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Absa Currie Cup Division One | RESULTS

October 2013
11Pumas53 - 30Eastern Province KingsMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
4Eastern Province Kings32 - 29LeopardsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
4Pumas52 - 33SWD EaglesMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
September 2013
27SWD Eagles24 - 35LeopardsOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
27Border Bulldogs20 - 38Eastern Province KingsBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
27Valke17 - 67PumasBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
27Boland Kavaliers26 - 26GriffonsBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
21Pumas44 - 21Boland KavaliersMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
21Griffons28 - 51SWD EaglesNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
20Eastern Province Kings30 - 23ValkeNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
20Leopards22 - 26Border BulldogsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
13SWD Eagles27 - 28PumasOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
13Leopards40 - 33GriffonsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
13Boland Kavaliers19 - 40Eastern Province KingsBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
13Border Bulldogs35 - 14ValkeBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
7Griffons24 - 19Border BulldogsNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
7Valke28 - 21Boland KavaliersBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
6Pumas38 - 20LeopardsMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
6Eastern Province Kings15 - 9SWD EaglesNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
August 2013
31Griffons24 - 42PumasNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
30SWD Eagles58 - 42ValkeOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
30Leopards26 - 44Eastern Province KingsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
30Border Bulldogs21 - 19Boland KavaliersBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
24Boland Kavaliers35 - 30SWD EaglesBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
24Valke27 - 38LeopardsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
23Eastern Province Kings63 - 7GriffonsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
23Border Bulldogs10 - 42PumasBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
17Griffons50 - 35ValkeNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
17Leopards22 - 17Boland KavaliersProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
16Pumas33 - 32Eastern Province KingsMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
16SWD Eagles36 - 31Border BulldogsOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
10Griffons35 - 55Boland KavaliersNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
10Pumas69 - 12ValkeMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
9Eastern Province Kings9 - 6Border BulldogsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
9Leopards47 - 50SWD EaglesProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
9Leopards47 - 50SWD EaglesProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom 
3Border Bulldogs10 - 26LeopardsBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
2Valke18 - 44Eastern Province KingsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
2SWD Eagles30 - 25GriffonsOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
2Boland Kavaliers5 - 35PumasBoland Stadium,Wellingtonreport
July 2013
27Pumas60 - 20SWD EaglesMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
27Griffons34 - 28LeopardsNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
26Eastern Province Kings23 - 30Boland KavaliersNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
26Valke34 - 29Border BulldogsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
20Border Bulldogs22 - 20GriffonsBCM Stadium, East Londonreport
19SWD Eagles34 - 35Eastern Province KingsOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
19Leopards27 - 35PumasProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroomreport
19Boland Kavaliers20 - 7ValkeBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
12Eastern Province Kings18 - 22LeopardsNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabethreport
12Pumas56 - 10GriffonsMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
12Boland Kavaliers22 - 20Border BulldogsBoland Stadium, Wellingtonreport
12Valke37 - 38SWD EaglesBarnard Stadium, Kempton Parkreport
6Griffons21 - 37Eastern Province KingsNorth West Stadium, Welkomreport
5Pumas23 - 16Border BulldogsMbombela Stadium, Nelspruitreport
5SWD Eagles17 - 22Boland KavaliersOuteniqua Park, Georgereport
5Leopards50 - 25ValkeOlen Park, Potchefstroomreport
June 2013
29Boland Kavaliers17 - 45LeopardsBoland Stadium, Wellington 
28Eastern Province Kings13 - 29PumasNelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth 
28Border Bulldogs12 - 36SWD EaglesBCM Stadium, East London 
28Valke30 - 30GriffonsBarnard Stadium, Kempton Park 

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