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Tour de France | Leading Young Rider  (updated 27 Jul 21:00)

1Thibaut PinotFDJ90:07:21
2Romain BardetALM+ 0h 3m 11s
3Michal KwiatkowskiOPQ+ 1h 13m 40s
4Tom DumoulinGIA+ 1h 39m 45s
5Jon Izaguirre InsaustiMOV+ 1h 52m 35s
6Rafal MajkaTCS+ 2h 9m 38s
7Rudy MolardCOF+ 2h 26m 7s
8Benjamin KingGRS+ 2h 33m 44s
9Tom Jelte SlagterGRS+ 2h 41m 5s
10Peter SaganCAN+ 2h 44m 37s
11Jesus Herrada LopezMOV+ 2h 45m 3s
12Anthony DelaplaceBSE+ 3h 12m 33s
13Sébastien ReichenbachIAM+ 3h 19m 37s
14Nelson OliveiraLAM+ 3h 22m 21s
15Matteo TrentinOPQ+ 3h 30m 41s
16Bryan CoquardEUC+ 3h 36m 30s
17Luke DurbridgeOGE+ 3h 57m 44s
18John DegenkolbGIA+ 3h 58m 27s
19Armindo FonsecaBSE+ 4h 22m 37s
20Benoit JarrierBSE+ 4h 38m 13s
21Adrien PetitCOF+ 4h 50m 5s
22Arnaud DemareFDJ+ 4h 52m 14s
23Elia VivianiCAN+ 5h 2m 25s
24Davide CimolaiLAM+ 5h 3m 43s

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