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This is for the ladies

I was chilling with my girls some weeks back and doing what girls do best - talking about a bit of everything, especially boys.

An interesting thing happened. A soccer game started and no one asked me to change the channel to Fashion TV or one of those girly channels and the topic immediately switched from boys to how they just love certain players.

I am one of those few women who love watching football because I understand the phenomenon and techniques rather than for the players. I know that there are a few women who enjoy football, as well as other sports. However some people, mostly women, still don’t understand football.

There may even be others who hate this game because all they see is a bunch of grown men chasing after one ball, which appears to be senseless to them. They may feel men get more emotionally attached to football than their relationships.

Many years ago, women were expected to cook and clean while the men watched football. In recent years things changed; more and more female fans started flocking into football matches and watching football matches with their spouses.

Men are probably wondering why the sudden interest?

As exciting as the game is to many men, often we women are left wondering what the big deal is. In recent years female fans have learned to love soccer and find it entertaining, even though they don’t understand the details of how football works; what the rules are; how the scoring works and other aspects of the game. They simply go to soccer matches to drool over hot soccer players.

Okay, I’m one of those women who might have an idea of what happens on the soccer field and simply enjoy the beautiful game. However, I’m a woman after all, so I also enjoy seeing hot players in the mix of all that action; it makes the game more interesting and tantalising *wink*. I know a lot of women out there share my sentiment.

Football players are young and well trained, with killer looks that make their female fans go crazy. Who can blame these ladies, because these young athletes don’t mind showing off their well-developed bodies on the field. I mean, ‘hello’, them having killer bodies must be in their job description.

There are some soccer players who are not only great players but look great too, I’ll make an example of our new hot symbol in the PSL - Kaizer Chiefs striker Lehlohonolo Majoro. The Ladybrand-born striker has become one of the prominent footballers in the PSL these days and his talent is noticed by many out there.

He has charmed both male and female fans with his enthusiasm in the field. Majoro has excelled in his previous club AmaZulu as he was one of their top strikers and his scoring abilities continue in his new club. Apart from his ability and striking performance on the field, Majoro has become the epitome of ‘hotness’ for a lot of South African women. His boyish looks, unconventional hairdo and body structure makes it impossible for him not be noticed by his female fans.

Even A-list hotties hook up with athletes, the likes of former Spice Girls singer Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham), who married David Beckham.

Who can blame these women for wanting to hook up with these hunks; with their bulging biceps and paycheques that can feed the whole village? Let’s face it, an empty pocket doesn’t make life easy does it? However, a mix of good looks, a fat wallet and style is something most women wouldn’t mind grabbing with two hands.

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