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Football | Afcon 2019

Q&A with Sunday Oliseh

Join our live chat with Sunday Oliseh as we preview tonight's Afcon group D matches and review the tournament so far. You can post your questions on supersport.com

Sunday Oliseh is a former Nigeria international and Captain. He is of of our top international football analysts on the panel for SuperSport's Afcon 2013 coverage and he comes with great pedigree.

Oliseh won the Atlanta 96 Olympic Gold medal with Nigeria as well as Afcon 1994 in Tunisia. he also represented Nigeria at the 1994 and 1998 World cup tournaments scoring a sensational winner as Nigeria fbeat Spain 3-2 in that famous encounter in France 98.

He started his club career with RC Liege in Belgium before moving on to great heights with Reggiana in the Seria A, FC Cologne and Borrusia Dortmund in Germany as well as Ajax Amsterdam in Holland. He also stared alongside Zinedine Zidane at Juventus.

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Questions and answers
chinyere Hetty asked:
I belv Eagle will still qualify cos wen we draw,we become serious but was the red card justified?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
I believe Nigeria can still qualify but we have to do much better than yesterday
collins kapembwa. asked:
Hi. I really love your analysis of football, it just shows how vested you are in Soccer. My question is, What drives you as a person with all things attached to you?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Well I believe the love for the game is the drive that leads me on,
It looks like in Africa the so called small team are the only team making progress, what went wrong with the so called big teams?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Well there are no longer small teams due to the fact that football has changed! Teams now are better organised and the small teams now play collective football whilst most of the big teams are still trying to seek individual exploits to win! A combination of both is needed to succeed now!
Sammy Wejinya asked:
I have been watching you all week and I dare say you are the most intelligent ex footballer of your generation.

What really happened at Mali 2002 and what''s the real story behind the failure of you and some other senior players like Finidi fail to play at the 2002 World Cup.

And I also think it would be a disservice to the nation if you do not serve in some capacity in Nigerian sports/football....do you have any such plans?

People like you are rare; you don''t sound like the average Nigerian. God bless you Sunday Oliseh
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Thanks for the compliment! When the right people who genuinely want to work and be paid after for the interest of the country are in place,it is fruitless collaborating with the people in place since success will be complicated!
Evans Mfula asked:
I believe Zambia win defend the AFCON title despite what the so called pundits say. Are you with me on this one?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Zambia will have to do a lot better to win his Afcon,they are now favourites and seem to be struggling assuming that status!
damola asked:
According to your analysis yestrday you said you won''t put the blame on anybody for the draw, I believe u to be a manager yourslef: please as a coach/manager, what do u do or what instructions do u give to your players when you are 1man down, and its injury time, and you know the other team won''t give up. Because I find fault with keshi''s post match comments: ''the boys played what he wanted them to play''.
Sunday Oliseh answered:
How about playing more compact,defensive and catching the opponent on the break since you are one man down and playing on a poor pitch?
Xolane asked:
Hey Sunday,sorry about yesterday result surely yu improve next game.today Togo vs Ivory coast i kinda sense another dissapointment fo Drogba''s and co.what''s I''ve noticed de standard has been upgraded for Africa.my question tu yu is can really somebody guess who''s gonna win dis cup beside taking side of his or her side.
Sunday Oliseh answered:
It's going to be difficult predicting the winners at this early stages ! But I must say the best team and not best players will win it!
abel asked:
So will u talk more about ethiopian soccer? I hope You understand why I say that.
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Abel,please read my blog on Ethiopia on Supersports.com or on www.SundayOliseh.tv and you will understand my views,cheers
Shimelis Mulatu asked:
Sunday Oliseh, how are you doing? I have been one of your fan from Ethiopia. Actually, we grew admiring you, Daniel Amocachi, Okocha, and Rashid Yakini. Now, I am gonna ask you a simple but short question.

From Group C, which country do you thing will go through? Or which country would you like to join the quarter final? i know your answer..but expect you say something new.
Sunday Oliseh answered:
:-) in company of Nigeria I would like to see Ethiopia qualify from group C,they are a pleasure to watch and refreshingly new
Nkosikhona Msani asked:
Mr Oliseh, as one of the respected players in the world and someone who played in one of the best national teams in Africa, what do you think is lacking from the Nigerian team because they were an African power house before but now they are not, what do you think is the problem? Is it with the players or the Nigerian FA. You have seen Bafana Bafana play on Saterday do you think they can make it to the Qaurter Final with the way they played on Saterday?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Thanks for your compliments! Nigeria's problems are complex. But employing competent people is key. Should South Africa play the way they did in the opening game in subsequent games I am afraid it will be complicated qualifying from the group!
Shahied asked:
Please describe the style of play of each team that you have watched thus far. I am tired of coaches and other experts saying certain teams play a European style, I mean what is European style? Barcelona plays the best style ever and its theirs, not Europe''s, no one can emulate that, so please tell us what you see and think of the styles being used thus far.
thank you,
Shahied Joseph
Cape Town styling!
Sunday Oliseh answered:
I think that Africans have to be more physical! By physical I don't mean rough or wild but use our naturally blessed force to legally bully the opponent!
We have to learn to play as a team more as the modern football demands!
don''t u have Steven keshi Nigerian coach phone number, tell him all you said during the Nigeria vs Burkina Faso''s match, secondly, why is it that u don''t want to take over a Nigeria team to a tournament or competition to prove all what you are saying. Thanks
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Thanks, I might just do that!
dr abiodun asked:
what is really lacking in this present super eagle compare to 1994 set of eagle?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Oh,where should I start from....
Sam Oystein asked:
Mr. Oliseh, I would like to very candid in this question. Do you think that the absence of sufficient West African players in the South African PSL is affecting the quality of the league and preventing the opportunity to recruit some of these foreign nationals to naturalize for South Africa to help Bafana Bafana? In other words, would less stringent immigration rules allow West Africans to play in the South African league and move the current quality to the level of European leagues and also give the team a chance to select some of these West Africans to play for Bafana Bafana?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
No nation in the world has progressed by imposing stringent immigration rules in its football. Quality foreigners should be encouraged to help influence the locals to get better!
Mavuma Zeka asked:
Hi Sunday;
I liked your style of play during your playing days. You were a brilliant captain of the Super Eagles. I would like to know what made you to be that calm when in possession this calmness resulted into accurate passes from you.

In most cases the current generation rush everytime when they have the ball.
Who do you think will win the AFCON? Nigeria, Ivory Coast,Zambia, Mali these are my favourites as per the order.
I like your deep understanding of the game. I hope young and up coming coaches listen and take hid of you analysis during this AFCON.

Thank you Sir
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Thanks, to play calm you have to improve your technic,vision and concentration. This will give you an advantage over the opponent!
He winner will be the team hat plays most as a team!
Adewale asked:
I trust Oliseh''s expertise when it comes to reading and analysing football. What plan does he have in assisting Nigeria to reach their full potential in modern day football?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
The question you should be asking is what plan does Nigeria have to better it's football. It will take more Han one man or a philosophy to change for the best,it will take the willingness of all involved to do what the right philosophy demands!
NHlongo asked:
On saturday with Thomas Mlambo you mentioned the team of your generation as being the best to have come out of Nigeria. You even went as far as teasing Lucas Radebe about his could-have--been encounter with the late rashid Yekini. Do you believe in the next Five years Keshi can built a team capble of winning things like yours? If yes, around whom should that team be built?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
I do believe a nation like Nigeria can always produce a great team!
Mthulisi Mazani asked:
Sunday I would to see you more on Soccer Africa.Sunday what do think Bafana should do inorder to progress to the next stage?
Sunday Oliseh answered:
To qualify,to the next group South Africaica need to be much better than the last Game. Play compact defensively but be quick to combine as a team.
tesfaye teklu asked:
Ethiopia will be the one in the africa in football you will see it!wow wow wow i like the way they play no country will win them.
Sunday Oliseh answered:
Please do read my blog on Ethiopia on Supersports or check www.sundayoliseh.tv and you will see what we think

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