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New move to reinstate Khan

Golden Boy Promotions want Amir Khan's loss to Lamont Peterson to be declared a no-contest result.

This will enable the British boxer to reclaim the WBA and IBF lightweight titles.

The promoters have asked commissioners in Washington to overturn the result of the bout between Khan and Peterson last December.

If the District of Columbia Boxing Commission does so, Khan will get his belts back.

The move comes after a rematch, scheduled for May 19, was called off because the American had failed a drug test last March.

Khan has called Peterson "a cheat" and demanded his titles be returned.

A dismissal of Peterson's split-decision victory is by no means certain. Peterson had not tested positive for any banned substance before the fight.

He did so only under Olympic-style random testing that he requested ahead of the rematch, three months after the original fight.

But upholding the validity of the victory would not necessarily keep the titles from being vacated or returned to Khan in the wake of the positive doping test.

The controversy after the bout resulted from referee Joe Cooper deducting two points from Khan for excessive pushing.

Without those deductions, Khan would have kept his titles.

A statement from Peterson's camp noted he had not failed a drug test "beyond this isolated and explainable occurrence. We still stand behind the fact that he did nothing wrong and he was more than ready to go through with the fight."

Khan, however, said his family and camp worried for his safety should he climb into the ring with Peterson.

"My parents and team said to me, 'Look, at the end of the day Amir, it could be a risk to your life,'" Khan said. "It's not going to be fair to step into the ring with someone who is going to be on drugs and going to be cheating."

Khan is expected to fight again in late June or early July, but specifics could be delayed until the status of the titles is determined.


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