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Comrades training - January 2013

Training for the 2013 Comrades Marathon

The January training programme

January 2013 has arrived!  January is the 8th month of the Comrades training year, and for those running Comrades this year, it's time to get serious!

Coming off the December holiday period where we ran a steady average of 40 km per week, the weekly mileage now starts to climb and will reach 50 km per week by the end of January.

Let's take a look at that training in detail:


    1. To increase the weekly mileage from around 40 km per week in December, to 50 km per week by the end of January

In the Gauteng area, there are some lovely races on offer in January. In fact, every year seems to be almost a carbon copy of previous year's races. This year there is one marathon, one 25 km race, two half marathons, three 15 km races, three 10 races (one of which is actually a quarter marathon!) and  two 5 km races.  Lots to choose from!

Lets look at them in more detail.

Marathons: There is just the one marathon on offer in the Gauteng region, the Johnson Crane Marathon & Half Marathon on Sunday 27 January. I would suggest for all Comrades runners aiming at running Comrades in more than 9 hours to run the half marathon option and leave a standard marathon for later on in the year.

25 km race: The Bobbies 25 km and 10 km race is on on Sunday 10 January, where I suggest running the 10 km option.

Half marathons: There are two half marathons, The Dis-Chem Half Marathon at the Bedfordview Country Club on the Sunday 13 January and the Johnson Crane Half Marathon mentioned above, organised by the Benoni Harriers Athletic Club, and run from the Old Benonians Sport Club on 27 January.

15 km races: There are three 15 km races.  The Varsity Kudus on the Sunday 3 January, the Berg & Dal Nite Race on Wednesday 16 January as well as the Arwyp Medical Centre 15 km Nite race on Wednesday 23 January.

10 km races: This year there are three 10 km races to choose from. On Sunday 3 January there is the Zoo Trot 10 km run from the Centenary Lawn of the Johannesburg Zoo, on Sunday 20 January there is the The Bobbies 10 km race and on Sunday 27 January the the Johnson Crane Marathon & Half Marathon has a 10.5 km (quarter marathon) option.

5 km races: On Sunday 13 January, along with the Dis-Chem Half Marathon, there is the Rehidrat Sport  5 km Dash.  The other 5 km race is part of the  Johnson Crane Half Marathon on Sunday 27 January.

2. To run at least 5 days a week, nice and easy.

Throughout 2012 we have been training just 4 times a week.  Starting in January 2013, we now introduce a 5th run in the week.  This is done on a Wednesday, and starts out nice and easy at 5 km, and starts to increase gradually.  By the end of January, the Wednesday run will be at 8 km.  It's still very important in preventing injuries to take at least two full days off every week.  You may even want to take a third day off every now and then if you feel you have been  overstraining, or if you you feel you are developing an overuse injury.

3. To have one long run a week of at least 10 - 15 km

A Sunday is generally the most ideal day to have your long run. By running at least 10 - 15 km on a Sunday (and even one or two half marathons), you will be well prepared for your first 32 km race at the end of February.

Total weekly mileage: 45 km, 46 km, 46 km, 49 km

As we start to increase the weekly mileage, we do so in small increments.  All runs are still done at a leisurely pace, with no speed work at all.

Total Monthly mileage: 214 km

This is a little bit up from December which was 193 km.

Road race distances to be achieved: 2x21 km, 1x15 km and 1x10 km.

See how you go!  If you don't feel up to running a long run every single Sunday, cut back on the length on one or two Sunday long runs.  If you are feeling good however, and can maintain the Sunday long runs as stipulated below, it will give you a lot of encouragement to know that you can manage the longer runs.

Highlight of the month: None

There will be many highlights in the coming months. February for example, sees a 32 km race, and March sees you running the first of three standard marathons! But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Here is a summary of the whole month's training for the Gauteng area::

Daily Training January 2013
Week ending:  6/1 13/1 20/1 27/1
Monday Rest  Rest  Rest  Rest 
Tuesday 10 km  10 km 10 km  10 km 
Wednesday   5 km  5 km  8 km   8 km 
Thursday  10 km  10 km 10 km  10 km
Friday Rest  Rest Rest  Rest 
Saturday  5 km  Rest 10 km  Rest 
Sunday 15 km 21 km 10 km 21 km
Race Varsity Kudus DisChem  Bobbies  Johnson Crane
Total 45 km 46 km 46 km 49 km

Here is the complete race calendar for January 2013 for the Gauteng region:

Race calendar for January 2013 in the Gauteng region
Race date Race KM Venue
Sunday 6 January 2013 Varsity Kudus 15 km 15 km Library Lawns Wits
Sunday 13 January 2013 Zoo Trot 10 km  10 km  Centenary Lawn
Sunday 13 January 2013 Rehidrat Sport  5 km Dash 5 km Bedfordview Virgin Active Club
Sunday 13 January 2013 Dis-Chem Half Marathon 21 km Bedfordview Virgin Active Club
Wednesday 16 January 2013 Berg en Dal 15 km Nite Race 15 km President Hyper, Pretoria St, Krugersdorp
Sunday 20 January 2013 Bobbies 25 km & 10 km 25 km & 10 km Arthur Bloch Park
Wednesday 23 January 2013 Arwyp Medical Centre 15 km Nite Race  15 km Barnard Stadium
Sunday 27 January 2013 Johnson Crane Marathon & Half Marathon 42 km & 21 km 10.5 km & 5 km Old Benonians Sport Club

See you in February ....

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