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RAM SLAM T20 Challenge | RESULTS

February 2014
9Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras (Final)vSunfoil DolphinsT20Dolphins won by 2 runs
6Sunfoil Dolphins (Reserve Day)vThe Unlimited TitansT20Dolphins won by 31 runs
5Sunfoil Dolphins (Eliminator)vThe Unlimited TitansT20Match abandoned
2Nashua Mobile Cape CobrasvChevrolet WarriorsT20Cobras won by 6 wickets
2Chevrolet KnightsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Titans won by 8 wickets
2bizhub Highveld LionsvSunfoil DolphinsT20Lions won by 7 runs
January 2014
31Sunfoil DolphinsvChevrolet KnightsT20Dolphins won by 40 runs (D/L method)
31bizhub Highveld LionsvNashua Mobile Cape CobrasT20Cobras won by 7 wickets
29The Unlimited TitansvSunfoil DolphinsT20Dolphins won by 8 wickets
26The Unlimited Titansvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Titans won by 6 wickets
26Sunfoil DolphinsvChevrolet WarriorsT20Warriors won by 2 runs
24Nashua Mobile Cape CobrasvSunfoil DolphinsT20Dolphins won by 7 runs
24Chevrolet WarriorsvThe Unlimited TitansT20No result
24bizhub Highveld LionsvChevrolet KnightsT20No result
22Nashua Mobile Cape CobrasvThe Unlimited TitansT20Cobras won by 13 runs
22Sunfoil Dolphinsvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Dolphins won by 16 runs
22Chevrolet KnightsvChevrolet WarriorsT20Knights won by 5 runs
19The Unlimited TitansvChevrolet KnightsT20Knights won by 7 wickets
19Chevrolet Warriorsvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Match tied
19Sunfoil DolphinsvNashua Mobile Cape CobrasT20Cobras won by 25 runs
17Chevrolet KnightsvNashua Mobile Cape CobrasT20Cobras won by 80 runs
17Chevrolet WarriorsvSunfoil DolphinsT20Match tied
17bizhub Highveld LionsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Titans won by 10 runs
15Nashua Mobile Cape Cobrasvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Cobras won by 15 runs
15The Unlimited TitansvChevrolet WarriorsT20Titans won by 6 wickets
12Chevrolet Knightsvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Knights won by 9 wickets
11Chevrolet WarriorsvNashua Mobile Cape CobrasT20Cobras won by 18 runs
10Chevrolet KnightsvSunfoil DolphinsT20Dolphins won by 4 wickets
9The Unlimited TitansvNashua Mobile Cape CobrasT20Titans won by 6 wickets (D/L method)
8Chevrolet WarriorsvChevrolet KnightsT20Warriors won by 5 wickets
5Nashua Mobile Cape CobrasvChevrolet KnightsT20Cape Cobras won by 9 runs
5bizhub Highveld LionsvChevrolet WarriorsT20Warriors won by 26 runs
5Sunfoil DolphinsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Dolphins won by 8 runs

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