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*All times CAT (GMT+2)

HSBC Sevens World Series Dubai | FIXTURES

All times CAT (SA, GMT+2)
December 2014
5South AfricavPortugal7he Sevens, Dubai07:00
5WalesvCanada7he Sevens, Dubai07:22
5FijivFrance7he Sevens, Dubai07:44
5ArgentinavBrazil7he Sevens, Dubai08:06
5SamoavScotland7he Sevens, Dubai08:30
5New ZealandvJapan7he Sevens, Dubai08:52
5EnglandvUSA7he Sevens, Dubai09:14
5AustraliavKenya7he Sevens, Dubai09:36
5South AfricavCanada7he Sevens, Dubai10:00
5WalesvPortugal7he Sevens, Dubai10:22
5FijivBrazil7he Sevens, Dubai10:44
5ArgentinavFrance7he Sevens, Dubai11:06
5SamoavJapan7he Sevens, Dubai11:30
5New ZealandvScotland7he Sevens, Dubai11:52
5EnglandvKenya7he Sevens, Dubai12:14
5AustraliavUSA7he Sevens, Dubai12:36
5PortugalvCanada7he Sevens, Dubai13:46
5South AfricavWales7he Sevens, Dubai14:08
5FrancevBrazil7he Sevens, Dubai14:30
5FijivArgentina7he Sevens, Dubai14:52
5ScotlandvJapan7he Sevens, Dubai17:25
5SamoavNew Zealand7he Sevens, Dubai17:47
5USAvKenya7he Sevens, Dubai18:09
5EnglandvAustralia7he Sevens, Dubai18:31
6A3vD47he Sevens, Dubai07:30
6C3vB47he Sevens, Dubai07:52
6D3vA47he Sevens, Dubai08:14
6B3vC47he Sevens, Dubai08:36
6A1vD27he Sevens, Dubai09:00
6C1vB27he Sevens, Dubai09:22
6D1vA27he Sevens, Dubai09:44
6B1vC27he Sevens, Dubai10:06
6Loser Match 25vLoser Match 267he Sevens, Dubai11:38
6Loser Match 27vLoser Match 287he Sevens, Dubai12:00
6Winner Match 25vWinner Match 267he Sevens, Dubai12:22
6Winner Match 27vWinner Match 287he Sevens, Dubai12:44
6Loser Match 29vLoser Match 307he Sevens, Dubai14:11
6Loser Match 31vLoser Match 327he Sevens, Dubai14:33
6Winner Match 29vWinner Match 307he Sevens, Dubai14:55
6Winner Match 31vWinner Match 327he Sevens, Dubai15:17
6Winner Match 33vWinner Match 347he Sevens, Dubai16:14
6Winner Match 35vWinner Match 367he Sevens, Dubai16:42
6Winner Match 37vWinner Match 387he Sevens, Dubai17:10
6Loser Match 39vLoser Match 407he Sevens, Dubai17:40
6Winner Match 39vWinner Match 407he Sevens, Dubai18:12

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