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April 2016
30Jaguares73 - 27KingsEstadio Jose Amalfitanireport
30Stormers30 - 32WaratahsDHL Newlandsreport
30Lions17 - 50HurricanesEmirates Airlines Parkreport
30Reds30 - 17CheetahsSuncorp Stadiumreport
30Highlanders23 - 10BrumbiesRugby Parkreport
30Blues36 - 30RebelsEden Parkreport
29Force20 - 42Bullsnib Stadiumreport
29Chiefs24 - 22SharksYarrow Stadiumreport
24Brumbies14 - 40CrusadersGIO Stadiumreport
23Kings10 - 45LionsNelson Mandela Bay Stadiumreport
23Stormers40 - 22RedsDHL Newlandsreport
23Force13 - 49Waratahsnib Stadiumreport
23Hurricanes27 - 28ChiefsWestpac Stadiumreport
23Sunwolves36 - 28JaguaresPrince Chichibu Memorial Stadiumreport
22Rebels36 - 14CheetahsAAMI Parkreport
22Highlanders14 - 15SharksForsyth Barr Stadiumreport
16Lions29 - 22StormersEmirates Airlines Parkreport
16Bulls41 - 22RedsLoftus Versfeldreport
16Waratahs20 - 26BrumbiesAllianz Stadiumreport
16Blues23 - 18SharksEden Parkreport
15Cheetahs92 - 17SunwolvesToyota Stadiumreport
15Rebels13 - 38HurricanesAAMI Parkreport
15Crusaders32 - 15JaguaresAMI Stadiumreport
9Kings6 - 38BullsNelson Mandela Bay Stadiumreport
9Sharks9 - 24LionsGrowthpoint Kings Parkreport
9Reds28 - 27HighlandersSuncorp Stadiumreport
9Hurricanes40 - 22JaguaresWestpac Stadiumreport
8Stormers46 - 19SunwolvesDHL Newlandsreport
8Force19 - 20Crusadersnib Stadiumreport
8Chiefs29 - 23BluesFMG Stadium Waikatoreport
3Waratahs17 - 21RebelsAllianz Stadiumreport
2Bulls23 - 18CheetahsLoftus Versfeldreport
2Kings33 - 28SunwolvesNelson Mandela Bay Stadiumreport
2Brumbies23 - 48ChiefsGIO Stadiumreport
2Blues24 - 16JaguaresQBE Stadiumreport
1Lions37 - 43CrusadersEmirates Airlines Parkreport
1Highlanders32 - 20ForceForsyth Barr Stadiumreport
March 2016
27Reds13 - 15WaratahsSuncorp Stadiumreport
26Jaguares8 - 13StormersEstadio Jose Amalfitanireport
26Sharks14 - 19CrusadersGrowthpoint Kings Parkreport
26Cheetahs18 - 25BrumbiesToyota Stadiumreport
26Sunwolves27 - 30BullsSingapore National Stadiumreport
26Rebels3 - 27HighlandersAAMI Parkreport
26Chiefs53 - 10ForceFMG Stadium Waikatoreport
25Hurricanes42 - 20KingsWestpac Stadiumreport
19Jaguares26 - 30ChiefsEstadio Jose Amalfitanireport
19Stormers31 - 11BrumbiesDHL Newlandsreport
19Lions39 - 22CheetahsEmirates Airlines Parkreport
19Reds25 - 25BluesSuncorp Stadiumreport
19Crusaders57 - 24KingsAMI Stadiumreport
19Sunwolves9 - 35RebelsPrince Chichibu Memorial Stadiumreport
18Bulls16 - 16SharksLoftus Versfeldreport
18Waratahs26 - 30HighlandersAllianz Stadiumreport
18Hurricanes41 - 6ForceCentral Energy Trust Arenareport
12Stormers13 - 18SharksDHL Newlandsreport
12Kings24 - 58ChiefsNelson Mandela Bay Stadiumreport
12Sunwolves31 - 32CheetahsSingapore National Stadiumreport
12Rebels25 - 23RedsAAMI Parkreport
12Highlanders34 - 15LionsForsyth Barr Stadiumreport
11Force14 - 31Brumbiesnib Stadiumreport
11Blues19 - 23HurricanesEden Parkreport
5Sharks19 - 15JaguaresGrowthpoint Kings Parkreport
5Cheetahs10 - 20StormersToyota Stadiumreport
5Bulls45 - 25RebelsLoftus Versfeldreport
5Reds6 - 22ForceSuncorp Stadiumreport
5Highlanders17 - 16HurricanesForsyth Barr Stadiumreport
5Chiefs32 - 36LionsFMG Stadium Waikatoreport
4Brumbies32 - 15WaratahsGIO Stadiumreport
4Crusaders28 - 13BluesAMI Stadiumreport
February 2016
27Stormers33 - 9BullsDHL Newlandsreport
27Kings8 - 43SharksNelson Mandela Bay Stadiumreport
27Force19 - 25Rebelsnib Stadiumreport
27Waratahs30 - 10RedsAllianz Stadiumreport
27Crusaders21 - 27ChiefsAMI Stadiumreport
27Sunwolves13 - 26LionsPrince Chichibu Memorial Stadiumreport
26Cheetahs33 - 34JaguaresToyota Stadiumreport
26Brumbies52 - 10HurricanesGIO Stadiumreport
26Blues33 - 31HighlandersEden Parkreport

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