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Mike Haysman

Hazyview - Q&A with Mike Haysman

Mike Haysman has answered the best of the hundreds on questions we've received during this past week - have a look, there are quite a few good ones!

Keep your eyes peeled as we'll rope in another cricket fundi soon for you to pick their brains.

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Questions and answers
carlo links asked:
Hi Hazy
The appointment of the the protea coaches came as no surprise to me I think they will do a great job..as for the ODI and T20 captains I doubt if Ab is the right person as he as not captained at such a level yet and Im afraid that this will impact on his batting, he is a great player and maybe a future test captain but i do not think at this stage he is right for the job. what are your views on this? do you still regard greame smith with the same respect and admirission as before?
Haze answered:
Carlo … Firstly let me reiterate something I said on television during the IPL. I think that AB is the 2nd best player in all three formats of the game to Sachin. That said, I too have my concerns about him being appointed captain. It does not matter who you are your whole perspective changes once you take on that responsibility. The lack of experience is an issue as well. Captains are born not made. AB has everything going for him and will be a breath of fresh air for us media guys but that is only one part of the job. However, to burden him with this responsibility when he is such a free and uninhibited batsmen could well make an impact on his instinctive style. He is smart enough to realise that, and also cope with it. It will be a challenge though, one I hope he overcomes. The stakes have been raised for AB and this is a serious chance for him to further improve himself.
Natalie Trauernicht asked:
I am sure that Kirsten and Donald are the right paring to pull the Proteas out of this non winning major tournaments slump. But Smith and the test captaincy - Do you think he will be able to win back the trust and support of the crazy South African Cricket nation?
Haze answered:
Natalie … Smith has some work to do and he knows that. His popularity is at a low ebb. First and foremost he needs to get back to form and that will make a massive difference from all aspects. South Africa at the moment needs a confident and contributing Smith.
Louis asked:
Hi Mike, Do you think that with AB being Captain of the T20 and ODI squad that he should stay on as keeper?? DO you think they will look at other guys now for the test matches etc?? Kuhn averages over 44 in 4day cricket, was in the running a while ago and looks like a decent replacement for Boucher. Also performed well for on the SA A tours in both 4 day and 50 overs games?? Not his strong poitn T20 so maybe give a guy like Jacobs a run in the T20 team??
Haze answered:
Louis … I think the selectors need to be very careful here. I would suggest that AB makes this call in consultation with Gazza. Common sense will prevail then. It will be an enormously difficult task for a ‘first timer’ to captain, bat high up and keep in the 50 over format. I would also state that fielding at backward point is far from ideal re a skipper sorting angles and communicating with his leather hurlers. I do think that AB needs to ensure he does not keep in any format to have a complete handle on things. This will be a challenge for AB from many angles. Whoever else is considered for that role in the various formats must be long term calls. Stability is essential in as many areas as possible when leadership changes are made.
Werner asked:
Morning Mike,
Would like to hear your opinion on the following. With AB being announced as the new one day captain and all the talent around in South Africa, will Graeme Smith retain his place in the one day team or is there some pressure on him?
Haze answered:
Werner … There is definitely some pressure on him. It will come down to form. He needs to deliver for faith to be reinstated. I would also be looking at the manner in which he scores runs as to be honest .. and he would admit this .. he has struggled like never before recently.
Venkat asked:
Hello Haysman. I''m absolutely happy with the appointments of Kirsten/Donald/Dommingo/AB/Amla. My question is whether Kallis should continue to play ODI''s & T20''s? I''m not sure whether he''ll play in the next WC or not. If he retires from ODI''s & T20''s now that''ll open a spot for younger players like Ingram/Miller/Rossouw to come in and show their talents and gain experience before the next WC starts. Another advantage in that is it prolongs Kallis'' test career maybe even upto 40. Your thoughts?
Haze answered:
Venkat …There is no doubt that it is time to start considering this. Because Kallis has been such a phenomenal player over the years for South Africa and is still delivering, this should be his call. In my mind it is all about getting the best out of JK and looking to prolong his Test career as much as possible, which is where he is of best value to SA. We of course do have the small matter of IPL finances which confuses the issue. That is why having someone as Gazza involved is a massive bonus … he can provide Kallis with some man management advice and then Kallis can decide what is best for himself. The emergence of talented youth must never be ignored.
Steven Bresler asked:
Hi Mike, pleased with Gary''s appointment but I still believe that Smith''s hold over the team is very strong. I like him, but in order to move forward and improve they should keep him as a player and give the test captaincy to De Villiers as well. Smith might reach new heights by just been a player. Your thoughts.
Haze answered:
Steven … I think your concern is shared by many. As I have said previously, an inform Smith is the correct person to lead the Test team at the moment. He thrives on the captaincy and may well serve the role you are talking about in the future when he regains consistent form. AB is certainly too raw and unproven for that appointment at the moment. A Gazza with not many preconceived ideas or allegiances will compliment the scenario.
adries asked:
Why make DV captain when he has no experience?Amla came through the ranks.I see this as a constant effort to stop the guy from the place he deserves.No disrepect to DV but even Botha is more experienced Captain than him.
Haze answered:
Adries … Amla …THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR … does not want the job. He himself has said that the Vice Capt role is the perfect job for him. There is no way someone can be captain if it is not his desired position. The selection of Tahir has complicated the selection process for Botha …as much as I agree with you. Some sort of continuity was desired and AB was the only sound option. This will be a massive learning curve for AB … one which I expect him to handle but not without some challenges.
Kim Reznor asked:
Since the introduction of Imran Tahir, Johan Botha''s place in the limited overs team is not assured so if, hypothetically speaking, Imran Tahir was not involved with S.A cricket, would have Johan Botha''s chances of being captain been different or A.B de villiers still would been made captain regardless?
Haze answered:
Kim …there is no doubt that Botha’s’ chances of being captain would have been very different. Tahir has thrown a serious spanner in the Johan Botha career wheel.
Faizel asked:
Hi Haysie
Do you think that alot of undue pressure has been placed on Kirsten to Finally Take the Proteas to the world Cup?
Yes, he did it with India, and no doubt the Proteas is a World Class Team...

I am sure that it is any coach or team''s dream to reach the pinnacle of their respective sport and will generally do all that is necessary to reach the top.
My concern is that the nation is seeing Kirsten as the saviour to our world cup aspirations?
Your Thoughts?
Haze answered:
Faizel … No I do not think that is the case. Respect is a massive word. Gazza has the respect of everyone due to his previous SA performances and now Indian coaching success. All will be happy that Gazza is the right man for the job and sensible cricket supporters will realise that coaching SA is very different than India. One of the great things about having the enormously respected Gazza in charge now is that he is a man of his ways. He will go about thing quietly and calmly relying on his man management skills and empowering players to believe. He will not try and change too much. He will buy into the current brand and alter where necessary. He will work with what he and the players have got and improve that base. People will allow Gazza to control by using his own methods and one of those is step by step. The public will be quietly confident that Gazza will have them on the correct path and give him time and space. The WC is a long long way away. Patience is key with the right man in charge.
SG asked:
It is rumoured that Hashim Amla turned down the captaincy role as he prefers being unde the radar. Typical of the man whose humility continues to impress. I think the vice captain role will be ideal for him - mostly out of the limelight but still in a position to advise and add value. Do you agree?
Haze answered:
SG … I absolutely agree and think this is the perfect role for THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR. His input will be invaluable for stability for AB. Imagine the calm minds of Gazza and THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR working behind the scenes. Brilliant!!
Dugald du Plessis asked:
Hi Hayzie

There are concerns that the next generation of SA cricketers has been scarred and will struggle to regain self-belief, after so many disappointments in ICC events. These scares inflicted by current players and ex players (incl the new coaching staff). Won''t it be more difficult now getting rid of the choking tag than ever before? Or just because Kirsten has been part of WC winning team, does that believe now all of a sudden fade away?
Haze answered:
Dugald … No … the appointment of Kirsten will do nothing to eradicate the tag. As much as many do not want to hear it that choking tag will unfortunately always raise its ugly head when SA loses a crucial ICC encounter. That is just something all must accept and get on with it. The reaction by many involved when this has been raised over the years has fallen below par. That has complicated matters as well. Please read a recent column of mine for further on this topic. Here is the link.
Jon asked:
Question : How about getting Jonathan Rhodes in as Fielding Coach / and Nic Pothas as keeping Coach ? Both men would make the load easy for the New Coaching Set up - ???
Haze answered:
Jon … I have no doubt that consultancy jobs are being considered where warranted. All will embrace that. Rhodes as you know has been used previously and I am certain will be again. Within SA cricket, Ray Jennings is employed and is also a perfect option to educate the keepers. AB said as much on air during the IPL.
vickey asked:
hi mike, CSA thinks that kirsten will help their team to shed the ''c''tag. But do you think had it been better off to have an australian in coaching panel given the fact that australians are known to play aggresive brand of cricket and to win crucial moments and games unlike the Proteas?
Haze answered:
Vickey … this one is easy …NO!! Kirsten is the ideal man from all aspects. His time away will have been invaluable and do not for one minute forget the gutsy and committed way he used to play. And AD as well. Australian cricket has issues at the moment!
Michael asked:
Hi Mike, Do you think that Hashim Amla will be a certainty in the T20 squad. I believe that he is more suited to the longer versions of the game. I''d rather see Morne van Wyk or Jacques Rudolph opening with who probably be Graeme Smith. What do you think?
Haze answered:
Michael … I would like to see Hashim continue to adapt as he has done so and become a regular in the T20 line up. His strike rate has been transformed terrifically over the last year or two in one dayers and I see no reason why he can not fill an essential role in the shortest format. That would also be the best thing from a continuity perspective. Maybe Smith’s role in this format is limited now. That opens other options.
Litha Kutta asked:
Mike, how do you think Gary will manage the no 6 position fiasco in the test team of Prince vs Duminy, Gary was first to rate Duminy above AB and Amla as one for the future in the early 2000 yet Prince is the current glue of the test team.
Haze answered:
Litha … The great thing about Gazza in the role of coach is that he will be very considered in everything he does. He will not make any rash impulsive decisions and arrives with no preconceived ideas. He will simply assess things with those who matter and make the correct calls in consultation with the selectors. The best man for that job at the time will be picked. SA cricket supporters can take great comfort in that.
Lord Bruce asked:
Going forward, should AB bat at 3 in the ODI team? Sangakarra has done it in the past as captain aswell as keeping wicket and batting at 3 so it can be done successfully as Sanga has shown.
Haze answered:
Lord Bruce… I do think that that could be a possibility although he is probably best suited a number four initially. I would like to see a more flexible approach in the batting order employed that will enable AB to bat at three should the start be effective. I think with Gazza as coach that is exactly what will happen as that was one of the successful strategies for India.
Jaco asked:
Hi Hazy, Thanks for the opportunity! Do you think that with the appointment of Gary as coach, that he would utilize Kallis in the same way as he managed Tendulkar going forward?
Haze answered:
Jaco … Well spotted!! Both Tendulkar and Kallis are extraordinary players and we are so fortunate to have a Kallis in the SA team. Neither needs motivation to succeed but man management…yes. Gazza will definitely provide a clearer path for Kallis to consider that will keep him performing, particularly in the Tests, for longer. This appointment could be a massive boost for Kallis and SA cricket in that aspect.
Gazza asked:
Hazy, AB as WK is that good or bad ? What happen with Van Wyk ?, or wil Heino Kuhn take the gloves later or is it maybe Bouchers dream to play another ODO CW again,I can understand why teh proteas were floorless because Van Zyl was just appointed as interim coach ,where Gary will provide all assistance on all levels, and asa Batsmen coach as well he will show the way, what is your say on AB taking the gloves I have reason it but how do you rate him in the top 5 in the world inregards to WK ?
Haze answered:
Gazza … It really is quite startling how his career has suddenly been affected and impacted by the inclusion of Tahir. He is a quality performer and a quality bloke and I for one wish him all the best. The one thing we do know about Johan is that he is a fighter and will not give up. Someone of that calibre will always have options to consider. Don’t write him off just yet!

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