers' parade."

"Twenty idiots on the lorry chatting among themselves and not even acknowledging the crowd. They didn't bother to wave or anything. Well, if they don't in future maybe we will have to fine them."


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