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Q&A with Mamadou Gaye

He is known as the Assassin of Abidjan, sometimes controversial and outspoken. Mamadou Gaye was our guest on SuperSport.com Friday.

In the past two weeks, you have had the opportunity to interact with the crew of our weekly show Soccer Africa, broadcast every Thursday night at 9:30pm with anchor Thomas Mlambo and panelists Thomas Kwenaite, Idah Peterside and Mamadou Gaye. They have become African football’s A-team.

Mamadou Gaye has been some sort of journeyman with a long romance with football as amateur player, manager and consultant. He played briefly for Africa Sports in Ivory Coast, even though he is a life-long Asec Mimosas supporter.

Thanks for all who participated in our Q&A. The response was overwhelming and greatly appreciated by our guest. See your questions and answers below.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Obinna Nwankwo asked:
Mamadou,welcome.I have been looking for the opportunity to ask you why you always like to critisize Nigeria.Is it because your friend Troussier was sacked as Nigeria Coach in 1997 after qualifying Nigeria for the France 98 World cup ?
Mamadou Gaye answered:

I always critize Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and any other african team that disappoint or fail to perform.It is not about Troussier. Thanx for saying that he qualify Nigeria and get fired, like Amodu. That is the problem with Nigeria you fire the best and hire the poor.
Kenneth Okoth asked:
Why are you not involved in football administration in Ivory Coast?
mamadou answered:
When it comes Ivory Coast football administration, it will be something I will consider in the future. At the moment I reside in South Africa.
Jerome Ndlovu asked:
Why do you always have ready-made negative answers to every question?

What were you doing in zimbabwe earlier in your career and what do you think about Zimbabwe football ?
Mamadou answered:
I met Zimbabwean nurse in England and we were to get engage. I had to visit her relative in Zimbabwe. We are talking of African football and under the 23 years of Hayatou presidency, there is more negatives than positives.
Haruna Yussuf asked:
Hey Mamadou.You are my main man.I like you becasue you always speak your mind.That is the problem with Africa.People don''t like to hear the truth but take it easy with us in Nigeria afterall the only medal you won was in Nigeria 99.What do you say ?
Mamadou answered:
If Ivory Coast can afford to win one medal,the most populous country and one of the richest should do better than winnig two.
Jean-Claude Akoto asked:
Why do you think Ivory Coast is stronger than Cameroun.We arre the most successful team in Africa,Only egypt and maybe Ghana and Nigeria can be compared with us,yet you always after us?

However ,when are you coming to Cameroun so that I can host you ?
Mamadou answered:
I never said that Ivory Coast is stronger than Cameroon. Under the Cameroonian Hayatou 23 years at the helm of CAF, your country did not host a single Afcon? To be strong is to host others as well. I hope to visit Cameroon soon
Thabiso Moshane asked:
Ok Mamadou my question, last time I checked morocco wasn''t a member of African Union if I''m right why we give them the honor to host nd even participate in our African Nations Cup
Mamadou answered:
Morrocco is not a memeber of the African Union,but a full member of CAF
Dalitso asked:
Mamadou why do you criticise players for having girlfriends during tournaments like the world cup and africa cup? Footballers are humans and not machines so they need to be able to enjoy themselves
Mamadou answered:
Most of these players are married,and as a believer everybody knows that it is a sin to cheat on your wife.Even a Jujuman will tell you not to touch a woman with the talisman he will give you for good fortune.Football is a game of ethic and moral value.
Damola Ogunleye asked:
Is there any team of the four who will be representing africa at the u-17 world cup whom u think can bring d trophy to the africa continent
Mamadou answered:
Look any of the four team representing us in the world cup U17 can win the trophee,because at that level we like cheating on our age.
Kahinga Samunyina asked:
Mamadou,Issa Hayatou has been president of CAF 4 over 20years! We have seen atha cotinental bodies emboding and encompassin new and young leaders in their systems? Why cant we do that with CAF? Whats rong with a Pele or Kalu heading the association?
Mamadou answered:
CAF under the 23 years of Hayatou presidency is a cartel.You look at the executive committee of CAF there is no former player.Most football federations in Africa are biased to Hayatou and receive instruction from him who to vote in or out..I agree Africa mus get rid of this cartel.
Vumi Nsimba asked:
my wish is to become a journalist in SA what must i do@by the way i m a Zimbwabwean
Mamadou answered:
You must study get qualification and send an application to one the media houses in SA.
Simon Phoshoko asked:
Besides...ivory caost....whch african country do u like...?
Mamadou answered:
I like Nigeria and South Africa
S''memedi Meme Mfolo asked:
How long is Mosona out for ? who is the best african bassed player cause we never see that and he has to be playing his trade in Africa ?
Mamdou answered:
I do not know for how long Musona will be out,the best local based player accordig to the CAF award is Ahmed Hassan of Egypt
Patson Musiiwa Adidjan Assasin asked:
my question is related 2 CAf & the development of football on our continent, Y did CAf award South Africa the 2017 tournament ahead of countries like Zimbabwe or Botswana who have never hosted the tournament? this is a mockery 2 football, Fifa gave Russia & Qatar the 2018 & 2022 World Cup 2 prome the beatiful game,surely CAf can draw some lessons there!
Mamadou answered:
In order to host the African Nations cup or any other tournament of FIFA of CAF,you have to bid.If you don't no one will call you and ask you to host.
Sibusiso Dhlamini asked:
Jhb South africa, firstly does it make sense that a country that can organise a world cup can fail to submit paperwork for both All africa games and secure a credible friendly match without any scandal. This Safa makes me miss Raymond Hack of all people, sure he bungled a couple of overseas international friendlies but we always played in All africa games and all home based friendlies never had issues
Mamadou answered:
The current SAFA is part of the legacy of Mr Hack.Safa definetly need to put its house in order.What is happening is not acceptable
jean-claude asked:
Mamadou why are you always critical about CAFpresident Issa Hayatou? dont you with your expertise and analysis of soccer you should perhaps be opened to Caf and present a set of project to enhance africa soccer?
Mamadou answered:
Im critical of CAF and Hayatou because they failed Africa.How many times have you seeing African football federation inaugurating projects finance by FIFA?The recent one you can still see it on soccer africa,it happen in Ghana.Ask yopu national television what is Caf doing with the TV rights money of each african nation cup ?
Tumi asked:
1.In your view who do u think can take over from the current CAF president?
2. will we have a country in africa winning the world cup and which team will win it first?
Mamadou answered:
Unfortunately African football is full of cowards,nobody dare challang Hayatou,but the first one to come out will became the next president of CAF.Unless we effect changes in the management,no African country will win the world cup.
Thami asked:
Where do you think Pitso is going to end with Bafana Bafana squad as you rimemba that many S African are seing he''s got an ego ?? Do you think he''ll be there untill the end of his contract.
Anyway I like your honesty/transparency everytime you on radio & TV ,big up Chief
Mamadou answered:
Pitso is a good coach,everything depend on the support he will get from PSL and SAFA.I belive that he will fullfill his mandate.
Steve Mawula asked:
I suspect Drogba pays you that''s why you never critisize him when he is not performing well.Why do you not appreciate Eto''o?
Mamadou answered:
I can see that you are not a regular fan of Soccer Africa.I critize both Drogba and Eto and praise them when they deserve it.
Sidney asked:
Good day Mamadou, i would love to know what you think African teams should do to win a Football World Cup
Mamadou answered:
Get rid of the cartel,then Nigeria,Ghana,Cameroon,Cote d'Ivoire or Senegal will win the world cup.
Vumi Nsimba asked:
What must we do to improve the standard of administration in our continent?
Mamadou answered:
Get rid of thecartel after 23 years of failed adminstration in africa.Let's bring in new administrators and Africa will shine
Ezeson asked:
Mamadou one of the major problem with african futball today is officiating, what is caf doing to improve the skills of our refrees?
Mamadou answered:
The refrees are to the images of CAF,corrupt,poor,and unprofessional
Musefowa Lucas asked:
hallo the assassin,maybe before i can ask you my question,i want to let you know that i like your style of talking. you are that kind of a person who calls a spade a spade without any fear and africa needs fearless people like yourself.Besides your own cote d'' voire which other country do you think will make africa proud at 2014 soccer world cup in brazil?
Mamadou answered:
Our problem today is not about which African country can win the world cup or make it to Brazil 2014.The desease is CAF.Africa must unite to get rid of the dictatorship of Caf administration in football
Phala Moagi asked:
Why is South African Football in tatters like this? I mean it is ridiculous that people can talk about how the money is there ( AFRICA`S POWER HOUSE WITH MONEY ) but their National Youth Teams fail to even qualify for the Under 17 & Under 20. Don`t you think it is ridiculous?
Mamadou answered:
Safa must put its house in order,the PSL must follow and things willl go ok.They neglect international competions in favour of vthe PSL
Kofi asked:

Did you play professional soccer? If so, then when, where, club and age.
Mamadou answered:
Proffessional football came to Africa not long ago.In our time football was seen in a very bad light.But I played wit top division club,in Cote d'Ivoire,Mauritania,Senegal etc...
regie asked:
you are known to be very critical of African soccer federations and I appreciate the frankness, but what is the source of your passion, and what can we do to Change Afro pessimissim evident in Africans themselves?
Mamadou answered:
My passion is football.Not long ago we were better thant the Asians.Today we occupy the bottom seat in world football under 23 years of the footballl dictatorship of Issa Hayatou.We need a wind of change in order to take our football to tnext level>we hosted the world cup and failed to reach the semi final,which Korea did in 2002.
Mandisi Ngcobo asked:
1-Do you think CAF is fair when it comes to the way it treats South Africa (SA)?, which leads to clubs in SA opting not to take part in continental competitions and the 2015 AFCON going to Morocco instead of SA.
2- Who do you think should be the next President of CAF out of the names that have come forward?
Mamadou answered:
CAF is never fair to anybody ,
Clifford asked:
Hello Mamadou,

I enjoy watching you talking soccer on Soccer Africa program on Supersport 3, but I was disgusted by your comment regarding our lovely team "Matlama F.C." which you called a mickey mouse team from an island country. I think you need to apologise to the people of the Kingdom of Lesotho who contributed selflessly to the democratic dispensation prevailing in the Republic of South Africa, which you now abuse by insulting its neighbour and its football team. You should learn to use proper language next time, especially when you are on air or is it because of your limitations in use of the queen''s language
Mamdoyu answered:
Ask Thomas to apolozise not me.When I spoke I did not mention your club name.I spoke generally,that's why i spoke of team from an Island.Then Thomas try to put word in my month by relating my comment to Lesotho wich i didn't.Please watch the repeat of Soccer Africa again
christopher asked:
You seem to have travelled a lot with Mr Philippe Troussier, can you briefly outline what role you were playing in his teams. Do you by any chance have any coaching certificate of a certain level?
Mamadou answered:
I do not have any coaching certificate,I was the agent of Troussier and his advisor.You may know that coaching in Africa is not easy.
Sello asked:
Mamadou, I am supprised that you appear on the photo with Khoza, why do you hate them so much now.
Mamadou answered:
I hate nobody.I did my job in the professinal way that time and we won the champion"s league.Today Im still trying to professional in the job that Im doing.South African is at its lowest and it is my duty to talk about what is wrong.
mpho asked:
im so suprised that u kicked a ball before,
and that you once worked with orlando pirates,
so which team do u support here in SA,
i never miss your show with thomas , TK and IDA,
because of your critics,and calling a spade a spade
Mamadou answered:
Im a die hard fan of ASEC Mimosas which share the same colour with Kaizer Chiefs.When I first came to the country I could quickly identify my self with Kaizer Chiefs.Am Kaizer Chiefs Supporter
Spitle Liphoto asked:
one of the best soccer analyst in africa, keep it up.
well i listened clearly to ur statement yesterday about my team and my country.ur comparison was good,the only problem in that was the language, with great respect sir, supersport united defeated matlama of Lesotho 2-0.not mickymouse from the island.i suggest u mind ur language on the national TV.
Mamadou answered:
I answered that early.
Tshifhiwa asked:
Mamadou, what do you think about Ivin Khoza wanting to be the Top man on everything (SAFA, PLS, Pirates, FIFA..etc)? Do you think it is a ploy for him to be untouchable or it is good for football?
Mamadou answered:
It is not good in football for man hold too many positions
Mzwandile Fongqo cowan asked:
Hallow mamadou i would like to knw what can be done on ZA teams to participate on african competition.i am great fan of u.keep it up.
Mamadou answered:
SAFA must imprint its authority on the PSL to release players
Kahinga Samunyina asked:
Mamadou,hop u wil be bold enaf to ansa this question: Host nations as u can c the tornament has bin rotatin btwin North and West Africa mostly,is it becoz CAF is med up of mostly pipo frm there or Hayatou daznt want 2 develop futbal frm East and Southen Africa? Dont tel Bfaso or Mali ar richer than Kenya or Botswana? Iam from Lusaka- Zambia!!
Mamadou answered:
CAF is a mess ,They are not concerned about developping the game,but about what he and his cronies can make out of the came.That's why we need a change.
Nicholas Nthala asked:
Mr Gaye, how did you become a west african football correspondent ? Am not happy with the format of CAF champions league, what''s your take on it ? Who is the best african footballer thus far ?
Nthala CN, Musina, Limpopo, RSA
Mamadou answered:
For me the best african playere is SAMUEL ETOO FILS.I became a west african football analyst through my little knowledge of the game
Thapelo Gabanamotse asked:
hi Mr Mamadou,you once said that Botswana is not a footballing nation but only Thomas Kwenaite saw what we were trying to do so what are you saying now that we are only left with beating Chad or collecting two points then we go to AFCON?
Mamadou answered:
Botswana got rid of Bamjee and brought in honest and capable administrators,I see not only Botwana qualifying for 2012 but doing well in the next nations cup.
Ngarizemo Özil Dave asked:
When is he is going to open a fan page on facebook? Am his fan and am sure there people out there who will are his fans as well
Mamadou answered:
Im busy thinking about opening a page in facebook.
Thandisizwe Mkhuzo Mamadue asked:
tel me do u eva wish 2 apply 4 C.E.O. at any F.A. Couse ur knowledge seems so broad whn comes 2 footbal expect ithnk "SUFER" some1 of ur culiber whn comes 2soccer
Mamadou answered:
Why not,if given on opportunity,I will consider any administrative position,be it ceo or deputy
Mike Njiru asked:
Hi ,at one time Eboue was voted as one of the best right backs. Do you think Wenger playing him out of position might have contributed to his game going down.? .
mamadou answered:
Eboue is a utility player,but I believe he need more game time.
Phemmie asked:
Hi Mamadou,
Do you wish you were a Nigerian or South African?
Most of the time you devote your time to critizing these 2 countries forgetting that your country with aguably the best crop of players are under achievers, have not won any major trophies, be it at junior or senior level. I think you need to let this statement guide you all the time." la charite bien ordonnee commence par soi meme.
mamadou answered:
Am an African,I feel sad when I see people taking pride of winnig under age tournament.Africa won all the under age tournament in varoius categoris,but failed to ever make it the the semi final of the world cup where age count for nothing?We know that all those under age trophees were won with age cheating.If you can beat Germany,Brazil at under 20 and under 23 ,why not at senior level where there is no age limit?Stop age cheating in our football and let be proud about genuine achievement.
micah salo wanjala asked:
my friend mamadou ,how do rate the leagues broadcasted by supersport in africa namely kenya premier league,pls,zambian league,girabola,Nigerian premier league and Ghana as your peaking order with facts on the table.second question is which is your favourite club in kenya ?.Thirdly,how the league managed in Ivory Coast of which ASEC mimosa can manage to win the league even with youngsters from their academy?
Mamadou answered:
Unfortunately we don't watch the league you mention in SA.Asec is on the rebuilding process with its accademy.Very soon you will see the best coming out of the accademy.
Banana asked:

I like your honesty. what do you think of Kalusha Bwalya and the Football Association of Zambia. Do you think hes a Dictator,and if yes why?
Mamadou answered:
I don't not live in Zambia,I cannnot tell
Victor asked:
Hi Mamadou, with the current political tension in ivory coast, do you football and the national team would be affected. Lastly what do you think about zambian football and its history?
Mamadou answered:
The situation will affect the national,In Africa most national teams get funding fron government.We hopte Gbagbo will understand that his lost the match and he must accept defeat and leave.Zambia is great football nation,but their need continental trophy at club or national level.
Lesego asked:
Hi. Thouhg i admit that CAF admin is not perfect, i really do think that u are too harsh on them. to prove my point, i would like you to list atleast 5 blunders, that you feel CAF administration has made. Then list 5 positives and see which one outweighs the other.
Mamadou answered:
CAF is the only continental body,where our countries spend millions of dollars to qualify and play the nations cup.At the end of the tournament ,you win the cup and there is no incentive,no prize money.Everywhere in the world you get enough incentive to cover all your cost.Go to your national television and ask them how much do they pay for the african nations cup tv rights?For you information,for each nation cup,CAF trough a satelite campany CAF makes between 40 millions Euro to 50 Millions.Each african TV station must pay his due to an offshore bank account into the Bahamas or Swistzerland>After each nations cup,the those banks account are closed .Go and get the 2006,2008 and 2010 contact between the CAF Tv right holder and you national TV station.Time does not allow me to go further.
Rudzani asked:
why do you hate European coaches coaching in Africa?
Mamadou answered:
I don't hate European coaches.I believe that after 50 years of independence, we have come to maturity and have many top players who have the same qualification today as the European counterparts. Why not use them.

I want to thank you all for particiating. Sorry I could not answer all the questions but stay tuned with Soccer Africa to get your remaining answers. Ok I appreciate your wonderful time. Merci Beaucoup. A bientot and Au revoir

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