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Run Hafeez run

Thursday's ‘obstructing the field’ dismissal of Mohammad Hafeez was a controversy the game of cricket could have done without.

When the respected individuals on the International Cricket Council committee proposed a change to the laws of the game regarding running between the wickets in late 2011, I expressed my immediate concern on this website.

This steering committee comprises some of the finest former players and, following healthy debate on this subject, they suggested to the Marylebone Cricket Club that batsmen should no longer be permitted to alter their course in line with the incoming ball while attempting to regain ground.

That request was agreed to by the MCC and a new law was written into the game as of October 1st 2011.

I wondered why. Why would these custodians of the game want to implement something that was bound to cause controversy? I didn't see much wrong with this minute aspect of the game prior to the change and if something ain't broken don't fix it.

I hear people rattling on about cheating and not being in the spirit of the game. Really?

Yes Mohammad Hafeez altered course and veered to his left but not by a massive amount. Was it a 'significant' correction as the law states? How much is 'significant'? My take is that he instinctively altered his running line because he has probably been doing that for most of his career when required.

There is an argument that the laws are clearly stated in black and white and must be adhered to. I just fail to comprehend why the opportunity to fuel controversy would even be considered.

I also take issue will the fact that in the cricket world now we are always incorrectly striving for a perfect science regarding dismissals with DRS, yet in this instance the final act is purely subjective.

It seems to me we have too many red banner headlines that do not reflect the excellence of the game and its individuals. We now have another one.

I guess the fact that Pakistan won the game diffused the situation somewhat but things would have erupted I am sure had they lost.

I spoke to Mohammad Hafeez privately after the game. He was still absolutely livid and extremely agitated.

It was a matter of time before this situation came into play and raised its ugly head.

I guess the bottom line is that no-one will do it again.

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