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Ferguson: Why This Could Be the End!

No one lives forever. In fact nothing lasts forever! The recent form or lack of it shown by Manchester united is in my opinion a signal that certain things have to come to an end at Manchester united. One of them the Reign of Sir Alex Ferguson!

There is a serious potential possibility that there could be a Permanent shift in power in the City of Manchester. With the Spectacular Premier League title win by Manchester City last season, they ceased to be the “Noisy Neighbors” of United as labeled by Sir Alex Ferguson and in my opinion have ushered in the beginning of the inevitable, The Retirement Of Sir Alex Ferguson!

Born on the 31st of December 1941 (age 70) Ferguson is by far, arguably the most Decorated Coach in the history of Football. He has been at the helms of Manchester United since 1986, 26 years!

During this period he has won 37 Trophies, of which 12 of them are the prestigious English Premier League. In a Managerial career that started tasting success way back as 1976.

He has amassed a total of 48 titles and individually has won 64 Awards as a personality and manager!

However, when one takes a very close look at the Manchester United fabric today, there are so many signals that he is beginning to overstay his welcome and it is most definitely in his best interest and that of this great establishment called Manchester united, that he call it quits at the end of the 20120/2013 football season.

This is why I think :

The United team is ageing and Fergusson is so obsessed with keeping his old trusted guard at the core of the team that it is constantly costing United points and renaissance. (Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand etc)

I wonder how Ferguson motivates ambitious young and upcoming talents in his team, when they have to sit on the bench for coming back out of retirement veterans for example. This surely tilts the balance in any team!

Do not get me wrong, these above named players are huge legends in all ramifications but there is an obvious reason why the best retirement age in a demanding league like the premier league is at 33! Paul Scholes is still a great passer of the ball any day, Giggs is still so intelligent to make up for the loss due to age of the blistering speed he once possessed at times and Ferdinand though now regularly being found guilty of lack of pace is still a good defender but Manchester fans and the Club itself deserve 11 players at all times without these problems!

For years United were the richest club in the world and the first choice of most players, that is far from the case with the arrival of the mega rich Qatari’s and Russians into the scene today. Several players in recent years have easily chosen Chelsea and Manchester City over Manchester United. Even Wayne Rooney at one point recently wanted to leave United for greener pastures!

United owe their success in the past to their team discipline,concentration,mixture of upcoming Youth and Still world class ‘Ageing’ players to perform, coupled with team organization; These qualities are missing when one watches united play Now. A perfect example is the almost Nonexistent United Team during the First half of the recent Man united Vs Tottenham Hotspur game at the weekend that saw them lose to Tottenham for the first time in 23 years!

The point here is that the declining domination of Manchester united would be better managed with A Sir Alex Fergusson of the good old days in a different situation and environment than what exists today.


It is quite understandable from the Board of Directors’ of Manchester United point of view the obvious reluctance to provoke a separation: How do you replace a “monument” like Sir Alex Ferguson? But there are certain younger monuments that are also capable to replace him.

JOSE MOURINHO : The ‘Special One’ has always made it clear that he craves a return to the Premier league and in fact is rumored to be the successor to Sir Alex, though he is still under Contract at Real Madrid. He has the man management skills that this great club deserves the reputation and is successful, but my only fear is that His ‘Ego’ and constant attention seeking pranks might not be welcome at Manchester United, coupled with his defensive playing style at the detriment of beautiful play but rightfully at the benefit of Trophies!

His Contract, just renewed with Real Madrid could be a Hindrance.

JOSEP GUARDIOLA: This coach with Barcelona in 3 years has won a quarter of titles won by Sir Alex Ferguson in 36 years. Soft Spoken but firm, relatively young, principled, bright, and his playing Philosophy is all about ball possession and beautiful play, whilst always playing offensively to win.

Personally I find him perfect for Manchester United should Sir Ferguson decide to leave the scene.

Possible hindrance? Lack of perfect control of the English language. I believe we will see him soon in the Premier League and that might explain why at this moment, he currently lives in New York with his family. Where else can you peacefully prepare your transition Into the English language and way of life easier than in America?

For Sir Alex Ferguson, I believe life after United will be difficult to say the least. He is such a professional and practically lives for his club and replacing the enormous Void that will exist after football will be a great challenge. But this Legend deserves to see out his glorious life peacefully and happily without football.

That’s why a final stretch to end in style this season would be a perfect Ending. Long Live Sir Alex Ferguson!

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