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Kim Collins (R) and Dwain Chambers © Gallo Images

Collins races despite brother's death

Kim Collins put aside anger over his brother's death to finish second in the 60 metres at the International Match indoor meet on Saturday.

The former 100-metre world champion from St. Kitts and Nevis was 0.07 seconds behind Dwain Chambers in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

Collins' 40-year-old brother, Winston C. Brown, was shot dead by police in St. Kitts after attacking an officer during a domestic dispute on Tuesday.

"The only thing I can do for him is make sure he gets a proper funeral and those police officers are brought to justice," Collins said.

Police said officers went to Brown's home because he had kidnapped his estranged wife and sister and was threatening them with a knife and an ice pick.

Brown released his wife, who had been stabbed and beaten, and then lunged at one of the police officers, stabbing him just above his knee. The officer, who has been placed on desk duty pending an investigation, opened fire and shot Brown.

"It was clearly excessive force, it should never have happened," Collins said.

Collins said he competed in Saturday's meet to honor his contractual commitments. Chambers rounded off the event by beating Collins in 6.58 seconds.

"The season's started very well," the Briton said. "I'm most definitely eyeing up the European indoors (in March). The goal is to put up a performance indoors and that involves getting the European title back."

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Carmelita Jeter, the fastest woman in the world, was denied victory in the 60 metres by Verena Sailer.

The German clocked 7.16 seconds, 0.12 seconds faster than Jeter of the United States.

"It gives me great confidence going into the season," Sailer said. "My preparation was very good. I've stayed very healthy which is why I'm in very good shape right now. I don't think it was Carmelita's best race."




1, Dwain Chambers, Britain, 6.58.
2, Kim Collins, St. Kitts and Nevis, 6.65.
3, Michael Rodgers, United States, 6.65


1, Kind Butler, United States, 21.26.
2, Kim Collins, St. Kitts and Nevis, 21.37.
3, Conrad Williams, Britain, 21.52


1, Pavel Trenikhin, Russia, 46.30.
2, Nigel Levine, Britain, 46.74.
3, Chris Brown, Bahamas, 47.33


1, Duane Solomon, United States, 1:15.70.
2, Dai Greene, Britain, 1:16.22.
3, Andrew Osagie, Britain, 1:16.45


1, Bethwel Birgen, Kenya, 3:38.37.
2, Florian Orth, Germany, 3:40.03.
3, Matthew Centrowitz, United States, 3:40.27


1, Bernard Lagat, United States, 7:53.36.
2, Augustine Choge, Kenya, 7:54.68.
3, Egor Nikolaev, Russia, 7:55.25

60 Hurdles

1, Sergey Shubenkov, Russia, 7.62.
2, Erik Balnuweit, Germany, 7.67.
3, Jeff Porter, United States, 7.74

High Jump

1, Aleksey Dmitrik, Russia, 2.31.
2, Robbie Grabarz, Britain, 2.29.
3, Keith Moffatt, United States, 2.23



1, Verena Sailer, Germany, 7.16.
2, Carmelita Jeter, United States, 7.28.
3, Olga Belkina, Russia, 7.35


1, Natasha Hastings, United States, 52.11.
2, Perri Shakes Drayton, Britain, 52.13.
3, Yulia Terekhova, Russia, 52.85


1, Ekaterina Poistogova, Russia, 2:04.04.
2, Geena Gall, United States, 2:04.78.
3, Sonja Mosler, Germany, 2:05.13


1, Corinna Harrer, Germany, 4:22.10.
2, Kristina Khaleeva, Russia, 4:22.93.
3, Sara Vaughn, United States, 4:23.41

60 Hurdles

1, Cindy Roleder, Germany, 8.18.
2, Danielle Carruthers, United States, 8.22.
3, Serita Solomon, Britain, 8.26

Long Jump

1, Darya Klishina, Russia, 6.44.
2, Funmi Jimoh, United States, 6.34.
3, Dominique Blaize, Britain, 6.22

Pole Vault

1, Holly Bleasdale, Britain, 4.60.
2, Anastasia Savchenko, Russia, 4.60.
3, Lisa Ryzih, Germany, 4.50

Triple Jump

1, Jenny Elbe, Germany, 13.90.
2, Trecia Smith, Jamaica, 13.85.
3, Alsu Murtazina, Russia, 13.75.


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