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A Twitter challenge from @hazecricket

Here's something to get your head around. This week I am issuing a challenge to prepare you to utilise Twitter more effectively during our broadcast of the second test at Newlands in Cape Town. Twitter is an amazing social media tool when used properly, and it fits perfectly during a live sport broadcast to share views and opinions.

The Twittersphere has expanded at a rate of knots worldwide over the last twelve months. In October 2011 Twitter had roughly 100 million active monthly users. Come December 2012 that number had exploded to 200 million. To the surprise of America, 70% of those engaged were actively tweeting while living outside of the United States. This has prompted many business analysts to estimate the worth of Twitter should it ever be floated publicly and the general consensus is that it is valued at somewhere around the $11-billion mark. That is some product with tremendous tentacles and clearly spells how advantageous it could be if properly used.

As you now know we are making a concerted effort to broadcast as many tweets as appropriate during the cricket and we urge you, the viewer, to use the hashtag #sscricket. This enables simplicity in searching the magnitude of tweets that flood in. Literally thousands are coming through but what we are finding is that many tweets are devoid of substance and opinion and will never make it to the small screen. 'Go Proteas', for example, serves little purpose and does not promote any thought process. We want you to express your opinion and stimulate discussion. It is important to remember one very crucial aspect of this exercise. Your opinion is exactly that and you have the right to express it. If it is a genuine opinion it is not wrong. It is yours ... and you have the right to be heard.

To those faceless, cowardly, keyboard cowboys who hide behind 140 characters and feel the need to abuse on Twitter, get lost. You have no place or right to do so and, what's more, we don't care if you adopt that stance. None of it is read and you are wasting your own time and space and just being a loser! There is a very simple function on Twitter that takes care of you. It is called ‘Block’ and it will be employed every time!

During the recent Super Bowl, which is the second most watched annual sporting event attracting 170 million world-wide viewers, (the Uefa Champions League final is No 1), 24 million tweets were sent during play. As the eagerly-anticipated 52 Super Bowl television commercials played out, Twitter was mentioned in them far more times than any other social media competitors. To put that into perspective, Twitter was mentioned in more than half of the commercials compared to Facebook which received a nod in only four ads. Twitter is by far the most effective and immediate platform, and remarkably is still expanding rapidly.

Back to my challenge. Without concerning yourselves too much and defeating the aspect of spontaneity, please attempt to add to our broadcasts and ultimately your satisfaction with considered tweets. Challenge us if you don't agree with our comments. I firmly believe that Twitter is best used to express an intelligent view, to be informative and educate, or to be humorous. I particularly like the latter!

Come on guys! Let's ramp things up and have some fun during the second test. Get us to ask our co-commentators some questions that you need the answers to. If you can't do that, give me ammo to have a jibe at Kepler ... he just loves that!

You can probably start by retweeting this comment from me to spread the word and get the challenge out there. Our dedicated tweet-searchers will be all over this to entertain.

I look forward to your tweets!

Cheers for now.


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