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'Regret' is just not good enough

Chelsea Football Club have admitted their “regret” at not giving more consideration to allegations of “inappropriate words” directed at John Obi Mikel by referee Mark Clattenburg which were made by their players in their game against Manchester United.

This statement was made by the club following a meeting between the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), the Premier League, and Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck.

A joint statement made by all parties said: “There was a constructive and open discussion. The club regrets not having given more consideration before issuing a statement on Sunday 28th October”.

“The club also regrets the subsequent impact the intense media scrutiny had on Mark Clattenburg and his family.”

They went on with their patronising words to say “Chelsea FC made it clear they would welcome Mark Clattenburg back to Stamford Bridge in the future and PGMOL would have no issue in appointing him to a Chelsea FC match going forward”.

What a load of hogwash. What a load of patronising horse manure.

I’m struggling to find the words to express my disgust without using “industrial” language as I’m conscious that children do read this column.

Regret??? What the hell does that mean?

No apology? “No, I’m sorry ref, we got it wrong”? No level of remorse for putting this unfortunate man through hell for nearly four weeks?

And what does Mark Clattenburg’s bosses at the PGMOL have to say about it?

It appears that they are a bunch of gutless, spineless, bureaucrats in not standing up for their colleague who has had to endure weeks of torture and with not one word of support coming from them.

When one sees who these referees administrators at the PGMOL are it is easy to understand why Mr Clattenburg must have felt very much alone. Mike Reilly the CEO of the PMGOL who was one of the weakest referees in the premier league along with Neal Barry another colleague of Reilly at the time and also very weak.

These are the individuals who are supposed to lead and support the referee.

These are the individuals who are supposed to come out in defence of everything that was being said on television and printed in the press about the referee.

These are the ones match officials look to in times of trouble.

Instead their silence was deafening.

Heaven help the other refs if this is the best the PGMOL can do.

For Chelsea to say “Chelsea made it clear they would welcome Mark Clattenburg back to Stamford Bridge in the Future” is an indication that perhaps the clubs do have a say in which referee will handle their game on a weekly basis.

If I were in charge of match appointments at the PGMOL I would have made sure that Mark Clattenburg was back at Chelsea at the next available opportunity to demonstrate that clubs will have no hand, act, or part in who will referee their game.

But then you are dealing with Messrs Reilly and Barry (PGMOL) who don’t have the guts of an ant and are quite happy to go with the flow, a flow that nearly “drowned” Mark Clattenberg’s career.

Mark, you handled this situation with honour and dignity and you’ll be better for it, no thanks to your bosses at the PGMOL.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments so please keep them coming.

Happy Whistling
Dr Errol Sweeney

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