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*All times CAT (GMT+2)

HSBC Sevens World Series Scotland | FIXTURES

All times CAT (SA, GMT+2)
May 2014
3FijivArgentinaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow11:30
3WalesvKenyaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow11:52
3EnglandvFranceScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow12:14
3CanadavJapanScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow12:36
3New ZealandvSamoaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow12:58
3South AfricavPortugalScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow13:20
3AustraliavScotlandScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow13:42
3USAvSpainScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow14:04
3FijivKenyaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow14:36
3WalesvArgentinaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow14:58
3EnglandvJapanScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow15:20
3CanadavFranceScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow15:42
3New ZealandvPortugalScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow16:04
3South AfricavSamoaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow16:26
3AustraliavSpainScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow16:48
3USAvScotlandScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow17:10
3FijivWalesScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow17:47
3ArgentinavKenyaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow18:09
3EnglandvCanadaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow18:31
3FrancevJapanScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow18:53
3SamoavPortugalScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow19:15
3New ZealandvSouth AfricaScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow19:37
3AustraliavUSAScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow19:59
3ScotlandvSpainScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow20:21
4A3vD4Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow11:30
4C3vB4Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow11:52
4D3vA4Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow12:14
4B3vC4Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow12:36
4A1vD2Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow12:58
4C1vB2Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow13:20
4D1vA2Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow13:42
4B1vC2Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow14:04
4Loser Match 25vLoser Match 26Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow14:46
4Loser Match 27vLoser Match 28Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow15:08
4Winner Match 25vWinner Match 26Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow15:30
4Winner Match 27vWinner Match 28Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow15:52
4Loser Match 29vLoser Match 30Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow16:14
4Loser Match 31vLoser Match 32Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow16:36
4Winner Match 29vWinner Match 30Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow16:58
4Winner Match 31vWinner Match 32Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow17:20
4Winner Match 33vWinner Match 34Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow17:52
4Winner Match 35vWinner Match 36Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow18:20
4Winner Match 37vWinner Match 38Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow18:48
4Loser Match 39vLoser Match 40Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow19:16
4Winner Match 39vWinner Match 40Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow19:50

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