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Many happy returns
After a productive week in Durban, I’m pleased to report I’ve qualified for my fifth Commonwealth Games. Read full blog
Fully loaded with Herbie
It feels incredible to be back in South Africa. When you spend as much time out of the country as I have, you miss and truly appreciate the mannerisms and nuances that make us uniquely South African. Read full blog
Far from finished
The World Cup series has come to an end and akin to seasons’ past, it’s been filled with highs and lows. But I’m pleased to report that from a personal perspective the highs have definitely outweighed the lows in 2013. Read full blog
Aiming to end on a high
Asia thus far has not been what I had anticipated in any way, shape or form. However, that’s the nature of professional sport – some days you’re breaking world records and other days you are just hoping to be in contention. Read full blog
Dehydration and disappointment
Well, jetlag and dehydration aren’t an ideal combination when it comes to expecting the most out of one’s body. However, I have to be completely honest and admit that I’m pretty disappointed in my freestyle and butterfly performances in Singapore. Read full blog
A rollercoaster ride
Five down and three more World Cups to go. 31 000 miles travelled so far and another 21 000 left. When one pores over those numbers and the sheer amount of racing, it’s easy to feel physically and mentally burnt out. While it certainly takes its toll on some, I guarantee you I won’t be one of them. Read full blog
The power of persistence
In 2010, I raced in Dubai for the first time and it was one of the lowest points of my career. Returning to Dubai reawakened – and exorcised – many of those demons for me. Read full blog
Onwards and upwards
I’m pleased to say the third leg of the Fina World Cup started off exactly where I had hoped it would. Read full blog
Back on the block
My itinerary may look like something out of a travel program, but it's how I'll be operating for the next month and a half. Read full blog
Improving with age
Perhaps the reason I’m improving with age is because I refuse to stop learning, I refuse to fail and I’m always willing to push myself to the limit in the quest for success. Read full blog
Don’t be afraid to fail…
Another world championship has come to a close and I remain ever the optimist. Read full blog
Never backing down
Sometimes good just isn’t enough. As a professional athlete, in any arena, there really is very little room for error. Read full blog
Pushing the limits
I’m always astounded by how life can change so quickly. Sometimes our most daunting changes seem to be the ones offering the biggest benefit. Read full blog
Wahooligans descended on Cape Town
Our team of six hooligans, sorry Wahooligans descended on Cape Town for the annual Robben Island Freedom Day Swim, from you guessed it, Robben Island to Bloubergstrand, a mere 7.5km channel of ocean water. Read full blog
American at heart of London's Olympic Park future
They are just two words - white and elephant. Together, they are enough to make any Olympic planner wake up in a cold sweat. Read full blog
Russia seeks answers for Olympic flop
Russia, long accustomed to boosting national pride with sporting success, has been left scrambling for explanations for its dismal Olympics showing just four years before it hosts the Winter Games. Read full blog
Inquest starts for table topping Thailand
Thailand confirmed their status as top dogs at the Southeast Asian Games with their table-topping display -- but an inquest has already started into why they did not reach their pre-tournament target. Read full blog
Year of pot pipes and polyurethane
Polyurethane and a much-publicised pot pipe saw swimming in turbulent waters in 2009. Read full blog
Aussie bid for top five at 2012 Games - 'Not Sensible' - Report
Australia's bid to be among the top five medal winners at the London 2012 Games is "not sensible" an independent review reported as it rejected calls for a multi-million dollar boost for elite sports. Read full blog
Chinese juggernaught rolls towards 2010 Asian Games
At the last Asian Games in 2006 China demolished all comers and a year out from hosting the multi-sport spectacular on home turf it is working hard to cement that dominance. Read full blog

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Roland Schoeman
Many happy returns
After a productive week in Durban, I’m pleased to report I’ve qualified for my fifth Commonwealth...