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Let Ronaldo go

This soap opera of Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to leave Real Madrid is turning into a monotonous tale that the club president Florentino Perez has to put an end to right now.

I am a Real Madrid fan, mostly because of the attractive football they used to play. I said ‘used’ deliberately because ever since Ronaldo arrived, the team has become predictable.

When they get to the final third you can actually guess who will get the next pass. Jose Mourhino attested to this view when he was recently quoted as saying, "I think we created a fantastic situation for him tactically in which he could express all his potential and turn that into records and goals."

It worked fine in Mourhino’s second season in charge as the team annexed the title with a record points tally but the third and final season teams mastered this game plan and were able to stop Real.

The problem begins when a player thinks he is bigger than the club and right now Ronaldo’s ego is way too big for his reported size nine boots. Gareth Bale can fill those boots with ease. Yes I said it. Bale was born to play for Real Madrid, as a self-confessed Chelsea supporter (Thando Mxoli), who is a colleague of mine, often says.

Three words for Perez. LET RONALDO GO!

When Ronaldo left United in 2009, there was a sense of completion regarding his time at Old Trafford. He had helped the club win three Premier League titles and a Champions League title in 2008. In addition, his star would be as big as it could get in England. Now at Real there is a sense of ‘I know it all’, which ‘The Special One’ labelled as his one big problem with the Portuguese winger.

In an interview with the Spanish television show Punto Pelota, Mourinho explained why his relationship with Ronaldo had broken down towards the end of last season.

"I had only one problem with him - very simple, very basic - which was when a coach criticises a player from a tactical viewpoint, trying to improve what in my view could have been improved. At that moment he didn't take it very well because maybe he thinks he knows everything and the coach cannot help him to develop more,” said Mourinho.

That says Ronaldo has reached his sell-by date and the fact that he is toying around regarding a new deal is an indication that it's time Real let him go and actually help him pack his bag as fast as he can.

Madrid is one of the few clubs that has an arguably larger reputation than United and Ronaldo's image would be able to continue growing. Why help somebody who doesn’t want be helped. It’s like staying in a relationship where all the romance is dead and you have to keep begging the other person like he is the last best thing on earth.

I hear that Monaco are willing to break the bank for Ronaldo’s signature. PSG are also known to be admirers of the winger. Although I do want him as a Real player anymore, here is some food for thought CR7:

Moving to PSG or Monaco would mean a switch to Ligue 1. While the French league is growing, it's still a massive step down from La Liga. There is a large gap between Barcelona, Madrid and every other club in Spain but it's still smaller than what Ronaldo would have in France at PSG.

The duo are trying to build themselves as one of the elite clubs in Europe but that doesn't mean Ronaldo should have to be a part of that. Going back to United would make much more sense. It no secret that you have an affinity for the club and it's one of the best and most marketable clubs in Europe.

By staying at the Bernabeu, Ronaldo is setting himself up to be a Madrid legend for eternity, much like Alfredo di Stefano, Raul, Zinedine Zidane and a host of other stars. Sure Raul and Di Stefano ended their respective careers with different clubs but they were winding their careers down. Ronaldo is only 28 years old. He's nowhere near that point yet.

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