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The perfect football trinity

In my mind a perfect football trinity is when the owners of a football club provide a perfect environment for a coach to operate, when the coach knows exactly what he needs in order to perform well and he gets it and when players turn up for their club week in and week out, producing impressive results.

A team that is expected to do well should have all three arms of the football government in good working order.

However, we all know that when a football team does well, the credit goes to the players, the goal scorers, the keeper who stopped numerous balls from hitting the back of the net and sometimes, but never first, the coach.

We all know what happens when a football team hits a run of poor form – the coach must go! Even in instances where it’s £50 million striker, Fernando Torres (who was obviously hired by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich) failing to perform, it’s the coach who must go. Just ask Roberto di Matteo!

It’s already that time in the Tusker Premier League when speculation begins on who will be the first coach to be shown the door. Coach Sammy Omollo looks intent on booking that slot, judging by Sony Sugar’s poor run of form since the season started. After six matches, the former champions are bottom of the league with just three draws and three points.

Even teams like Gor Mahia and Tusker FC, who have played half as many games, are ahead of them by a long shot. Luckily for Sammy, his club isn’t traditionally known for rushing to fire coaches, so he may be given more time to prove himself.

In fact Sammy has told his employers that what the team needs to begin winning games is a counselor. He says lack of mental strength is costing the team and it appears his employers are buying this so his job may be safe for now.

Lucky for Sammy, Sony sugar doesn’t have an aggressive fan base that shouts out loud at every opportunity that the coach must go.

At Sony, they have a coach who has won the league in recent years, however he has also been relegated with two teams in recent years. They have, according to the coach, pretty decent players but players who lack mental strength. They appear to have management who cares about the game, although the club owners have been criticised over letting key players go and buying others who don’t quite fit in.

In conclusion here, Sony Sugar does not have a perfect trinity.

Take a club like Manchester United. The club managers want to win and they provide the coach with what he requires to win. The coach has a winning mentality, the knowledge and experience to deliver and a team that performs week in and week out. (Ignore the FA Cup replay against Chelsea for a second here, we all have a bad day at the office)

I keep saying that Manchester United do not have the best players in the world, outside of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie but somehow Sir Alex gets results out of them as a team.

The trinity here is near perfect.

Back home let’s look at a team like AFC Leopards. The current first eleven in AFC Leopards are players who can win even continental matches in perfect circumstances.

A decent set of players appears to be the only fraction of the trinity that appears to be right. But even this great collection of players can’t deliver without a coach who leads and management who cares.

Club chairman Alex Ole Magelo is now a government official with new heavy responsibilities on his plate. He has refused to step down despite the fact that it’s pretty obvious that club is far down his pecking order in terms of priorities right now.

It’s really sad given what AFC Leopards could become. Club elections are due in June and challengers for leadership have promised to sit back and wait to remove Ole Magelo at the ballot. With the club heading downhill that may be too late to get anything meaningful out of this season.

Ingwe is currently 12th in the league, having played five matches, but again Gor Mahia and Tusker FC, with their three matches played, are ahead of them. They have just one win to their name so far this season, not quite the team that promised to come back in 2013 aiming for the title.

Tom Olaba has been the stand-in coach, although his official position is that of assistant coach. It’s six weeks into the season and he is still an assistant to no-one. Is that the sign of a management who wants to win titles?

So AFC Leopards has two out of three arms of their trinity operating below par and, despite the talent in the squad, it cannot operate without the support it needs.

Clubs like Sofapaka and Tusker are almost there in terms of combining the three operations - good coaches, owners who care about the clubs and playing line-ups who want to and can win. Several other clubs have most of these areas in good stead as well. If I was to call the league this early, I would give it to a side that has focus in these three areas.

For those clubs who are expecting miracles with their obvious shortcomings, someone needs to give them a lecture on getting the perfect balance, the winning formula, the perfect football trinity.

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