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Football | Naija

Note: this article is written in Pidgin English for a Nigerian audience
AC Milan © Action Images

Milan don dey redi for Inter gbege

AC Milan don dey fite like agbero for Serie A since de season start, as dem bin no gree start well, and on Sunday, dia waka go continue as dem go follow dia town club, Inter Milan play for inside San Siro stadium.

Milan bin win Serie A for 2011, come carri second las year, wen Juventus win am. Wen dis season start sha, e bin hard dem sotay many pipu bin dey tok say dem go troway dia coachi, Massimiliano Allegri.

Allegri no gree sha, and na im come carri dem play beta ball sotay, dem don dey carri third for Serie A now and 13 match still remain. Dem come even waya Barcelona 2-kondo on Wednesday nite sef, for dia Champions lig fess leg.

As Juventus dey gap everibodi for Italy, dem carri four point gap Napoli for second, many guymen don dey tok say na de two of dem go fite to be Italy champion, sake of say na 11 point dem take gap Milan and Lazio (na dem be third and fourth).

Inter dey for fifth, and e be like say to tap ball don taya dem. Na AC Milan wey dey tap ball like faya now, na im Inter wan come play so.

As Milan bin waya Barcelona 2-kondo, many guymen bin dey tink say dem no go too tap beta b all wit Inter. Allegri no gree.

”We no fit tink am at all. We musto charge our battry again, den prepia for Inter. Na anoda gallop wey we musto pass,” na im Allegri yarn afta dem waya Barcelona on Wednesday nite.

Inter sha, continue dia Europa lig waka on Thursday nite, wen dem bilala Cluj (na club for Romania) 3-kondo. E mean say na 5-kondo dem use waya dem for de two leg.

Even tho Inter waya Cluj, dia gbege jus plenti now, becos Diego Milito, dia numba one strika, bin carri one beta wound for hin knee afta de fess leg, and he be like say hin futbal don finish for dis season.

Fiorentina come waya dem 4-1 for lig, wey make Milan pass dem enta third. On Thursday again, dia ogbonge defenda, Andrea Ranocchia come wound hin own knee sef, and he fit no play on Sunday.

Inter coachi, Andrea Stramaccioni tok say all dat one na tori, becos wen Sunday reach nobodi go dey tink am.

”Forget dat level, dis na moto park gbege. Milan dey tap beta ball now but we sef go tap ball,” na im Stramaccioni tok.

”Dat match wey Fiorentina waya us worry us well, well but we dey enta dis match wit beta confido.”

Lazio, wey bin dey tap ball like say dem wan win Italy lig, don dey mind dia level now, and e be like say na jus to finish for numba one to five dem dey look now.

On Thursday nite sha, dem sef reach las 16 for Europa afta dem waya Borussia Moenchengladbach (na club for Germany) 2-kondo for second leg.

Dem go use three days rest now, plus carri am train small, bifor dem go follow Pescara play on Monday nite. Dem no go forget de way Siena waya dem 3-kondo sha, and na Pescara suppose suffa am.

Meanwilly, Juventus go dey plan how to gap everibodi well, well wen dem follow Siena play.

De two of dem dey wear de sam kin jersey but Juventus no be dia mate for money or sabi.

Siena bin waya Lazio 3-kondo las week, and de tin go don give dem small confido say dem fit comot for bottom of table, but as dem dey travel go Juventus house (Juventus don win Italy lig 28 tines. Dem be baba) so, dia coachi, Giuseppe Iachini sef sabi say e go hard.

Juventus strika, Alessandro Matri tok say e no mean sha. He say dem go give Siena respet.

”De match get as e be. Dem go get small confido now and dem no go jus wan attak us anyhow. Na counter dem go try use,” na im Matri tok.

Saturday match:

Palermo v Genoa

Sunday match:

Sampdoria v Chievo

Atalanta v Roma

Bologna v Fiorentina

Cagliari v Torino

Juventus v Siena

Parma v Catania

Inter v Milan

Monday match:

Udinese v Napoli

Lazio v Pescara


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