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Proteas World T20 Q&A with Ken

Ken Borland hosted a Question & Answer session on Friday morning focusing on the performance of the Proteas in their first match of the World T20 on Thursday.

Thanks you everyone who send in their questions, as well as Ken who took the time to answer these.

Enjoy reading through these comments and answers below, and keep your eyes peeled for the next session some time next week.

The question and answer session has closed.

Questions and answers
Jacques Swart asked:
Great win for the Proteas yesterday. How much better are the Proteas at, attacking spin, to previous teams? I remember in the past we struggled with attacking quality spin. I see this as being the main concern come saturday, depending on pitch conditions.
Ken answered:
We've improved hugely against spin! In fact, I would say we now play spin probably the best in the world, along with Australia, outside of the sub-continental countries. Our record in the sub-continent shows this. But it will be a fascinating challenge to attack Ajantha Mendis!
jimesh chauhan asked:
Will Ajantha Mandis have a huge impact on South African batting line up, considering his last performance against Zimbabwe?
And I still feel that Albie Morkel should bat no. 4 or 5, in order to post a solid platform. Do u agree or disagree? Thank you for ur time:)keep well
Ken answered:
Hi Jimesh
Ajantha Mendis is obviously a major threat, but we do play spin a whole lot better than Zimbabwe do! It will be a fascinating contest between him and the likes of Amla, Kallis and De Villiers.
I think Albie's batting position should depend on how many overs are left in the innings. If we're 120-2 after 14 overs, then I have no problem with him coming in. He should be coming when there are about five overs left.
Stephen Lynch asked:
Hi Ken, hope you are well out there in miggie-land. Methinks last night''s game did basically nothing to practically advance the cause in this tournament, apart from Levi getting his eye back in. And the bowlers, of course, but that performance would have been the case anyhow had we bowled second up. Question is; why did AB not bat first to allow match practice for the batters? So now what do we do with the new man, an outing against Zim would have been ideal. Can AB now risk him against SL? I feel we missed an opportunity last night. SA were always going to be far too strong, so a slightly green strip was never going to be a factor. What sayeth thou?
Ken answered:
Salutations Stephen!
I agree, not too much can be read into the win over Zimbabwe, but if South Africa have learnt anything in ICC tournaments it's that you can't afford to underestimate anybody! So I think AB's thinking quite rightly revolved around making sure we win well and not approaching the game as a practice session. Obviously it was great that Levi got some runs and the intensity the bowlers showed has laid down a marker for the rest of the tournament.
Bob asked:
Hi Ken
Why is Vernon Philander not in the SA team.Is this another time where South Africa screw up because someone cant see the wood threw the trees.And why is Justin Ontong anywhere near Sa colours.Is it because of his colour.
Ken answered:
Hi Bob
Philander is not played in the limited-overs teams because he's considered more of a line-and-length bowler and lacks the variety needed, especially in T20. Ontong is most definitely there on merit - he's been one of the best finishers and most consistent batsmen in domestic cricket. Plus he's experienced.
Ahmed white asked:
Do u think the choking mindset is stil playing in minds of the players.
Ken answered:
I'd hate to speculate what it's in the minds of the players. But they seem to be very open about the whole "choking" issue and the first step in overcoming a problem is acknowledging that you have one.
Dave Child asked:
How important a role do you see partnerships playing in T20 cricket? Is there merit in building partnerships or does the format just encourage high run rates and big hitting?
Ken answered:
It's surprising how crucial partnerships are, even in T20. One partnership of 80, even if the one batsman just makes 20 off 20 balls, generally sets up a healthy total.
Kevin asked:
Hi Ken

Thanks for your time. With our team well balanced now, do you see Lobsi and FaF playing a major role if we are to win? And do you see the batting order changing a lot?
Ken answered:
Hi Kevin
I think Faf has been earmarked as batting in the top three so, with Levi now making runs, his chances of playing a major role now seem quite slim.
Tsotsobe has been out of sorts with the ball for a while now and, similarly, with Steyn, the 2 Morkels and Kallis doing such a great job with the ball last night, he could struggle to get back in.
The batting order will probably stay the same now, although there might be a shuffle if Amla & Kallis find themselves in at the same time.
Danian asked:
Hi ken do u think that levi is gonna step up agains the big teams?
Ken answered:
Hi Danian
I was very encouraged by the way Levi played last night. He was a lot more patient, composed and generally played straighter, half of his boundaries coming through the covers. Obviously it was against a limited bowling attack, but if he can bat with the same mindset against the bigger teams, then I believe he can still be successful.
John asked:
Hi, Would just like to know even if SA beat Sri Lanka They finish second no matter what and do they carry those points into the super 8''s.
Ken answered:
Hi John
We would have to thrash Sri Lanka in order to overtake them in the group.
No points are carried through to the Super 8s.
Tumelo Motlhaloga asked:
Hi Ken

I was pleased with the compo of the squad with Fahaan getting the nod as he can finish the innings this will in turn let AB bat @4.Which slow bowler would you give a chance to fill in for Botha after the tornament Phangiso as he is economical or Harmer
Ken answered:
Hi Tumelo
Do you know something about Botha that I don't? He is still available for South Africa moving forward. But if he gets injured, then Phangiso must be in with a good shout given his domestic form. Harmer is still a bit raw and has had more success in four-day cricket.
Jerry Kekana asked:
Hi Ken

I believe the team that played against Zim was the best we have, the only change could be in the no 6position and maybe an extra paceman for a spinner if need be. Our top5 should be like that. Your opinion on that?
Ken answered:
Hi Jerry
Yes, I also liked the top 5, providing Levi can carry on with that form.
Behardien obviously still needs to prove himself, but he was the best finisher in SA last season and deserves a fair chance. An extra paceman for a spinner would depend on conditions, but it needs to be remembered that spinners are the most successful bowlers in T20 and South Africa have built a strong strategy around Botha & Peterson.
Bruce asked:
Hi Ken. SA''s performance yesterday was flawless, however, was against a minnow team which hasn''t won a T20 game in 13-odd games. How should we fancy our chances against Sri Lanka tomorrow, with the likes of the Mendis brothers currently dominating their bowling attack, and of course, Slinga Malinga...?
Ken answered:
Hi Bruce
Quite right, beating Zimbabwe is one thing, but we were never under pressure. Sri Lanka will be a very tough challenge, at home, desperate to win the trophy, and with some of the best T20 players in the world in Malinga, Ajantha Mendis, Sangakkara, Dilshan, Jayawardena!
Mark Van Zyl asked:
Howzit Ken,
I think it was an all round good performance yesterday, but do you think that it will have a positive or negative approach come Saturday knowing that both teams have won quite comfortable bat and ball?
Ken answered:
Hi Mark
Apart from the confidence boost it has given both South Africa and Sri Lanka, the wins over Zimbabwe will have no bearing on Saturday's game.
Christian asked:
Hi Ken, many will criticize ICC''s decision to include the "minnow" teams in the World T20, and say that they are not good enough to compete against the bigger teams. But in all fairness, what real opportunities are they given to improve? You already have a Future Tours Programme (set for the next 5-10 years) that is already against them, and then little room for them to get "real" competition not only against each other, but crucially the big teams. Is cricket ever really going to become a true global sport? Or is it forever going to remain a domain of 5 or 6 countries? Your thoughts?
Ken answered:
Hi Christian
It's a difficult one because playing 2 one-sided matches in a world cup probably doesn't help them much, but it's better than nothing.
The ICC are working hard to give the second tier more opportunities and more regular tournaments, but there's still a long way to go. T20 is a good vehicle for them and perhaps the ICC should look at expanding this competition and having a Plate section?
Jody asked:
I don''t know much about Farhaan Behardien, is he good enough as a batsmen. If not would fuf d replace him?
Ken answered:
Faf is more of a top-order batsman in T20, while Behardien was the best finisher in South Africa last year, had a phenomenal run. He definitely deserves a chance at 6.
Sergio Short asked:
Good Day Ken,

I''m glad we got the first win out of the way and the team will be able to build from that. I hope the team is left as it is for now because the mix is very good and can handle just about anything.

My only concern is with the conditions taking a bit of a toll on the guys especially the fast bowlers. Morne Morkel was really tired when bowling his last over and looked like his struggling for breath. How long does it usually take to acclimatise to the conditions in Sri Lanka?
Ken answered:
Hi Sergio
I think the guys will take strain especially after coming straight from a couple of months in England! Fortunately it is just 4 overs for the quicks and I'm assured that Rob Walter has them all at peak fitness!
They seemed pretty acclimatised last night, but yes, the heat and humidity will be a factor.
Tengz asked:
What do you think could be the catalyst in the proteas winning their first major tournament.
Ken answered:
A bit of luck will probably make all the difference!
I think we need a match-winning performance in the knockout phase from one of our world-class stars - De Villiers, Steyn, Kallis, Amla, one of the Morkels?
louis asked:
hi Ken
do you thimk watching Levi yesterday bat this will be his new style of batting in T20?
Ken answered:
hi Louis
I hope so! He just needs to give himself more time. With his power and timing he will still get great value from more orthodox strokes.
Elvis chauke asked:
We beat zimbabwe by 10 wickets,ok.zim r minnows as they r unranked in test rankings.cn da proteas keep da momentum going against big guns like england n australia in da big stage?
Ken answered:
That remains to be seen. I would certainly back us against England and Australia, but there are bigger guns in the tournament like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, India ...
Kau Magashe asked:
Hello ken now that we have qualified for the super eight, is it time to rotate our batsmen aswel as our bowler to give them some game time or will it upset our starting eleven?
Ken answered:
Hi Kau
I think rotation should only happen if the conditions demand it. It's not like a 50-over World Cup where there are a whole string of matches and you can afford to tweak your team.
We have some momentum now, we need to build on that.
Talha asked:
Great start for the Proteas, my only fear is that this appears way too familiar with last tournaments, demolishing teams at the beginning and then when it really counts, can''t handle the pressure - would the proteas ever get that Big Match Temperament? Considering how fully aware they''ve become of the chokers tag? Secondly the fact that our openers were barely tested against Zim, it feels like the cup hasn''t yet started for them - what do u think the mind frame would be going into the next round?
Ken answered:
Obviously the team still has plenty to prove, but would you rather they struggled to beat Zimbabwe? At least they've laid down a marker now and they have a base to build on.
They've shown plenty of BMT in England so why can't they in Sri Lanka?
I think the tournament has most definitely started for Richard Levi, he'll be mightily relieved to get some runs and that will do his confidence a world of good.
I'm sure their mindframe will be the same going into the next round, although they will need to be a little more aggressive.
Ismail asked:
Hi Ken. T20 is a lottery type cricket game... & on top of that a weather affected/influenced match is an add-on lottery also ... all in all i hope that the team that actually wins this ''gambling tournament'' is not one that chance seems to have favoured [unfairly]! & that this really silly ''chokers'' medal is not brandied about because of this. Six or nix, hit or miss - its just not cricket is it? Whatever happens wishing SA & all you lucky scribes out there all the best & the most giggling fun you have ever had in an international tournament! ENJOY! :)
Ken answered:
Hi Ismail
You're quite right, there's a lot of luck involved in T20, but also plenty of skill! Hopefully skills will win the day, although when the games get really short, some outrageous good or bad fortune can decide the outcome!
kashief davids asked:
Hello ken, seems sa must get the tummy bug more often i would say that was of our most clinical victories yet. my question is about our batting line up dont you think it would be a better option to have ab devilliers open the batting with hashim and if hashim falls kallis comes in and if ab falls depending on how far along in the innings we are levi or albie comes in i think Levi is not an opener he would be better utilised as a lance kluzner role what do you think.
Ken answered:
Hi Kashief
Ha ha good point about the tummy bug!
I think Levi is very much an opener and his role is to go hard at the new ball and if he scores 30 off 15 we're off to a great start. If he comes in lower down, he won't have as much pace on the ball to work with and he's not as effective against spin. I know we want AB to bat as many overs as possible, but I'm happy with him at 3 or 4.
Ronesh Ellam Dukhanti asked:
We had a great win against ZIM, What sort of team will play against Sri Lanka?
Ken answered:
The same XI I'd imagine.
Damien asked:
Do you think, the lack of pre-tournament hype will be in the Proteas favors.
Ken answered:
Well I can assure that they are already being hyped up and set up to fail! Just yesterday I heard someone call them the favourites!
I think if your heads are in the right place, then being called the favourites is not a bad thing though ...
chokersagain asked:
The balance of the T20 side can be improved by dropping Hash. There is no place for both Hash and Kallis in this current squad. Kallis=all rounder should get the nod. With Hash in the squad we will always get to decent scores but not great scores. We dont need Hash as anchor in T20''s. We need a more destructive batsman to replace Hash.
Ken answered:
It's clear by your handle that you're willing South Africa to fail which is why you want Hashim dropped.
Hashim is in unbelievable form, has been our best batsman in recent T20s and we should allow him to show us what he can do.
A lot of people had doubts about him in ODIs too - and now he's number one in the world!
Oh, and he's our T20 vice-captain which shows you in what high regard the team, management and selectors hold him in.
Moeketsi asked:
Morning Ken with some of our T20 players not in good form what are our chances of going all the way to win the world cup? Do we have enough depth to dig deep in high pressure games against tough opposition?
Ken answered:
Hi Moeketsi
I think the only guys not in great form now that Levi got 50 are maybe Behardien, Albie Morkel, Faf du Plessis and Tsotsobe. Only two of those are in the starting XI and both Behardien and Albie batted very well in finishing the innings in the warm-up match against New Zealand. So I think we have the team and the depth!
Luvo asked:
I don''t we can read too much in the Zimbabwe game as they never truly tested SA. The real test will be on Saturday!
Ken answered:
Gregg asked:
Ken good day
Who do you see winning this competition and why
Ken answered:
hi Gregg
I think Sri Lanka and Pakistan are favourites, with West Indies not far behind. That's because they have twenty20 match-winners.
Sri Lanka have the added benefit of being at home, they have the best T20 pace bowler in Malinga, an awesome spinner in Ajantha Mendis and three of the best batsmen in Sangakarra, Dilshan and Jayawardena.
Pakistan have been in great form, they have one of the world's best spinners in Saeed Ajmal, death bowler Umar Gul and the explosive Afridi.
West Indies have two of the best T20 players in Gayle and Narine, as well as matchwinners like Pollard and Bravo.
Nivash asked:
Hi Ken,
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

I would like to ask you 2 things: 1) Do you think we should have batted first in order to give our batsman " game time" at the crease? 2) Is there any insight that we can take from the game against Zimbabwe? They were ill-equipped to test us in any way, shape or form.
Ken answered:
Hi Nivash
History suggests you can't underestimate anyone at ICC tournaments so we had to play Zimbabwe like we would anybody else. In those conditions, just after rain, bowling first was definitely the right decision.
But yes, apart from confidence and momentum, Levi's return to form and the intensity of the bowling, there wasn't much to take from the game.
Hagashen Naidoo asked:
Hi ken. S.A have a well balanced side but don''t you think kallis should bat at 3 & not be pushed down the order because we know he is capable of scoring quick especially if he spends more time at the crease & we have seen that in the IPL especially that final match in the IPL
Ken answered:
hi Hagashen
Kallis was down to bat three and I'll guess we'll have to wait for one of our openers to get out to see if that happens!
I hope he does bat three, except if we lose our first wicket with just five overs to go, in which case De Villiers or Albie Morkel must come in.
jeremy asked:
glad to see richard levi playing a little more circumspectly, bodes well for the rest of the tournament - i wouldn''t `tweek'' the team too much, this on paper appears to be our best team.
Ken answered:
Ian asked:
Hi Ken
It looks as if most of the top sides are pretty evenly balanced and individual performances seem to swing the games one way or another do you think we have enough of those "x" factor players to win it? and who do you think the major threats are?
Ken answered:
Hi Ian
De Villiers, Steyn, the Morkels, Kallis and Amla are all world-class match-winners, with that X-factor.
Major threats are Sri Lanka, Pakistan and West Indies, as explained above.
Tim asked:
Hi Ken
It was a very clinical performance by the boys,as a result,it was a very boring game to watch from a entertainment point of view.Do you think minow teams should be included in ICC events?Because the t20 world cup can be better if the top 8 teams in the world play each other once in the round one,then the top four progress to the semis.That will mean all games being competitve and enjoyable to wacth.
Ken answered:
Hi Tim
I think the ICC has a responsibility to grow the game and give opportunities to the "minnows".
Besides, who can argue that the likes of Afghanistan and Ireland add something, even if they lose?
denver asked:
Hi Ken
Farhaan baehardien in for justin ontong,is it just a rotation policy or is this permanent for the whole tournament,will be unlucky for justin seing that he hasn''t had much of an opportunity in this format with the bat and can bowl a bit.
Ken answered:
Hi Denver
Yes, Ontong hasn't had much chance but I think Behardien has been picked ahead of him based on his incredible form in last year's domestic T20.
Behardien can also bowl a bit, at least as much as Justin, by the way!
Doug asked:
Do you think form in the t20 arena could translate into ODI''s? I am a big Johan Botha fan and I hope he has a fantastic world cup so it can warrant his selection in the ODI team. I can''t fathom why he is left out of the ODI squad.
Ken answered:
I think the best players can thrive in all formats. There are exceptions, like Levi still has to prove himself in 50-over cricket. But I have no doubt Johan Botha should be in our ODI squad. At the moment he's not in the XI because he apparently doesn't take enough wickets ...
Terry asked:
Hi Ken, I think we have a pretty solid team but would have liked a more attacking spinner like Tahir in there to give us more options on attack. Morkel is good when on form but too inconsistent for this format of the game. I still cannot understand how the ICC go about their rating of players and teams? Thanks
Ken answered:
Hi Terry
Tahir would bowl too many loose deliveries for T20 cricket. Peterson is there as an attacking spinner.
Are you criticising Morne Morkel? I think that would be harsh, he was superb last night and has been consistently good this year.
The ICC ratings are done through a complex system of calculations, the details of which you can find on their website.
Bongane Nhlapo asked:
Do you think yesterday starting xi is capable of going all the way to the finals?
Ken answered:
This squad looks absolutely strong and formidable.Do you think SA can deliver the killer punch in the second phase of the tournament ?
Ken answered:
We certainly have the players to do it.
musa asked:
What means you made that when we loose 1st 2 or 3 quick wickets , the rest of the team dont crash. If that was dealt accordingly, surely this T20 is ours. Lasy, why Robben Peterson you dont bring him in as batsman No.5 or 6? All the best to the whole Proteas team.
Ken answered:
I'm happy with the batting line-up as it is.
Jason asked:
Hey Ken,
Just a quick question, why was Colin Ingram dropped from the T20 side?
I have all the respect for the current squad chosen but don''t think Colin deserved to be dropped.
Your thoughts?
Ken answered:
Hi Jason
Colin went through a dip in form and I'm not sure he's explosive enough or consistent enough to challenge the other batsmen there.
Lazola JOni asked:
Hi Ken, I saw a very settled side yesterday, as much as most of our batsman were not tested. I like Berhadien in the middle order, he will do a lot for us in the latter overs, who would you choose between him and Faf?
Ken answered:
Hi Lazola
For that position, batting at 6 and finishing the innings, I would give Behardien a fair go to see if he can repeat his domestic form.
Jake asked:
I''m confused by your answer about the possibility of the Proteas finishing above SL. If we win against SL we finish with 4 points no matter the margin and they stay at 2 points. Why do we have to thrash them to finish above them??
Ken answered:
Ooops. And so you should be. I was talking rubbish.
Sorry, of course if we beat Sri Lanka, we finish first in Group C!
Warren asked:
Hi Ken, I really dont see the problem with opening KallisAmla. If they both get going, we will have a huge score. One gets out, then bring in your hitters with an anchor still there. Especially if we are chasing. Your opinion pls.

Ken answered:
Hi Warren
Well they're not going to open together but I think the worry is if Levi gets out after 5 overs then you have Amla & Kallis together. But we should back Kallis to score at a good enough rate in that situation. I would only move Kallis from 3 if there are only a handful of overs to go.
kevin pillay asked:
Hi ken. I''m Particularly pleased wid SAs bowlding Performance.kallis as proven y he is valuble in any formate.jest want 2 get ur thoughs on how do u think our back up bowlders will fare if called apon and who is ur money on 4 man of the tournament. I''d go wid kohli or king kallis
Ken answered:
Hi Kevin
I'd actually go for Malinga, Ajantha Mendis, Ajmal or Gayle as man of the tournament!
It would be a concern if one of our frontline bowlers were injured ... Tsotsobe has not been in good form and Parnell has improved recently but has been inconsistent in the past ...
Johan Van Der Westhuizen asked:
Hi Ken

Don''t you think we are too complacent and peak at the absolute worse times?
Ken answered:
Hi Johan
There was certainly no complacency last night. As for peaking, the team are aiming for consistency. Would you rather we struggled to beat Zimbabwe?
Wynand asked:
Obviously its great that Levi scored some runs again.But dont you think with what we saw from from Faf in the IPL (Batting,Bowling and Fielding wise) he will be a better man to have in your team come play-off time?
Ken answered:
Faf is a very useful player and a quality batsman. But I don't think he's as explosive as Levi and, with Amla and Kallis also in the top-order, we need Levi there.
zama asked:
It was a great win for our boys against zimbabwe.But do you think we will improve in next match against Sri-Lanka or should we expect a below par perfomance against big teams.
Ken answered:
I expect us to carry the momentum from the Zim game and build on it.
William Rudd asked:
Good morning Ken. My thinking is as follows: Richard Levi finally scored some runs after failing miserably on the recent England tour. Is this not the worst thing that could of happened? I say this because it is now likely that the selectors will persist on playing him and I don''t think he will match up to the likes of Mendis and Malinga. I would rather see Kallis and Amla open the batting with someone like Farhaan Behardien slotting in at 6 given his recent form, what are your thoughts?
Ken answered:
Hi William
Well Levi surely deserves the chance to show what he can do against world-class bowlers. English conditions were tough for batting. Behardien is already at 6, so who would you have at 3? Faf? It's not a bad option, but I think we need more explosiveness in our top-order and Levi offers that.
Kyle asked:
Now that we through to the super 8, is there a need to try and win the match since the groups are already made? and it seems as if the host nation were given an easy run due to this, whats ur thoughts on this?
Ken answered:
It makes little difference whether we beat Sri Lanka or not because points are not taken through and we'll still be seeded C2 regardless.
But if we finish level on points in the Super 8 then the result could matter!
Danian asked:
Hi ken good win for S.A but its time for albie morkel to deliver for what is aspect to do wih the bat and ball caus he likes to leaks runs an than fall with the bat
Ken answered:
Hi Danian
That's a bit harsh. Albie didn't get the chance to bat and bowled tidily 1-26 in 4 overs!
Agie asked:
Hi Ken seeing that south Africa and Sri Lanka are both through how do you think it will affect the game plan of both teams
Do the teams carry the points over to the next stage
Ken answered:
Hi Agie
No points are carried over to the Super 8 and I don't think the wins over Zimbabwe will have any influence on how South Africa and Sri Lanka play going forward. Apart from keeping Levi in the team of course!
kevin asked:
Do you think with kallis back in T20 we can go all the way
Ken answered:
Kallis is one of our potential match-winners when the knockout stages arrive ...
Julius K asked:
What about bringing Duminy for Behardien cz he brings allround performance in bowling,batting and fielding as well especially if the Proteas loose 2 many wickets upfront but overall it was good performance by the Proteas WHAT''S UR VIEW PLEASE.
Julius answered:
Duminy is already in the team.
yaseen asked:
Hi ken
I''m very happy with the guys performance specially kallis with the ball and levi with the bat and I''m not to worried about mendis 2mrw I think we got the best players of spin the likes of kallis amla and ab my concern is thou that no 6 spot I would love to c muller there why is he not in the team is he even in the squad he''s to good of a player to miss out your take pls thanks
Ken answered:
Hi Yaseen
Miller has only just come out of a bad slump in form.
joshua asked:
hi Ken
Do you think it would be a bad idea for Levi to be tried at 3
Ken answered:
Hi Joshua
Yes, Levi must open and give us an explosive start against the new ball.
Maluleke Desmond asked:
HI Ken!

In which area do you see us winning the tournament? And who are the players do you think are gonna play that vital role?

Thanks for your time
Ken answered:
hi Maluleke
If conditions continue to suit our fast bowlers then we have the best attack to take advantage of that, led by Steyn and Morne Morkel.
Otherwise, we're going to need one of our world-class batsmen - De Villiers, Kallis or Amla, to hit a purple patch and produce match-winning innings in the knockout phase.
Firhaat Abrahams asked:
Hi Ken, do you think that there is place for FAF, Amla and Kallis in the starting XI? I think they all take a bit of time to get going (by T20 Standards) and are the "anchor" of the innings so would 3 anchors way us down or give us stability?
Ken answered:
Hi Firhaat
I think they had the selection right with just Amla and Kallis in the starting XI.
Bart asked:
Hi Ken,
I would love to see AB open and include a specialist wicket keeper to give AB that mental break that he needs so that he can focus on his batting (at which he is so brilliant). Your thoughts?
Ken answered:
Hi Bart
AB kept very well last night and I'm happy with him as our T20 wicketkeeper. You don't need a specialist in T20.
In terms of mental fatigue and concentrating on his batting, you're right but that break needs to come in test matches.
steven asked:
South africa had a great game yesterday.will they be able to keep it up and win the tournament?or fail near the end again like in previous years?
Ken answered:
Who knows Steven? Tomorrow's game against Sri Lanka will give us a better indication of their chances.
Ivan asked:
Hi Ken

Fact!! Kallis is the best all rounder and maybe even the best cricketer ever.

That''s all I have. Can not be negitive about our cricket after the season we''ve had.

Go Boytjies!!
Ken answered:
Hi Ivan
Well that's your opinion ... and one I heartily agree with!
Raja asked:
Why don''t you guys have settle top 4 position in batting line while having quality batsmen in your side?
Ken answered:
I think the top 4 will be quite settled now with Levi, Amla, Kallis & De Villiers in the ICC World T20.
Michael Craig asked:
Morning Ken
Who do you see winning the T20 world cup and why?
Ken answered:
Hi Michael
As said above:
I think Sri Lanka and Pakistan are favourites, with West Indies not far behind. That's because they have twenty20 match-winners.
Sri Lanka have the added benefit of being at home, they have the best T20 pace bowler in Malinga, an awesome spinner in Ajantha Mendis and three of the best batsmen in Sangakarra, Dilshan and Jayawardena.
Pakistan have been in great form, they have one of the world's best spinners in Saeed Ajmal, death bowler Umar Gul and the explosive Afridi.
West Indies have two of the best T20 players in Gayle and Narine, as well as matchwinners like Pollard and Bravo.
Collen asked:
Hi Ken

Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

I''m glad Levi got his form at right time. Can we expect ommission of Faf and lopsy in the first 11 for the rest of the tournament after a very good solid start from the selected 11. or the selection is determined by the pitch condition and game plan. Wish this time we will catch the crown after a season dominant in all format of the game.
Ken answered:
Hi Collen
I think it will be very hard for Faf and Lopsy to get back into the XI now. I don't see conditions being any more seamer friendly than last night and even then we played 2 spinners, which has become a firm part of our strategy.
David HB asked:
They done well on a fast deck, Spin will be tested, but if teh Proteas play the same team the options will be the same and will beat Sri lanka, it does not matter what teh odds would be the Proteas at this stage looks very well balanced and is teh ebst fielding unit in teh world, Just one question why was Smith dropped he is teh higest run scorer for SA, and it is greta to open with a left and right hander combination...just need to know was it his choice or was the selectors not in favor of him and belive that Levi will be the next kind of Gibbs ?
Ken answered:
Smith was dropped in order to get some younger, fresher blood in and Levi can be very explosive up front, combining well with the more accumulative Amla & Kallis.
Michael asked:
Hey Ken. Who do u think will win in da sa vs sl game. Wat are SA''s chances of winning da WC?
Ken answered:
Hi Michael
It will be a very tough game against Sri Lanka, but if we can beat them at home it will show we are contenders for the title.
Mike asked:
Hi Ken, hope you enjoying your time in Sri Lanka. Just wanting to know if the fields are as big as they look on tv, if so i believe fielding and turning ones into two and two''s into threes when batting could be key to winning this tournament. Finally would this be part of the planning for a team like South Africa? thanks
Ken answered:
hi Mike
The fields are big and will definitely play a major part in South Africa's planning, both when batting and fielding.

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