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*All times CAT (GMT+2)

Ram Slam T20 Challenge | FIXTURES

All times CAT (SA, GMT+2)
November 2014
2Chevrolet KnightsvChevrolet WarriorsT20Bidvest Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg10:00
2Nashua Cape CobrasvThe Unlimited TitansT20Bidvest Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg14:00
2bizhub Highveld LionsvSunfoil DolphinsT20Bidvest Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg18:00
5Sunfoil DolphinsvChevrolet WarriorsT20Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, Durban18:00
7Nashua Cape CobrasvSunfoil DolphinsT20Sahara Park Newlands, Cape Town18:00
7Chevrolet Warriorsvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Buffalo Park, East London18:00
7The Unlimited TitansvChevrolet KnightsT20SuperSport Park, Centurion18:00
9Sunfoil DolphinsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, Durban14:30
9bizhub Highveld LionsvChevrolet KnightsT20Senwes Park, Potchefstroom14:30
12Nashua Cape CobrasvChevrolet KnightsT20Boland Park, Paarl18:00
14Chevrolet WarriorsvSunfoil DolphinsT20Axxess St George`s, Port Elizabeth18:00
14Chevrolet KnightsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Chevrolet Park, Bloemfontein18:00
14bizhub Highveld LionsvNashua Cape CobrasT20Bidvest Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg18:00
16The Unlimited TitansvNashua Cape CobrasT20Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, Durban10:00
16bizhub Highveld LionsvChevrolet WarriorsT20Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, Durban14:00
16Sunfoil DolphinsvChevrolet KnightsT20Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, Durban18:00
21Chevrolet WarriorsvChevrolet KnightsT20Buffalo Park, East London18:00
21Sunfoil DolphinsvNashua Cape CobrasT20Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, Durban18:00
21The Unlimited Titansvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Sahara Park Willowmoore, Benoni18:00
23The Unlimited TitansvChevrolet WarriorsT20SuperSport Park, Centurion12:00
23Nashua Cape Cobrasvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Sahara Park Newlands, Cape Town14:30
26The Unlimited TitansvSunfoil DolphinsT20Sahara Park Willowmoore, Benoni18:00
28Chevrolet WarriorsvNashua Cape CobrasT20Axxess St George`s, Port Elizabeth18:00
28Chevrolet KnightsvSunfoil DolphinsT20De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley18:00
28bizhub Highveld LionsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Senwes Park, Potchefstroom18:00
30Sunfoil Dolphinsvbizhub Highveld LionsT20Chevrolet Park, Bloemfontein10:00
30Chevrolet WarriorsvThe Unlimited TitansT20Chevrolet Park, Bloemfontein14:00
30Chevrolet KnightsvNashua Cape CobrasT20Chevrolet Park, Bloemfontein18:00
December 2014
3Nashua Cape CobrasvChevrolet WarriorsT20Boland Park, Paarl18:00
3Chevrolet Knightsvbizhub Highveld LionsT20De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley18:00
72nd Place Qual (Qualifier)v3rd Place QualT20TBA14:30
82nd Place Qual (Reserve Day)v3rd Place QualT20TBA18:00
121st Place Qual (Final)v2nd/3rd Place QualT20TBA18:00
131st Place Qual (Final Reserve Day)v2nd/3rd Place QualT20TBA14:30

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