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Vacancy - Product Owner: supersport.com

Career opportunity: DStv Online - supersport.com product owner

DStv Online is on the hunt for a dynamic new Product Owner. Someone who is eager to grow and evolve existing products as well as conceptualise and create new products in the fast-paced ever changing digital space.

If you have a passion for technology and you love sport, we want you to work in our Portals division. You will be a part of an environment that thrives on team-work and participation, with an ever-beady eye on quality, detail, service and user feedback, accountable both to your internal and external customers. There’s a great career to be had here at DStv Online…are you ready for the challenge?


If you’re ready to work at an international organisation that operates in a fast-paced industry with high levels of change and leading-edge technology adoption, then you’ll fit right in at DStv Online. We are customer-focussed and socially-aware, and because we’re a multinational and multicultural organisation, expect to be kept on your toes. You will have the opportunity to work on expanding products and services in a highly competitive environment. Your products will touch millions of users and the benefits to be gained from these products – invaluable!


As a Product Owner in the Portals team, you’ll work closely with the Portal Manager, the Managing Editor, other Product Owners and the technical teams who build the DStv Online products. You’ll also make friends with the architecture teams and the people who bring the sport to your TV, PC and Mobile Phone. You’ll work closely with external suppliers who build some platform specific products on your behalf.  

Last, but certainly not least – the users who consume this content and data on a daily basis – our subscribers. Their feedback and input into your products will mean everything to you.


You’ll quickly get an understanding of how much content we serve up to our users, and how many platforms this is distributed across. You will be responsible for the Content Management System, the SuperSport.com portal – where this content originates – and the API that distributes this content with other platforms.

This requires teamwork, which means you’ll need to work with the business to define the requirements in order to achieve your objectives. You will also need to prioritise scope and plan your deliverables. Part of your job description as Product Owner will be to work with the technical teams to ensure that your products are created and delivered to the standard that you require.

This includes coordinating and driving the work of the project team, managing relationships with all the project stakeholders, business sponsors and owners, and identifying and managing project issues and risks.

Sound like the challenge you are up for?


It goes without saying, but we need you to be competent in a few areas to qualify for this job and deliver the high levels of quality that we expect of all our team members. Knowledge of the product lifecycle is a no-brainer, and it won’t hurt if you have some knowledge of Video on Demand or broadcast technologies, or if you come from the mobile technology space. You will need to have a proven track record in product management, with a keen eye for detail and a solid understanding of user interface best practice.

Piece of cake? We thought so. Best you start polishing that CV of yours.


If you can read and write (or type…who uses pens nowadays anyway?), it’s a good start. Managing outputs and expectations is a massive part of your job. The relationships you’ll form and nurture in the business with challenge you constantly, you’ll need an agile mind and will have to know your game inside out. Providing answers quickly, and making good decisions under pressure is definitely a requirement. Life in a pressure cooker should be an exciting prospect.

You will need to keep focus, stick to your guns and remain creative all at the same time.

If you have the ability to persuade and influence without resorting to Chinese water torture…that’s also a plus.

Personal Qualities

Here at DStv Online, we’re a creative bunch. We’re young, we’re hungry for success and we want to be the best at what we do, not only in a South African context, but also on a global stage. Call us overachievers if you like…we like to think of it as “another day at the office”.

If you’re team-, detail- and service-orientated, and are able to withstand pressure, you’ll fit in as a DStv Online Product Owner. We want you to take this career opportunity and run with it. Make it your own. Be assertive; exude self-confidence; have some flexibility to take on some big projects. What are you waiting for? Your CV isn’t going to mail itself to us is it?!

Education and Experience

We only want the best. So if you can put a check-mark (or two…or three) next to each of the following, you’re ready to meet us:

  • Relevant Degree
  • Knowledge of the product lifecycle
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of sport - especially football, rugby and cricket.
  • Understanding of the digital television market
  • At least 5 years’ hands-on relationship modelling, and product experience in an online environment
  • Proven project management ability for a single product or set of products
  • Online portal experience
  • Experience with mobile products
If you think…actually, if you KNOW you’ve got what it takes to fit in with us as a Product Owner, send your CV through to Nyameka.fatman@dstvo.com. Do it. Do it now.

The closing date for all applications is 15 February, 2013 – pretty soon, so get cracking! If you haven't heard from us by 22 February, consider your application unsuccessful.

Please note: We’re not responsible for copies of your CVs and we won’t be returning them after the fact.

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