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Absa Currie Cup Division One | RESULTS

October 2016
7Leopards25 - 44GriffonsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom 
September 2016
30Border Bulldogs16 - 25GriffonsBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
30Leopards40 - 30ValkeProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom 
17Welwitschias20 - 50ValkeHage Geingob Stadium, Windhoekreport
16Border Bulldogs31 - 24SWD EaglesBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
10Griffons84 - 25WelwitschiasHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkom 
10Leopards49 - 31SWD EaglesProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
9Valke29 - 54Border BulldogsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
3Valke19 - 42LeopardsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
2Border Bulldogs41 - 24GriffonsBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
August 2016
27Valke34 - 32SWD EaglesBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
26Border Bulldogs61 - 7WelwitschiasBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
26Leopards43 - 33GriffonsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
20SWD Eagles27 - 33GriffonsOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
20Welwitschias42 - 54LeopardsHage Geingob Stadium, Windhoekreport
12SWD Eagles54 - 23WelwitschiasOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
12Leopards26 - 24Border BulldogsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
12Griffons50 - 27Valke HT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkomreport
October 2015
8Leopards44 - 20SWD EaglesProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom  
3Griffons40 - 47SWD EaglesHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkomreport
2Leopards29 - 17ValkeTBCreport
September 2015
25SWD Eagles27 - 21GriffonsOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
25Border Bulldogs44 - 20Boland KavaliersBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
25Valke29 - 36LeopardsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
19Boland Kavaliers14 - 57SWD EaglesBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
19Griffons30 - 21ValkeHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkomreport
19Leopards32 - 30Border BulldogsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
12Valke76 - 12Boland KavaliersBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
12Leopards64 - 34GriffonsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
11Border Bulldogs19 - 31SWD EaglesBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
5Boland Kavaliers12 - 47LeopardsBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
4SWD Eagles21 - 17ValkeOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
4Border Bulldogs16 - 31GriffonsBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
August 2015
29Leopards36 - 31SWD EaglesProfert Olen Park,Potchefstroomreport
29Valke48 - 27Border BulldogsBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
29Griffons62 - 24Boland KavaliersHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkomreport
July 2015
25Border Bulldogs8 - 33LeopardsBCM stadium,East Londonreport
24Valke57 - 41GriffonsBarnard Stadium,Kempton Parkreport
18Leopards61 - 17Boland KavaliersProfert Olen Park,Potchefstroom 
18Griffons43 - 20Border BulldogsHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkom 
11Boland Kavaliers29 - 16ValkeBoland Stadium, Wellington 
11Griffons20 - 24LeopardsHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkom 
10SWD Eagles19 - 13Border BulldogsOuteniqua Park, George 
3SWD Eagles28 - 28Boland KavaliersOuteniqua Park, George 
3Border Bulldogs12 - 13ValkeBCM stadium,East London 
June 2015
27Boland Kavaliers15 - 22Border BulldogsBoland Stadium, Wellington 
27Valke22 - 17SWD EaglesBarnard Stadium,Kempton Park 
20Leopards53 - 7ValkeProfert Olen Park,Potchefstroom 
20Griffons25 - 21SWD EaglesHT Pelatona Projects Stadium, Welkom 
13Boland Kavaliers32 - 22GriffonsBoland Stadium, Wellington 
12SWD Eagles17 - 45LeopardsOuteniqua Park, George 

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