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Q&A with Carol Radull

You have seen her on SuperSport and heard her on radio asking tough questions and stirring up debates that are sometimes controversial (because she is passionate about what she discusses).

Carol Radull was our guest on Live Chat here on SuperSport.com and what a treat for the fans,especially the Kenya Premier League and Arsenal .She also responded to a wide range of other issues below.

Carol would like to thank all the fans and She did her best to take most of the Questions and this has been one of the most interatcive sessions in the serries.She told SuperSport.com that "I was overwhelmed by the response from across Africa and grateful that so many people took the time to participate."

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Robai Inziani asked:
Dear Carol,

Alot is going wrong with Soccer Management in Kenya, you got the talent the passion and skills to help sort it out. Why are you not in the management of football in Kenya? Dont you think with your skills its time to stop talking and start doing?

Carol Radull answered:
Hi Robai. I believe every segment of football is important including highlighting what the problems are. I've barely been on the scene for five years and I believe my job of letting people know what is wrong is also important. Getting the fans interested once again in the KPL is also important and I'm focusing alot on that right now. I have also come across many people who are very passionate about football and interested in managing it. Without selecting a candidate, I am helping them to get their views heard and hopefully they'll be voted in during the FKL elections later this month.
Chela asked:
Hey Carol. Let me first start by saying congratulations on reaching here. I hav a question regarding arsenal''s position in the champions league. In my opinion, i think arsenal is the Barça of england. After that humiliating defeat @ nou camp i''m starting to get the feeling ''if'' arsenal is to meet madrid thrz an obvious win. I would hav argued losing to madrid ws obvious bt 29th november jst proved different. Whats ur take on the probability of us taking real madrid?? Also which generation will see the firing of Wenger?? Lol.
Carol Radull answered:
Oh answering questions about Arsenal is hard because I'm so passionate about the club. But I'll try and be factual. Arsenal has disappointed me in the Champions League. There is a chance that we could lose our final group game and Braga win theirs against Shaktar, and we find ourselves in Europa. That would be tragic. But Wenger seems to know how to get the boys back on track like he did against Villa at the weekend, and I hope that will happen. But it's just hope right now. Games against top sides are always difficult to predict. Real's loss to Barca was unpredictable. It depends which team turns up on the day; but Arsenal certainly have the quality in the squad to beat just about any side in Europe
Michael Ndlovu asked:
How are you Carol ?.I first saw you during the Africa Women''s championships and was pleased with what i read about you here .How did you become so passionae about soccer ?

Where you not bothered about the dominance of the men''s folk ?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Michael. The Womens championship was great fun because I had never been that upclose to professional women's football. I was impressed. My passion for football began when I was a child but about five years ago I accidentally began to co host a sports show on two of our radio stations here in Nairobi. I was then a news reader who would light up every time I was reading a sport story. And I say accidental because I was filling in for someone who was unwell. Five years later and the show is mine. It was tough at first convincing guys especially that I knew what I was talking about, but here in Kenya at least, they've accepted me now. There're many women here in Kenya who know and love football; I guess I'm fortunate to have a forum to express my passion.
Eliud asked:
Hi Radul
Do u think the new boys from Mbsa Congo Untd entrance in the KPL will improve the football stds in coast and also see some coast players get in to the national team.Please also give us more detail of Congo untd on your next Saturday show on Kiss 100. Thax
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Eliud. I was actually rooting for Congo United to be promoted to the KPL and I'm glad they have been. It will certainly improve footballing standards at the coast because I'm sure the fans will get behind the team and motivate them. And they'll now be recipients of broadcasting money from Supersport and many of their games will be live on Supersport 9 next season. So other coaches and talent scouts will get to see the players. And the fact is Mombasa has always had good players. In Kenya good players tend to prefer to quit and get blue collar jobs. But with money finally coming in, it's now attractive for players to become professional.
Leboo masaa asked:
When did you start supporting arsenal and y did you choose arsenal
Carol Radull answered:
The age-old question - I started supporting Arsenal sometime in the mid 90's. When I was much much younger I was actually a Liverpool fan. Then I stopped watching English football altogether because in the late 80s and early 90s, all we had was Football made in Germany. But since Supersport started bringing us the EPL, it re-ignited my love for the EPL and it's been Arsenal ever since. It's the Beautiful Entertaining Football.
dennis allela asked:
Carol what system do you use to select our players for the natonal team?enlighten me please
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Dennis. I am not the national team coach and from what I've seen at Cecafa, I wouldn't agree with some of his choices. For instance I would rather have called up Ezekiel Odera as a back up striker and not Allan Wanga who is right now on his way from Vietnam to Dar. I would also have started Geofrey Kokoyo in defence and Anthony Kimani in midfield in our game against Malawi. Selection is at the Coach's discretion I'm afraid.
Edwin Muchiri asked:
What is your take on Harambee Stars Coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee involving prayers worse of than the boys we saw during Awards of KPL, Like Kokoyo and the rest not called for the National duty in the team? Should Kenyans vote for the selection of the team
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Edwin. I've answered part of your question when I answered Dennis above. But great suggestion - we should get to vote for the selection of the national team, or we should get a coach willing to listen to the fans.
mike njiru asked:
Hi Carol,there has been tremendous improvement in the Kenyan premier league since supersport came in in terms of quality and organisation and in all aspects.what do you think could be the reason that all these dont translate to the performance of our national team? your opinion please? thanks
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Mike. It's simple. The KPL is well organised, Football Kenya Limited is now. FKL needs to look into how they select national team coaches, and the coach in turn needs to find a new way of selecting players to the national team. Edwin has suggested we vote for the players. You see KPL clearly shows that the talent isn't lacking, so it's simply the coach, who is selected by FKL. We need new officials in FKL with a real love and passion for the game.
Lindiwe Khumalo asked:
Hi carol.I am a huge football fan and always wanted to work in the football media but never got the chance.what do I need toprove that Girls have also got the ability like Robert Marawa ? only very few girls like Carol Manana here in SA and you Carol Radull.do I have to change my name to Carol too?
Carol Radull answered:
Ha ha ha. No Lindiwe you don't have to change your name. Generally speaking employers are more open minded now in terms of hiring women to cover sport and in this case football. Supersport in particular is using more and more women to cover sporting events. My friend Chisom from Nigeria also covered the Womens championship and she does a lot of work for Supersport in Nigeria. Apply like the men do. It may take you longer to prove yourself, but it's all worth it girl. Just never give up on your passion.
francis Wambugu asked:
Any prospect of contracting the services of a new shots stopper for arsenal.....Schwazer, Green or even Papa Reina in january?
Carol Radull answered:
Did you say Green? Eeek! I am actually beginning to have more confidence in Fabianski. He's no longer as clumsy as he was last season. Almunia should go though. I believe we shouldn't have let Vitor Mannonne go because he was promising. But I believe he's on loan and will be back - not quite sure.
Mwema asked:
Which team do u support in kenya?
Carol Radull answered:
Ha haaa Mwema; somehow I knew this question would come up. It always does on my facebook page. Even though Gor supporters claim my support "by birth" as they say; I don't have a KPL side. I think I'm too closely involved to get too attached to any team. I want to help build a great league. Eg. I was really rooting for Ulinzi to win because I felt it would spread the football love to Nakuru as well.
Mike asked:
Do u thnk arsenal stand a chance of beatn man u at o.t on 13th dec?
Carol Radull answered:
Absolutely YES!!!
Kunle Adewale asked:
you watched the Falcons and the other women Team at the Africa women''s event in South africa.What are the chances of the African Teams in the World Cup and Why didn''t Kenya qualify,yet Tanzania was there and theough they lost,I was impressed? i''m sure ,with your passion,you can maybe help women soccer in Kenya,what do you think ?Thanks for answering my questions in advance.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Kunle. I must say I was very impressed with the levels that womens football has reached on the continent, especially the Falcons and the Equatorial Guineans. I know Germany, USA and Norway have strong teams, but as the world cup theme went; it's time for Africa. I just hope the women impress more than the men did :) As for Kenya, it a was a shame not to have a team that but until recently we didn't even have a womens league. There is one that started a few months ago but it's still really small. I will certainly put it in my radar to help put the map.
Ian Senzo asked:
With the 2010 world cup we saw Ghana utilising young stars. Do you feel what being currently done is enough to improve the standard of soccer in Africa.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Ian. I believe each African country has it's own challenges to over come. I was impressed that Ghana did well first at AFCON then at the World Cup, without many of their Stars. It's an option to go with young players; but as I said, each country should approach it based on their problems. For instance, in Kenya it's management and selection of coaches that is a problem. We need to stop doing favours for each other and reward good talent and good managers by giving the players and management positions on merit.
jared kimetto asked:
First i realy like what u do about Sports in this country,What do u think we should do 2 help young tallented boys and girls at the village level to expose there tallent and why do you love Arsenal.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Jared. Sadly we live in a country where talent isn't nurtured at a young age. I challenge people like you and me to do what we can to organise and co sponsor tournaments at village level. For instance right now I buy and brand footballs and give those out to village schools. Do the little you can, and the industry will grow. I just love Arsenal. Great fast paced entertaining football :)
Boni asked:
Hi Radul, what do you know about Gor Mahia''s hiked gate fees issue?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Boni. Many fans complain about hiked gate fees but I think Kenyan fans are a little spoilt. We pay some of the lowest rates to watch great football in the world, and when asked to pay a little more we complain. I'm sure you would be proud if players in our league get well paid. The fact is; they need your money to get paid. Supersport brings in some money as broadcast sponsors, but it's not enough. Which is why Head of Africa Gary Rathbone keeps calling on Corporates to sponsor clubs and the league as a whole. But they also need your money to survive. And thank you for giving it this season.
Dennis asked:
Pliz inform me of the latest trasfer news,in kenya.Especialy gor mahia,sofapaka,tusker,afc,sony &mathare.who have they signed or lost.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Dennis. The transfer season isn't yet in full swing. For now all I know is that Gor is hoping to replace George Blackberry Odhiambo (since he's leaving for Denmar) with KCB striker Ezekiel Odera. (11 goals this season) Keep reading supersport.com for transfer updates throughout December and January.
Joe Lego asked:
As the KPL is showing signs of improvement,we as Kenyans are getting more frustrated with the national team Harrambee Stars.What is your opinion on how we can make this right?
Carol Radull answered:
Vote out the FKL officials in the elections later this month. That simple. Then we bring in people who really care about the sport and the players.
Harryzon jayugah asked:
What should be done to make sure that the next season Kpl is glorious with alot of fans coming out in large number to support their clubs?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi there. Security is an issue especially for big games but the KPL has received a thorough report from G4s on what can be done to ensure fans are safe while in the stadium. But we too as fans need to learn to be organised when going for games. I was in Joburg during the world cup and at the Bundesliga in September, I saw 90,000 fans entering Soccer City in an orderly and organised manner. We need to style up and take individual responsibilty. And coming back to the stadium begins with you. Word of mouth is a very powerful too so tell your friends about your experiences in the stadiums.
kinuvsky asked:
why should our football be ruined by some selfish guys up there n we can use the media to name and shame them we always say these guy are corrupt but no journalist has dared to go down n get the naked truth about the rote in kenyan football .can u and the other sports journalist find away to end this crap
Carol Radull answered:
We'll do our best. FKL elections are later this month and hopefully we'll try and ensure that more responsible passionate individuals are elected to manage our football.
Sirhl Burale asked:
Is Ghost justified 2 leave out KCB''s Odera in favour of A. Wanga?
Carol Radull answered:
Never Ever! Ezekiel Odera is my choice over Wanga any day. Wanga scored 2 goals this season with the strength of Sofapaka behind him. Ezekiel scored 11 goals with a very weak KCB side.
alex kimathi asked:
am a die hard Arsenal fan, do you believe we will win any trophy this season?
Carol Radull answered:
Of course Alex. Keep the faith. The EPL title, Carling and FA Cup.
George Buxton asked:
What Is Your Take On Emerging Talent In East Africa And Where Do You See Our Football In 5 Years Time Thanks In Advance
Carol Radull answered:
Hi George. There is and has always been talent in East Africa. The problem has been football not being taken as a serious career because there was no money for players. That is slowly changing thanks to Supersport and several other players; and things can only get better.
Senzo Ndimande asked:
What your Take on the Gender allegations and complaints placed by Nigeria for the Equatorial Guinea''players, and do you feel it better if Women teams are coached by women in light of allegations against the South African Coach.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Senzo. I actually covered two games involving Equatorial Guinea during the Womens Championship and I joking felt that some players looked like men. But the Semenya incident showed us that we need to be careful about how this is discussed as the issue isn't as clear cut as a team deliberately cheating. Let the investigations be carried out before we jsut to conclusions. As for the coach. Nigeria was the only team with a female coach at the tournament and they won - enough said :)
Kingsley Owusu asked:
How was your trip to the Bundesliga /Did you get to ask Gerald Asamoah why he chose to play for Germany instead of Ghana ? Do you think Africa can learn from the level of organization at the Bundesliga,can you share some of your experiences?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Owusu. I did ask Gerald Asamoah that question and his answer was simple. He asked to play for Ghana and was told he wasn't good enough. Germany accepted him. But he said it was a different Ghana to the one that is there today and he admires and respects where the game in his native country has reached. The Bundesliga is well run but this forum isn't big enough for all the details. There is an exchange programme going on between countries where Supersport sponsor the leagues and the Bundesliga so that players, coaches, officials can learn from each other.
Sir positive mwanzia asked:
My query is,what advice would u give arsene wenger when given the chance to do so ?
Carol Radull answered:
Smack the boys sometimes, especially when they repeat what happened against Spurs. (with a light touch)
gaithi charles asked:
why is kenya being left behind by other east africa country yet,it has better soccer facilities?

kenyans support of foreign teams especially EPL or SL is killing the soccer in the country!true?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Charles Actually Kenya doesn't have better soccer facilities and that is letting us down. We have three stadiums in Nairobi; none are world class. Clearly you live abroad or you would have noticed how Kenyans are slowly beginning to return respect to the local league and put the EPL second. It's a process, but it's begun. The stadiums were full to the brim this season for KPL games and 2011 can only get better.
Okalle Makanda asked:
Now that Thomas Vermaelen seems to have an achilles which is not healing, do you think Wenger should splash the cash around for a new centre-half? Have the three centre-halves on duty performed well (i.e Djourou, Squillaci and Koscielny), Should Harvard Nordveit be given an opportunity considering he played a great part of Nurmberg''s last season?
Carol Radull answered:
It is worrying when Wenger says the doctors can't pin down what is wrong with Vermaelen and when he'll recover. So we do need to go shopping. The other defenders simply haven't risen to the occasion
Alex maina asked:
we are talking of east africa integration.can we hav a single federation,league,and maybe one national team? i think this is one thing that will bring wc home!
Carol Radull answered:
Sorry but I wouldn't support that. We need Tanzania and Uganda as friendly competition. Besides, if we get our management in order, there is enough talent in the three countries to go round. Zanzibar even have a separate team at Cecafa. Lots of talent in East Africa Alex.
Harryzon jayugah asked:
How is kenyan føotball compared to the rest like uganda and england?
Carol Radull answered:
In terms of existing talent, Kenya has it. There has been a problem in the past of nurturing that talent from a young age. We tend to stumble into great players when they're already in their early 20's. We need to begin to nurture very young talent. Our management of the national teams is also wanting. Uganda seems to have got their management and coaching right and that's probably why we're seeing the good results. England is just a few light years ahead of us when it comes to organising and managing football leagues so let's not go there.
chebu eric asked:
Will a.f.c leopards play their home matches in mumias next season?
Carol Radull answered:
I believe that is the plan. They will also hopefully have signed a full deal with Mumias Sugar as sponsors by then. Nothing has been formalised but they did end the season player their home games in Mumias after Nyayo and City were banned.
Ojay Majuek asked:
hii carol, remember me? what your take on the oncoming football elections in Kenya?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Oj. We need passionate committed people to come forward and run for FKL positions. The old guys just need to go! Their time is up!
Peterson Muchira asked:
Hi Carol,am an Arsenal supporter and am concerned on our Defense.Vermalean was to be back but later got an injury while on training and of late we have not received any information about him.How serious is this injury ?thanks
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Peterson. As I said it's worrying when Wenger and the medical staff can't pin point what the problem is. They also have no return date - worrying indeed
Rafiq asked:
Hi Carol,

What do you think would be the best solution of ridding Kenya''s football of the recycled old guard (the likes of Naggi, Kasuve, Nyamwea, Hussein Saleh etc) that are continuing to drag the development of football in this country purporting to help in the course whilst they are the ones ruining football year in year out
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Rafiq. Find out from any club how you can be a bonafide member. (Most clubs don't have this organised well) That then qualifies you to vote at the FKL elections. Then vote out the old officials. Thanks
Edwin asked:
I''m a fan of Man u and i''d lyk 2 knw when r playing against Chelsea and venue?
Carol Radull answered:
Sunday 19th Dec at 7pm Kenya Time. Stamford Bridge
Barack onyango asked:
Alot has been said about Kpl.what about the nation wide and grassroots football,their many talents yet to be discovered. You and other stakeholders com up with grassroot league.
Carol Radull answered:
FKL's primary responsiblity is to grow grassroots football. They receive 250,000 US$ a year to do just that... They run the nationwide and that's it. Sad really. But I mentioned earlier that football fans who are able, should put their money where their mouths are; and get involved in running tournaments in your villages.
Dwayne steve asked:
Cecafa:I dont know whether mine will appear to you as a comment,a question or clarification but at least you are closer to Mulee than Me. How long does Mulee take to know his starting line up coz since the he took over as the Harambee stars coah we have seen Very Many blunders in His selection.Recently in the Malawi Vs kenya Match we saw him making very serious Technical Errors playing a 3:4:3 system against a team he doesn''t know so much about them. The best Midfielder and Defender in the Just concluded KPL season was not played in the Game,When also naming the squad we saw the likes of Ezekiel Odera,Humprey Mieno,Francis Ochieng(GK),Paul Were Left out from the and including in his Team the untested Abdul Malik,Innocent Mutiso,Fred Ojwang, Apparently Abdul doesn''t Even play Regulary for His Team GorMahia. Incidentally Abdul Malik Left the camp On Religious Claims that the event is sponsored by Tusker a beer Brand which is against his faith and has since been replaced by Allan Wanga,why did he accept the callup at first place and he was aware of all these.These begs the question how are our players patriotic to our country??
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Dwayne. I haven't had the opportunity to speak to Malik myself so I'm not certain of the reasons for his departure. But I agree that alot of talent hasn't been carried to Dar. But I will give Ghost the benefit of the doubt. I am not a professional coach and sometimes the coach seems something in a player or sees a combination that works, and that's why he makes the selections he does. I just hope Ghost's decisions come clear to me soon because right now they aren't.
I S asked:
Hi Carol, what your take on the recent allegations against the South African Womens Coach?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi I S. It's sad when such things creep into the beautiful game and makes it ugly. It diverts attention from the game and the players and what is important about football. I don't have any inside info and I only know what I have read online so I can't really comment further. I just hope they aren't true.
Karim Mustapha asked:
I listened to you during my recent holiday in kenya,and really enjoyed your show.Who is your favorite player in Kenya,Africa,in europe,in the World?
when are you coming to the Emirates.The Arsenal fans will like to meet you
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Karim.Thank you for the compliment. Mmmh... in Kenya... most likely Sofapaka Stiker John Baraza. In Africa - eek! Andrei Ayew. The world is rather big and there're just so many great players in the world. Too many to choose from. My visit to Emirates is coming soon Inshallah...
chebu eric asked:
Why is the kenya ladies soccer team not hyped like volleyball queens or like their male counterparts who disappoint us coz the only time i hear of them is when they want to play a qualifier then they jus disapear
Carol Radull answered:
Kenya doesn't have a ladies soccer team. There is a mini league that begun the other day and teams like Mathare United and Sofapaka have women's teams. But they're new and struggling so I want you to join me in seeking out how we can help them.
Boniface Fyah Budda Nderitu asked:
Hi Carol,I would like to know whether you ever played soccer and how do you think you can help our women football in Kenya to thrive just like it is doing in other African countries?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Bonnie. Let's just say my soccer talents remain hidden for obvious reasons. I played in school but nothing serious. I scored a penalty during the Queens birthday bash at the British High Commission in July. (It was a shootout for charity) But I just love to watch the sport. Womens football will be on my radar in coming months. Thanks.
francis wambugu asked:
no no no not green i wanted to say GIVEN am sorry Radull..... manone yes,is away on loan but fabianski n almunia breath hot and cold so often that i fear they will mess us when push come to shove.
Carol Radull answered:
Oh Francis. Hi again. Given should've come to Arsenal in the summer but City would never let him. Sad
Dwayne steve asked:
I also want to engage you on your cry about Mulee''s selection of Wanga to replace Abdul Malik after the later pulled out due to some Religious inclination..Carol get to know that Wanga is a proven Goal Scorer when turning out for the National and is the Right Replacement for that Youngstar i dont think your choice of Ezekiel Odera is Correct.If you watched the Kenya Vs Uganda match at Nyayo Stadium Kevin Omondi and Levi Muaka looked nervous throughout the game.Reason they lacked the International Exposure.Cecafa is a big Tournament so i will support the coach choice of Wanga over Odera. But his system3:4:3 is wanting, Defence lapses and Between the posts is the biggest concern on my part.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Dwayne, Wanga has performed for Stars in the past but an entire KPL season with 2 goals? Yet you have the likes of Anthony Kimani, Humphrey Mieno, James Situma, Osbourne Monday, John Baraza, Bob Mugalia and the list goes on providing for you? That's under performance in my book. :)
Dennis asked:
Hi Carol,
First, I''d like to congratulate your work re: football in Kenya and the strides our local game has taken thus far. More of the same, please!

Second, as the broadcasting of the KPL and tv viewership have been on the rise, I''m afraid the live commentary has no kept pace. Nothing against the current crop, but I think the quality could and should improve. Your views on this?

Cheeky aside: I think you''d be great for the job.
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Dennis. Thank you for your compliment. As for the commentaries... look me up on facebook and I'll answer that question for you :)
em kay boru asked:
Hi, carol,first kudos for contribution toward football,a contribution that earned you a recognition to be who you are today in world of soccer..my quiz is in kenya we only see 1 or 2 region representing national team whilst we have by most talented young boys and girls in northern part of kenya,we are marginalised yes but i think football is key to free and open 4 all..now what are you doing as an individual and a media personality 2 adress this issue?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Boru. That is very true that great footballers don't all live in one area. Sadly it is FKL's job to source talent from the grassroots and they haven't been doing that. We raised your concern last season when we realised that 8 of the 16 teams in the KPL are Nairobi based. The best I can do is highlight your concerns on radio and in the paper until a coach or FKL takes notice. I'm afraid I'm a journalist, not an activist but I will help where I can.
Sammy Wejinya asked:
Hi Carol...I still recall that 1998 World Cup qualifier between the Harambee Stars and the Super Eagles at the bumpy Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi...the game ended 1-1 and Kenyans celebrated as though they had won the world Cp...Over the years the Nigerian National team is no longer as widely feared as it previously was. What can you attribute this to?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Sammy. Its true that drawing with you in that game was the highlight of the 90s for Harambee Stars. You were great. Just on the stadium; it is currently under renovation so hopefully when we host you again the bumps will be gone. Now you would probably know the answer to what has gone wrong with Nigerian football better than I would. From where I stand on the outside, I think there's been too much government interference in Nigeria, very impatient fans who wouldn't give Amodu a World Cup chance; and also over-reliance on old players. I can't believe a country of 100 million people (correct me if I'm wrong) can't find younger players to carry your flag, the way Ghana has done. :)
Hassan asked:
Who would you like to see at Arsenal at the transfer window in January?
How far will Arsenal go this season?
Carol Radull answered:
Just about any good defender. We are missing Vermaelen too much and with no return date, it's worrying. Arsenal has the ability to go all the way in every competition, but the squad needs to remain focus. Lack of concentration and complacency has cost us dearly so far this season.
em kay boru asked:
Hi,carol wenger said this morning that he is after all trophy including cl,epl,fa,en cc,i know you are a die hard arsenal fan same as me but do you see any truth in that?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Boru. We can challenge for all trophies but we need to add to our squad in January to do that. The second half of the season comes with serious injuries as players get tired and this has cost Arsenal in the past.
Susan Ofori asked:
I always read your blog on Supersport.com and I believe This Live Chat is really abrilliant idea by SuperSport.I follwed the last four with robert Marawa and Shaun Barthlett,Nigerian stars Segun Odegbami and Adokiye Amiesimaka.Adokiye was really funny and you Carol are amazing...what do you think about interacting with so many fans and did you also follow the earlier live Chats because you are the bomb ? How did you get so knowledgeable ?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Susan. Thank you for your committment to what Supersport online; I'm honoured. And thanks for reading my blog week in week out. I have followed some of the earlier live chats and when asked to participate; I was extremely nervous. But I have enjoyed interacted with the readers today, its been great fun! As for becoming knowledgeable; I'm just a fan.
Masaa asked:
Hi carol who is your all time favourite arsenal player?
Carol Radull answered:
Hi Masaa. I think I answered this questions. It's a tough choice between Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkhamp.
Dwayne steve asked:
Now to International Football and off course EPL coz other league are not as competitive. Now the Big Clash is around How do u see the so called team of next season Arsenal for that matter Beating the Mighty Manchester United come 13th December
Carol Radull answered:
Hi again Dwayne. The might Manchester United weren't so mighty against West Ham last night now were they. They have had 7 draws in the league I believe so far this season. On a good Arsenal day, we can take them on hands down. December the 13th!
pably Dong asked:
Caro congratulation to put kenya where he is, i have quastion there is a problem in kpl can you to something to help us in this situation? Whats wrong with our national team coach?
Carol Radull answered:
I'm not sure I can answer more questions about Ghost; there've been so many. Ghost is a good coach. He won Cecafa with the Stars in 2002, took us to AFCON in 2004; won Cecafa with Tusker in 2008; and the KPL with Tusker in 2007. Even great coaches go through a slump. Heck Wenger is a great coach but we haven't seen silverware in centuries!!!
SistaLox asked:
Hi carol;
i think supersport should consider a sports channel for kids soccer. For example nothin was aired on the annual east Africa Kids tourna which saw kenyan kids beat Uganda & tanzania juniour sides.... a thing NONE OF THE ADULT PLAYERS HAV ATTEMPED in the recent past. lol! wat do u think? and when will yu personally as Carol & not super sport get involeved in Kids soccer???
Carol Radull answered:
His SistaLox. Right now I am involved in 101 things to do with football but I'll take up your challenge too. I just wish I had 9 days in my week and not 7. Supersport's first goal in Kenya was to get involved in the KPL. That's been achieved and next season even more games will be aired live. This year, Supersport made inroads in Rugby, showing some tournaments live. Next season, the hope is to branch out to covering even more sport and other football tournaments outside of the leave. It's one step at a time my dear.
penniner asked:
hey carol am ua fan though i support chelsea. my QN where do you see our harambee stars going with cecafa???
Carol Radull answered:
Hi penniner. Thank you. There is still hope for the Stars to advance to the next round. If you read our local papers, they have reports of Ghost acknowledging that the defence was weak; and promising to make some changes in our game against Ethiopia. We win that and focus on Uganda and as the saying goes: anything can happen in football.

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