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HSBC Sevens World Series England | RESULTS

May 2016
22South Africa26 - 27ScotlandTwickenham, London 
22Fiji19 - 26USATwickenham, London 
22Argentina14 - 29New ZealandTwickenham, London 
22Wales24 - 19AustraliaTwickenham, London 
22Kenya31 - 7RussiaTwickenham, London 
22USA17 - 24ScotlandTwickenham, London 
22South Africa26 - 21FijiTwickenham, London 
22New Zealand35 - 10EnglandTwickenham, London 
22Argentina31 - 5FranceTwickenham, London 
22Samoa21 - 22AustraliaTwickenham, London 
22Canada17 - 21WalesTwickenham, London 
22Russia26 - 7PortugalTwickenham, London 
22Brazil5 - 38KenyaTwickenham, London 
22England0 - 17ScotlandTwickenham, London 
22New Zealand14 - 42USATwickenham, London 
22France7 - 40FijiTwickenham, London 
22South Africa21 - 19ArgentinaTwickenham, London 
22Australia17 - 12PortugalTwickenham, London 
22Russia17 - 22SamoaTwickenham, London 
22Kenya19 - 21WalesTwickenham, London 
22Canada19 - 7BrazilTwickenham, London 
21England24 - 5WalesTwickenham, London 
21Fiji26 - 0AustraliaTwickenham, London 
21Argentina14 - 14New ZealandTwickenham, London 
21Russia14 - 5BrazilTwickenham, London 
21Samoa0 - 22South AfricaTwickenham, London 
21USA12 - 12CanadaTwickenham, London 
21France29 - 12KenyaTwickenham, London 
21Scotland31 - 14PortugalTwickenham, London 
21Australia7 - 10EnglandTwickenham, London 
21Fiji42 - 5WalesTwickenham, London 
21New Zealand33 - 10RussiaTwickenham, London 
21Argentina28 - 7BrazilTwickenham, London 
21South Africa14 - 10USATwickenham, London 
21Samoa19 - 24CanadaTwickenham, London 
21Kenya12 - 24ScotlandTwickenham, London 
21France45 - 14PortugalTwickenham, London 
21Fiji10 - 31EnglandTwickenham, London 
21Australia22 - 10WalesTwickenham, London 
21New Zealand31 - 0BrazilTwickenham, London 
21Argentina22 - 12RussiaTwickenham, London 
21South Africa21 - 7CanadaTwickenham, London 
21Samoa5 - 12USATwickenham, London 
21Kenya22 - 17PortugalTwickenham, London 
21France14 - 14ScotlandTwickenham, London 

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