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Up and Coming

It’s 19 Feb - a relaxed Tuesday night in the Potgieter household, and this is no ordinary household either.

Okay, so we’re a man and his bulldog, a very ordinary household, but it looked a lot different on this fateful day last year.

Okay, Zsa Zsa didn’t look very different at all, but then again, she’s always looked like she has three stomachs, none of them working properly of course.

I, on the other hand, looked exactly like someone who had just awoken from a four-hour operation - the type you have after you accidentally almost sever your forearm.

Scary to think that a year has passed so quickly, and we’re facing a brand new season of Super Rugby.

Hell. Yeah.

Welcome to my weekly blog. My name is Dewald Potgieter, and I am NOT an alcoholic. Far worse, it seems. I only recently learned that I am a tone-deaf tappet waste of life. Jeez, just a couple of boys with a song in their hearts... and then BAM, we get promptly cyber-molested.

When that happens to be little nephew Kyle’s review, you know you’re in trouble. I’m too scared to go on to Youtube - 200 000 Simon Cowells are waiting patiently there. All your ex-girlfriends call you, and you can tell that, after watching the video, they feel like they’ve won the break-up. All they see is a puffy red face after the big hard sun had his way with you all day on the training grounds, and you look like you want to cry because you’re not sure if you sound as bad as the director’s face implies.

Good times.

Where was I? Oh yes, I’m Dewald... and I like to fiddle around with a pen every once in a while. My views are my own, and they do not represent the Bulls, SA Rugby or the United Nations. They’re also the only views you’ll find in here. I asked my girlfriend if she has an idea for a title for my first blog of the year - she did. Subsequently all her decision-making privileges have been removed.

Here’s the deal - I love what I do, and I’d like to share some of the experience with you fine people.

My experiences in 2013 thus far have been limited to filing my tax returns and buying a massively overpriced teddy bear for my girlfriend on Valentine’s day, same as all of you I guess, except for the tax evaders and the clever ones among you.

It’s not that it’s been an uneventful time - I just don’t want to bore you with details of our pre-season regime. That being said, it’s probably been one of the best pre-seasons we’ve had the past couple of years. We had a pretty decent warm-up game against the Cheetahs, but sadly those games aren’t worth any points. Still, it’s a good feeling to make it to the other side of a pre-season intact, something I haven’t done since 2010 no thanks to some untimely injuries.

I feel good. My good friend Wynand Olivier always teases that in my sixth year of Super Rugby I’m still up and coming. Here’s to hoping Has-been is right.

The first game of our campaign is a big one - the Soweto Derby... Bulls v Stormers... at Loftus.

And what makes this game even more significant is the fact that I also celebrate the fifth anniversary of my 21st birthday on Friday. I actually had a dream about the day.

I woke up, reached for my phone, fired a tweet to Francois Hougaard saying it’s my birthday, and asked for a retweet. He retweeted punctually.

Best dream ever.

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