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The perfect bachelor party

It’s with a heavy head and aching muscles that I write this column, just a day or so after returning from my bachelor party weekend.

My mates took me off to Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique and we all headed up there in a bunch of 4x4s. Former Proteas left-arm spinner Paul Harris was the ringleader for the weekend, planning everything, although my brother and AB are the two ‘best men’ for the wedding in November. Unfortunately, AB couldn’t make the weekend, as he was enjoying a delayed honeymoon, but it was great to have my boet and my dad with me. The Proteas cricket guys on the weekend were JP, Dale Steyn and David Miller.

It wasn’t your standard bachelor party weekend, with lots of physical activity, in the form of touch rugby, soccer, cricket, relay swimming and paddle skiing etc – we actually split into two teams for the weekend, with Puma providing the sponsored kit. In fact, Paul remarked that it was the first bachelor weekend he’s been on where he’s burnt more calories than he’s put on! It was also funny seeing my mates who aren’t professional sportsmen nursing their aches and pains at the end of the weekend. Knees were going, ankles were being twisted and my dad had a shocker, pulling his hamstring and breaking his toe!

We also got out on the boat, went dolphin swimming and ate like kings. Fortunately, even though it was my bachelor weekend, the guys took it fairly easy on me. All in all, great fun and an excellent weekend with a group of really close mates. The perfect bachelor weekend for me.

The timing of the weekend was also perfect, as there obviously isn’t much cricket on the go for us at the moment. I’ll start training with the Titans this week, but last week my focus was on getting into shape and putting some hours into my Sweat 1000 programme. It really is a phenomenal way to work out and I really enjoyed it, charging along with some intense exercise and training in an environment that looks and sounds more like a night club! I even took JP along with me one day, and I think his eyes were opened. Needless to say, it perhaps wasn’t the most obvious way to prepare for a bachelor weekend, although I probably feel stronger now for it. I’ve got some more Sweat 1000 training this week and next.

Also, it’s time to start on the cricket skills preparation, as I fly to India in two weeks’ time for the Champions League, where I’ll be playing for the Chennai Super Kings and not the Titans, unfortunately. Before that, we’ve got the Cricket SA golf day and awards ceremony. Time has flown so quickly, and I can’t believe I’m about to head back to India. If the Super Kings do well, I’ll be there for a couple of weeks and will have to head straight to Dubai for the Pakistan series after that.

Before I go, just a word on the first installment of the Ashes series, which just wrapped up. I wasn’t too surprised to see England come out on top. You may recall me saying in a previous column that I thought they would be too strong for the Aussies, mainly because their batting is much better. That was the case, and I don’t think there’s going to be too much difference when the two teams play each other in Australia later in the year. England just have a stronger unit that is more balanced, but the big difference is in the batting, where Australia are seriously lacking some experience.

Until next week.

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