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Did Gor deserve to win

There are so many intricacies involved in a football match and sometimes it appears unfair that the only thing that matters is goals. Whether you’re a match analyst or just a fan like me; it will be in your nature to speculate what will happen in the game. You speak to coaches and team managers to find out what the strategy for that game is; you question the confidence of the players going into that game and ask what could possibly be motivating them that day. You assess the mood of the players; you look at what they could be fighting for and then you sit back and hope it all comes together for your team.

While the game is on you still analyse what is happening on the pitch. You assess whether the Coach’s strategy is being implemented. Are strikers and midfielders creating enough opportunities to score and are they scoring goals. Is the mid-field being commanded by your team and is your defense as tight as it should be. Are you successful ly frustrating your opponents and, eventually, did you win the game.

If I were to simply analyse Sunday’s game I would applaud Gor for the fight they put up. I would applaud players like Dan Sserunkuma, Edwin Lavatsa, Jerim Onyango and several others for really giving 110 per cent. I would say Gor was in total control for most of the game and I would say that their confidence and drive showed that they really wanted to win the game and put themselves in prime position to win the league.

I would look at Tusker and ask what went wrong. A team that most analysts had predicted would be calm and confident despite the pressure of playing in a green City Stadium. A team that most pundits believed were eager to win the league, failed to impress on the day. Apart from a few players like Peter Opiyo, the squad lacked spark. They played as if we were halfway through the season with plenty of time to recover should they not get maximum points on the day.

Goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch was a pale shadow of his talented side and really should have dealt with the ball better throughout the game. In fact his fumble that led to the goal almost made me feel that it should have been termed an own goal. But that would have denied the brilliant Sserunkuma credit for his on target strike. I expected a lot better from Bonny but it didn’t happen. After the game Coach Robert Matano said his boys did not play as he had directed them to so there was the first problem; and there was the first reason why Tusker deserved to drop points.

A lot of emphasis after the game was on whether Sserunkuma’s goal crossed the line or not. It was close enough to be called a goal and it was close enough not to be considered a goal; it’s like the proverbial glass being half full; or is it half empty. The linesman (woman) was standing parallel to the goal and she was sure it was one and gave it. To me that was enough for it to be a goal. I put the blame though squarely on the shoulders of keeper Oluoch. He should have saved it but he didn’t. In my view Gor did enough to get the ball in the area; and did enough to earn three points.

To repeat my opening line: there are so many intricacies involved in a football match and sometimes it appears unfair that the only thing that matters is goals.

In this case; Gor effectively did everything on the pitch to ensure that they put themselves in prime position to get their first league trophy in 17 years. They dominated possession; they created chances; they sealed their defense and their goalkeeper was on point. To top it all, Sserunkuma did what he does best; he scored a goal.

So did Gor deserve to win? You be the judge!

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