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August 2016
27Cell C Sharks26 - 19Blue BullsGrowthpoint KINGS PARK, Durbanreport
27Eastern Province Kings6 - 36Western ProvinceNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
26Pumas35 - 41GriquasMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
26Golden Lions60 - 12Boland KavaliersEmirates Airline Park, Johannesburgreport
20Griquas30 - 24Golden LionsGriqua Park,Kimberleyreport
19Blue Bulls49 - 35Eastern Province KingsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
19Western Province25 - 32CheetahsDHL Newlands, Cape Townreport
19Boland Kavaliers20 - 41Cell C SharksBoland Stadium, Wellington 
13Cheetahs43 - 20Blue BullsToyota Stadium, Bloemfonteinreport
13Golden Lions68 - 26PumasEmirates Airline Park, Johannesburgreport
12Cell C Sharks46 - 24GriquasGrowthpoint KINGS PARK, Durbanreport
12Eastern Province Kings10 - 28Boland KavaliersNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
6Boland Kavaliers16 - 44CheetahsBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
5Pumas10 - 33Cell C SharksMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
5Blue Bulls45 - 26Western ProvinceLoftus Versfeld, Pretoriareport
July 2016
23Windhoek Draught Welwitschias7 - 71Western ProvinceHage Geingob,Windhoekreport
23Boland Kavaliers28 - 24Golden LionsGrabouw High Schoolreport
23Down Touch Griffons17 - 60PumasHT Pelatona Projects Stadium,Welkomreport
22Leopards37 - 17GriquasOlen Park,Potchefstroom 
22Border Bulldogs18 - 22CheetahsBCM Stadium,East London 
22SWD Eagles24 - 29Cell C SharksOuteniqua Park,George 
22Hino Valke59 - 26Eastern Province KingsBarnard Stadium,Kempton Park 
16Cheetahs17 - 24Boland KavaliersToyota Stadium,Bloemfonteinreport
16Golden Lions35 - 29SWD EaglesAlbertonreport
16Western Province52 - 26Border BulldogsNewlands Stadium,Cape Townreport
15Pumas29 - 27LeopardsMbombela Stadium,Nelspruit 
15Blue Bulls95 - 12Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasLoftus Versfeld,Pretoria 
15Cell C Sharks10 - 26Hino ValkeKings Park Stadium,Durban 
15Eastern Province Kings24 - 32Down Touch GriffonsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth 
9Border Bulldogs26 - 45Blue BullsBuffalo City Stadium,East Londonreport
9Boland Kavaliers14 - 25Western ProvincePiketbergreport
9Down Touch Griffons27 - 36Cell C SharksHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkom 
9Leopards54 - 14Eastern Province KingsOlen Park,Potchefstroomreport
9Hino Valke14 - 75Golden LionsBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
8SWD Eagles16 - 24CheetahsOuteniqua Park,Georgereport
7Griquas37 - 14PumasGriqua Park, Kimberleyreport
2Western Province45 - 17SWD EaglesCity Park Stadium,Cape Townreport
2Windhoek Draught Welwitschias18 - 76Border BulldogsHage Geingob,Windhoekreport
2Eastern Province Kings12 - 29GriquasNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
2Golden Lions66 - 19Down Touch GriffonsEmirates Airline Park, Johannesburgreport
2Cheetahs33 - 27Hino ValkeToyota Stadium,Bloemfonteinreport
1Blue Bulls26 - 35Boland KavaliersLoftus Versfeld,Pretoriareport
1Cell C Sharks26 - 23LeopardsCrusaders RC, Durbanreport
June 2016
25Boland Kavaliers110 - 10Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasBoland Stadium,Wellingtonreport
25Griquas36 - 14Cell C SharksMxolisi Dicky Jacobs Stadium, Upington report
25Down Touch Griffons49 - 33CheetahsHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkomreport
24SWD Eagles23 - 28Blue BullsOuteniqua Park,Georgereport
24Hino Valke31 - 59Western ProvinceBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
24Pumas53 - 20Eastern Province KingsMbombela Stadium,Nelspruitreport
24Leopards28 - 64Golden LionsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
18Cell C Sharks13 - 35PumasNewcastlereport
18Windhoek Draught Welwitschias5 - 96SWD EaglesHage Geingob Stadium, Windhoekreport
18Western Province43 - 26Down Touch GriffonsCape Townreport
17Cheetahs23 - 14LeopardsToyota Stadium,Bloemfonteinreport
17Blue Bulls42 - 15Hino ValkeLoftus Versfeld,Pretoriareport
16Border Bulldogs17 - 38Boland KavaliersBCM Stadium,East Londonreport
11Golden Lions52 - 37GriquasJohannesburg Police Rugby Club, Marks Parkreport
11Hino Valke66 - 5Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
10SWD Eagles39 - 22Border BulldogsOuteniqua Park,Georgereport
10Blue Bulls22 - 18Cell C SharksLoftus Versfeld,Pretoriareport
4Leopards34 - 43Western ProvinceOlen Park,Potchefstroomreport
4Griquas44 - 31CheetahsGriqua Park, Kimberleyreport
4Pumas35 - 24Golden LionsMbombela Stadium,Nelspruitreport
4Down Touch Griffons28 - 57Blue BullsNorth West Stadium,Welkomreport
3Eastern Province Kings26 - 34Cell C SharksNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, PEreport
May 2016
28Windhoek Draught Welwitschias0 - 101Down Touch GriffonsHage Geingob,Windhoekreport
28Golden Lions35 - 35Eastern Province KingsPirates Rugby Club, Greenside, Johannesburgreport
28Blue Bulls26 - 51LeopardsLoftus Versfeld,Pretoriareport
28Western Province24 - 23GriquasNewlands Stadium,Cape Townreport
27Border Bulldogs29 - 24Hino ValkeBuffalo City Stadium,East Londonreport
27Boland Kavaliers32 - 16SWD EaglesBoland Stadium,Wellingtonreport
27Cheetahs26 - 29PumasToyota Stadium,Bloemfonteinreport
21Down Touch Griffons34 - 23Border BulldogsNorth West Stadium,Welkomreport
21Griquas39 - 38Blue BullsGriqua Park, Kimberleyreport
20Pumas20 - 27Western ProvinceMbombela Stadium,Nelspruitreport
20Cell C Sharks16 - 53Golden LionsKings Park Stadium,Durbanreport
20Leopards42 - 17Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasOlen Park,Potchefstroomreport
20Eastern Province Kings15 - 35CheetahsKings Park Stadium,Durbanreport
20Hino Valke22 - 24Boland KavaliersBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
14Western Province50 - 10Eastern Province KingsNewlands Stadium,Cape Townreport
14Windhoek Draught Welwitschias25 - 55GriquasHage Geingob,Windhoekreport
14Cheetahs19 - 13Cell C SharksToyota Stadium,Bloemfonteinreport
13Border Bulldogs22 - 34LeopardsBuffalo City Stadium,East Londonreport
13SWD Eagles30 - 32Hino ValkeOuteniqua Park,Georgereport
13Blue Bulls13 - 25PumasLoftus Versfeld,Pretoriareport
13Boland Kavaliers56 - 17Down Touch GriffonsBoland Stadium,Wellingtonreport
7Cell C Sharks24 - 16Western ProvinceKings Park Stadium,Durbanreport
7Golden Lions15 - 29CheetahsEllis Park Stadium,Johannesburgreport
7Griquas21 - 12Border BulldogsGriqua Park, Kimberley 
7Pumas47 - 7Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasMbombela Stadium,Nelspruitreport
7Leopards31 - 43Boland KavaliersOlen Park,Potchefstroomreport
7Eastern Province Kings19 - 14Blue BullsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
6Down Touch Griffons30 - 14SWD EaglesNorth West Stadium,Welkomreport
April 2016
30Western Province27 - 24Golden LionsNewlands Stadium,Cape Townreport
30Windhoek Draught Welwitschias18 - 31Eastern Province KingsHage Geingob,Windhoekreport
30Border Bulldogs3 - 28PumasBuffalo City Stadium,East Londonreport
29Boland Kavaliers14 - 30GriquasBoland Stadium,Wellingtonreport
27SWD Eagles26 - 21LeopardsOuteniqua Park,Georgereport
27Hino Valke26 - 49Down Touch GriffonsBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
23Golden Lions38 - 17Blue BullsAlberton 
23Griquas27 - 17SWD EaglesGriqua Park, Kimberley 
23Cell C Sharks48 - 18Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasKings Park Stadium,Durban 
23Eastern Province Kings14 - 28Border BulldogsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium,Port Elizabeth 
22Leopards26 - 24Hino ValkeOlen Park,Potchefstroom 
22Pumas12 - 10Boland KavaliersMbombela Stadium,Nelspruit 
22Cheetahs31 - 36Western ProvinceToyota Stadium,Bloemfontein 
16Boland Kavaliers37 - 18Eastern Province KingsBoland Stadium,Wellington 
16Windhoek Draught Welwitschias12 - 66Golden LionsHage Geingob,Windhoek 
16Down Touch Griffons76 - 26LeopardsNorth West Stadium,Welkom 
16Blue Bulls20 - 17CheetahsLoftus Versfeld,Pretoria 
15Border Bulldogs37 - 32Cell C SharksBuffalo City Stadium,East London 
15SWD Eagles25 - 21PumasOuteniqua Park,George 
15Hino Valke29 - 56GriquasBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
9Eastern Province Kings14 - 37SWD EaglesNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth 
9Cheetahs32 - 17Windhoek Draught WelwitschiasToyota Stadium,Bloemfonteinreport
8Pumas9 - 12Hino ValkeMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
8Western Province30 - 16Blue BullsNewlands Stadium, Cape Townreport
8Golden Lions23 - 27Border BulldogsEllis Park Stadium, Johannesburgreport
8Cell C Sharks25 - 37Boland KavaliersKings Park Stadium, Durbanreport
7Griquas34 - 14Down Touch GriffonsGriqua Park, Kimberleyreport

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