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Football | Kenya

Dan Sserunkuma @ SS com

Sserunkuma speaks out on 2012

Ugandan Dan Sserunkuma has had a great season, emerging as the second top scorer and bagging the Player of the Year award.

We spoke to the player regarding his performance this season and his future prospects. You left Nairobi City Stars having scored a number of goals. Did you think you would keep up the performance once you joined Gor Mahia?

Sserunkuma: City Stars was good team and I constantly got playing time. Moving to Gor Mahia, I knew that I had to be very impressive to make the selection for matches. In this regard, I honestly was not very sure I would keep up with the scoring ways.

However, the hard work I put in training paid off and I became among the lucky ones to play in most matches. Were you disappointed to miss out on the golden boot on the last day of the season?

Sserunkuma: Like I have said in the past, my main ambition was to see the team taking home the league title. The golden boot to me would have been a bonus. However, it is human nature to feel disappointed after losing it when I was so close. But I cannot say it hurt me as much as not winning the title. You were nominated in two categories for the Footballer of the Year Awards. Were you sure of going home with an award after the ceremony?

Sserunkuma: The league has very many good players. As such it was clear that anyone who made the list of nominees had a good a chance as anyone else to bag the award. I, therefore, cannot say that I was sure of taking home an award from the ceremony because my chances were just as good as everybody else’s. How did you feel when you were named the Player of the Year?

Sserunkuma: In any sport, the recognition you get for your work serves to give you confidence, because it is an indication that you are doing the right thing. On being named the Player of the Year, I at first could not believe it. It was definitely music to my ears.

It later sank in as I was handed the trophy and I must say there is no better feeling than what I experienced at the particular moment. There was a cash prize coming with the award.

What do you intend to do with the money?

Sserunkuma: I have not seen the money yet. So, it would be really putting the cart before the horse for me to speak of something that is not in my hands yet. However, it is a decent amount and I would have to sit down and make good plans for it. What can you say contributed to you being the great player you are now?

Sserunkuma: Hard work. In any career, the effort you put in underscores your level of success. Team work and belief from the coach also helped me grow further in my career. Coach (Zdravko) Logarusic saw something in me and helped bring it out. I, honestly, cannot say I would have been as good as I am now without his guidance. What do you think of Gor Mahia’s fans?

Sserunkuma: Gor fans are the most passionate I have ever seen. They are always at the stadium to edge the team on even when the match is on an odd week day, or its raining. I am glad to have been part of such a well-supported team because the fan support also helps to boost your confidence during matches. Do you think you would have received the kind of attention you are getting now had you been playing in your home country?

Sserunkuma: (Laughs) Not quite. No. I would be lying if I say I would. Coming to Kenya put me at a vantage point to show what I could do, a chance I am not sure I would have received playing for a Ugandan team. What next for Sserunkuma? Are there plans to move to another team?

Sserunkuma: I want to keep on improving and at the moment my plans are to keep growing with Gor Mahia. It is a wonderful, wonderful club and the great relationship I have built with my teammates and members of administration cannot be found elsewhere.


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