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Super Rugby | RESULTS

July 2014
19Cell C Sharks31 - 27HighlandersKings Park, Durbanreport
19Brumbies32 - 30ChiefsCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
12DHL Stormers10 - 34Cell C SharksNewlands, Cape Townreport
12Lions60 - 25Toyota CheetahsEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
12Reds3 - 34WaratahsSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
12Crusaders34 - 8HighlandersAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
11Vodacom Bulls40 - 7Melbourne RebelsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
11Brumbies47 - 25Western ForceCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
11Blues8 - 11ChiefsEden Park, Aucklandreport
6Waratahs44 - 16HighlandersAllianz Stadium, Sydneyreport
5Toyota Cheetahs27 - 20Cell C SharksFree State Stadiumreport
5DHL Stormers16 - 0Vodacom BullsNewlands, Cape Townreport
5Western Force30 - 20RedsNIB Stadium, Perthreport
5Crusaders21 - 13BluesAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
4Lions34 - 17Melbourne RebelsEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
4Chiefs24 - 16HurricanesWaikato Stadium, Hamiltonreport
June 2014
28Western Force14 - 40BluesNIB Stadium, Perthreport
28Waratahs39 - 8BrumbiesANZ Stadium, Sydneyreport
28Hurricanes16 - 9CrusadersWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
27Melbourne Rebels20 - 36RedsAAMI Park, Melbournereport
27Highlanders29 - 25ChiefsForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
May 2014
31Cell C Sharks19 - 21DHL StormersKings Park, Durbanreport
31Lions32 - 21Vodacom BullsEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
31Brumbies37 - 10Melbourne RebelsCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
31Blues37 - 24HurricanesEden Park, Aucklandreport
31Chiefs17 - 33WaratahsYarrow Stadiumreport
30Reds38 - 31HighlandersSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
30Crusaders30 - 7Western ForceAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
24DHL Stormers33 - 0Toyota CheetahsNewlands, Cape Townreport
24Western Force29 - 19LionsNIB Stadium, Perthreport
24Hurricanes45 - 8ChiefsWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
24Highlanders30 - 32CrusadersForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
23Vodacom Bulls44 - 23BrumbiesLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
23Melbourne Rebels19 - 41WaratahsAAMI Park, Melbournereport
23Blues23 - 29Cell C SharksNorth Harbour Stadiumreport
18Waratahs41 - 13LionsAllianz Stadium, Sydneyreport
17Toyota Cheetahs27 - 21BrumbiesFree State Stadiumreport
17DHL Stormers24 - 8Western ForceNewlands, Cape Townreport
17Reds27 - 30Melbourne RebelsSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
17Crusaders25 - 30Cell C SharksAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
16Hurricanes16 - 18HighlandersWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
11Reds29 - 57CrusadersSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
10Vodacom Bulls28 - 12DHL StormersLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
10Toyota Cheetahs16 - 23Western ForceFree State Stadiumreport
10Brumbies16 - 9Cell C SharksCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
10Highlanders23 - 22LionsForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
9Melbourne Rebels15 - 25HurricanesAAMI Park, Melbournereport
9Chiefs32 - 20BluesYarrow Stadiumreport
3Vodacom Bulls26 - 21Toyota CheetahsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
3DHL Stormers29 - 28HighlandersNewlands, Cape Townreport
3Waratahs39 - 30HurricanesAllianz Stadium, Sydneyreport
3Chiefs38 - 8LionsWaikato Stadium, Hamiltonreport
3Crusaders40 - 20BrumbiesAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
2Melbourne Rebels16 - 22Cell C SharksAAMI Park, Melbournereport
2Blues44 - 14RedsEden Park, Aucklandreport
April 2014
26Toyota Cheetahs35 - 22DHL StormersFree State Stadiumreport
26Western Force15 - 9Vodacom BullsNIB Stadium, Perthreport
26Hurricanes35 - 21RedsWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
25Cell C Sharks18 - 34HighlandersKings Park, Durbanreport
25Brumbies41 - 23ChiefsCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
25Blues21 - 13WaratahsEden Park, Aucklandreport
19DHL Stormers18 - 3LionsNewlands, Cape Townreport
19Cell C Sharks19 - 8Toyota CheetahsKings Park, Durbanreport
19Waratahs19 - 12Vodacom BullsAllianz Stadium, Sydneyreport
19Chiefs17 - 18CrusadersWaikato Stadium, Hamiltonreport
18Melbourne Rebels22 - 16Western ForceAAMI Park, Melbournereport
18Hurricanes39 - 20BluesWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
12Lions12 - 25Cell C SharksEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
12Toyota Cheetahs31 - 52CrusadersVodacom Park, Bloemfonteinreport
12Western Force28 - 16WaratahsNIB Stadium, Perthreport
12Chiefs22 - 16Melbourne RebelsWaikato Stadium, Hamiltonreport
11Reds20 - 23BrumbiesSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
11Highlanders27 - 20Vodacom BullsForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
5DHL Stormers11 - 22WaratahsNewlands, Cape Townreport
5Lions7 - 28CrusadersEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
5Toyota Cheetahs43 - 43ChiefsVodacom Park, Bloemfonteinreport
5Reds29 - 32Western ForceSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
5Hurricanes25 - 20Vodacom BullsMcLean Parkreport
4Brumbies26 - 9BluesCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
4Highlanders33 - 30Melbourne RebelsForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
March 2014
29Cell C Sharks32 - 10WaratahsKings Park, Durbanreport
29Vodacom Bulls34 - 34ChiefsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
29Reds22 - 17DHL StormersSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
29Blues30 - 12HighlandersEden Park, Aucklandreport
28Melbourne Rebels32 - 24BrumbiesAAMI Park, Melbournereport
28Crusaders26 - 29HurricanesAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
22Vodacom Bulls23 - 19Cell C SharksLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
22Lions23 - 20RedsEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
22Western Force18 - 15ChiefsNIB Stadium, Perthreport
22Brumbies25 - 15DHL StormersCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
22Blues40 - 30Toyota CheetahsEden Park, Aucklandreport
21Waratahs32 - 8Melbourne RebelsAllianz Stadium, Sydneyreport
21Highlanders35 - 31HurricanesForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
15Cell C Sharks35 - 20RedsKings Park, Durbanreport
15Lions39 - 36BluesEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
15Brumbies28 - 23WaratahsCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
15Highlanders29 - 31Western ForceForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
15Hurricanes60 - 27Toyota CheetahsWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
14Melbourne Rebels19 - 25CrusadersAAMI Park, Melbournereport
14Chiefs36 - 20DHL StormersWaikato Stadium, Hamiltonreport
8Cell C Sharks37 - 23LionsKings Park, Durbanreport
8Vodacom Bulls38 - 22BluesLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
8Western Force32 - 7Melbourne RebelsNIB Stadium, Perthreport
8Crusaders14 - 13DHL StormersAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
7Reds43 - 33Toyota CheetahsSuncorp Stadium, Brisbanereport
7Hurricanes21 - 29BrumbiesWestpac Stadium, Wellingtonreport
1Vodacom Bulls25 - 17LionsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
1Western Force14 - 27BrumbiesNIB Stadium, Perthreport
1Waratahs32 - 5RedsANZ Stadium, Sydneyreport
1Chiefs21 - 19HighlandersWaikato Stadium, Hamiltonreport
February 2014
28DHL Stormers19 - 18HurricanesNewlands, Cape Townreport
28Melbourne Rebels35 - 14Toyota CheetahsAAMI Park, Melbournereport
28Blues35 - 24CrusadersEden Park, Aucklandreport
23Waratahs43 - 21Western ForceAllianz Stadium, Sydneyreport
22Lions34 - 10DHL StormersEllis Park, Johannesburgreport
22Cell C Sharks27 - 9HurricanesKings Park, Durbanreport
22Brumbies17 - 27RedsCanberra Stadium, Canberrareport
22Highlanders29 - 21BluesForsyth Barr, Dunedinreport
21Toyota Cheetahs15 - 9Vodacom BullsVodacom Park, Bloemfonteinreport
21Crusaders10 - 18ChiefsAMI Stadium, Christchurchreport
15Cell C Sharks31 - 16Vodacom BullsKings Park, Durbanreport
15Toyota Cheetahs20 - 21LionsVodacom Park, Bloemfonteinreport

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