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Hypocritical knives in Suarez' back

I am a Manchester United fan and I have been since 1983. I am also a football lover and take delight in watching talented footballers on the football pitch.

On that note I will point out again that am a big admirer of the Uruguayan Luiz Suarez at Liverpool.

As usual, after his altercation with Branislav Ivanovic's upper arm over the weekend, the lynch mob is out for Suarez to be kicked out of the English game. That is utter rubbish.

Watching the match, I saw as Suarez' frustrations grew in a first half where he saw little of the ball as Chelsea's midfield absolutely battered Liverpool. It was sheer luck and careless play that kept the scores at only one goal to the visitors.

In the second half, and with the introduction of Sturridge, Suarez’ influence grew and the delightful ball he played in for Sturridge's equaliser was a testament to his ability as a forward. When he handled needlessly to concede the penalty, it was clear he was mad with himself, especially after Hazard tucked the kick away.

Suarez hates to lose. He goes onto the football pitch to win. He works hard. He improvises, he shows off tricks and is ready to push the boundaries on that pitch to win. As far as he is concerned, even the referee is an opponent that has to be beaten.

There is nothing wrong with an attitude like that. Frankly more footballers should have that attitude. There are not many players with his incredible talent that have his will or desire to win. These qualities also land him in trouble with authorities and infuriate opposition players and fans. His own fans will always love him though.

Luiz Suarez has many previous misdemeanours and so it is that this time many will want to hang him. For the record let me state that I saw nothing in his biting of Ivanovic yesterday to warrant the huge outcry from the English press/media. That bite was not going to endanger Ivanovic's career in anyway.

However, Daniel Sturridge could have broken Ryan Bertrand's leg with a cowardly over-the-ball lunge on the Chelsea left-back's ankle. Earlier, Nasri had even committed a worse lunge on Kyle Walker during the Spurs/Man City match. Disgracefully, these two career-threatening assaults were not even worthy of a booking by the match officials.

Earlier in the week, Andy Carroll of West Ham had taken flight and crashed into the jaw of David de Gea of Manchester United in a league match at Upton Park. An appalling attack worthy of a red card in most other leagues in Europe, it was laughed at in England. Maybe because Carroll is English, while the United keeper is the Spanish kid everyone seems to want to fail.

The point is that all this call for Liverpool to get rid of Suarez is nothing short of hypocrisy. I am not condoning the Uruguayan in any way but am trying to see it from contextual angles. It will be sheer folly on the part of the Liverpool hierarchy to listen to clamour and get rid of him.

Eric Cantona committed a far worse offence when he lunged in studs first at a mouthy Crystal Palace fan during a combustible PL match back in 1995 at Selhurst Park. Sir Alex Ferguson, that serial defender of all things Man United, ignored all the calls for Cantona to be thrown away and kept the Frenchman. Two titles followed on Eric's return to the United first team.

Suarez has done this before at Ajax. Yes he has. That made Ajax kick him out, right? Not exactly. Luiz Suarez had outgrown Ajax by that time and was on the radar of all the big clubs in Europe, so it was only a matter of time.

As for him being a serial offender, I refer to Eric Cantona again. Before he came to England, Cantona had caused all sorts of trouble in France but was properly rehabilitated by Sir Alex to bring the best out of him, keeping him on the "straight and narrow".

With proper handling and even counselling, Suarez can remain a force and a legend at Liverpool football club. Only Liverpool will lose out if he is hounded out and the premier league will be a much poorer place without him that's for sure.

The league's global audience is not there mainly to watch the likes of Andy Carroll plod along and flick balls. Luiz Suarez is part of the box office attraction.

Disagree with me? Or even agree? Please follow me on Twitter: @CalvinEmeka

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