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FNB Varsity Cup presented by Steinhoff International | RESULTS

April 2016
11FNB MATIES6 - 7FNB NWU-PUKKEDanie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch 
4FNB MATIES49 - 11FNB UP-TUKSDanie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch 
4FNB UJ7 - 35FNB NWU-PUKKEUJ Stadium, Johannesburg 
March 2016
28FNB UJ42 - 16FNB MATIESCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
28FNB NWU-PUKKE37 - 21FNB UFS SHIMLASCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
28FNB CUT35 - 26FNB NMMU MADIBAZCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
28FNB UCT IKEYS25 - 100FNB UP-TUKSCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
24FNB MATIES35 - 14FNB UFS SHIMLASCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
24FNB NWU-PUKKE44 - 14FNB CUTCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
24FNB UJ63 - 0FNB UCT IKEYSCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
24FNB UP-TUKS45 - 23FNB NMMU MADIBAZCape Town Stadium, Cape Town 
21FNB UFS SHIMLAS49 - 72FNB UJFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
21FNB CUT25 - 68FNB UP-TUKSFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
21FNB NWU-PUKKE12 - 56FNB MATIESFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
21FNB NMMU MADIBAZ46 - 33FNB UCT IKEYSFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
14FNB MATIES60 - 13FNB UCT IKEYSFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
14FNB UP-TUKS43 - 8FNB UJFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
14FNB NMMU MADIBAZ18 - 46FNB NWU-PUKKEFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
14FNB UFS SHIMLAS10 - 9FNB CUTFNB Stadium, Johannesburg 
February 2016
22FNB MATIES29 - 16FNB UP-TUKSDanie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch 
22FNB UFS SHIMLAS46 - 19FNB NMMU MADIBAZXerox Shimla Park, Bloemfontein 
22FNB UCT IKEYS6 - 24FNB NWU-PUKKEUCT Rugby Fields, Cape Town 
22FNB UJ14 - 0FNB CUTUJ Stadium, Johannesburg 
15FNB NWU-PUKKE31 - 36FNB UJFanie du Toit Sports Grounds, Potch 
15FNB UP-TUKS46 - 47FNB UFS SHIMLASTuks Stadium, Pretoria 
15FNB CUT10 - 9FNB UCT IKEYSCUT Stadium, Bloemfontein 
15FNB NMMU MADIBAZ25 - 27FNB MATIESNMMU Stadium, Port Elizabeth 
8FNB UCT IKEYS17 - 23FNB UFS SHIMLASUCT Rugby Fields, Cape Town 
8FNB MATIES40 - 0FNB CUTDanie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch 
8FNB UJ19 - 12FNB NMMU MADIBAZUJ Stadium, Johannesburg 
8FNB UP-TUKS15 - 38FNB NWU-PUKKETuks Stadium, Pretoriareport

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